Castironpi's Project Page.

I'm 30 years old and change.  I live in the Chicago suburbs.  I live alone.
I'm a vegan.  I play 2nd trombone in a community college jazz band.  I go on
IRC a lot.  I don't have a T.V,.

Editor of choice: EditPlus.

Language of choice: Python, or C/C++ for performance.

>> Drawings: balanced binary trees.png multi list.png deadlock detection.png two-segment bus.png editor with console.png zoom paint console.png bidirectional references.png pythagorean theorem.png space flight.png linked list.png musical rhythms.png towers of hanoi.png climate map 1.png maxed out variable.png combinations two variables.png

>> Recent projects: graphics.html radix scheduler procedure multi balanced binary travelling buffer backed buffer multi string search multi buffer resident reference cycle deadlock socket WSAAsyncSelect struct type info.c simple synch
* container sequence slice item linked list queue sentinel decimal length postfix to mIRC remote scripts.mrc IRC philosophy channel topics.txt med-med selection wxpy zoom pan multiconnection table of argument graph

* - Denotes non-functional; work in progress.

>> Projects, IRC Protocol: irc connection irc message irc raw to irc connection irc raw to dict
* irc server model
* irc server
* irc view irc raw to dict irc connection model irc
* irc
* irc

>> Projects, Logic Circuit Visualization: logic vis overview.txt logic vis overview.png logic vis memory bank.txt logic vis memory bank.png logic vis SR latch.txt logic vis SR latch.png logic vis core register.txt logic vis core register.png logic vis instruction counter.txt logic vis instruction counter.png logic vis decisions zone.txt logic vis decisions zone 1.png logic vis decisions zone 2.png logic vis instruction set.txt logic vis software.txt logic vis RAM layout.txt logic vis RAM layout.png logic vis call stack.txt logic vis variations.txt

>> Writing: type logical if.txt argument passing.txt flaws in select.txt two-segment bus.txt bidirectional references.txt currency comparison.html

"Grid Processing Electronic Memory", U.S. Patent Application: memory.html


Science Fair project ideas:
Insulation, conduction, buoyancy, efficiency (electrical, mechanical, fluid,
capacitor), adhesion, cohesion, miscibility, electromagnetic induction.

Movie list:
Book list:
Belief structure: Epistemic consequentialism
E-mail: castironpi-misc at comcast dot net