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Carol e Campbell


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I was a candidate for Denver City Council At-Large because I wanted (& still do) to continue living my politics and ideals rather than hightailing it to the suburbs. My ideals say we all should live peacefully together despite differences in income, religion, race, or creed. My politics say we accomplish this ideal by living with a common set of laws which apply to everyone. These laws protect the greater good by ensuring public safety and guaranteeing respect for person and property. My ideals call for a community that values personal responsibility, expects each individual to assume a role in improving the community, and protects and nurtures our youth.

Living by these ideals in Denver is becoming very difficult.

My husband and I are raising our family in Athmar Park, a modest Denver neighborhood where our quality of life is compromised because of graffiti, shootings, and theft. We are neither insulated by economics nor locale from the flagrant disregard for the law now being experienced by so many Denver neighborhoods. Crime is rampant and negatively impacting our lives. I am running for council because I believe that my first-hand experiences dealing with crime in Denver and my track record of working for over fifteen years to affect positve change in my neighborhood gives me a point of view that would benefit the citizens of Denver. I will use my experiences about what's happening in Denver neighborhoods to boldly identify issues and champion common sense solutions that will make all of Denver a safer, more vibrant place to live, work, and raise a family.

While I understand why many of our friends and neighbors reluctantly flee to the suburbs where crime and violence are not so prevalent, I do not want to give up on Denver. I want to continue to live my politics and ideals as I continue making a positive difference in my community. To do that, change is needed.












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