Castlemere History

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Shire History 1990's

January 1990
Winter Art/Sci
Talewinds, Vol.9, No.1. January AS XXIV 1-20/22-90 The Shire of Glymmerhold hosted Winter Art/Sci, at Winona. Castlemere  came in at #7

August 1990
8/16/1990 Shire member Duncan of Clan Duncan received Order of the Trade Winds, Trimaris


Gaest, Karl, James the Walker, and Kenet of Ravenscourt became active in the Shire of Castlemere in 1991.
Iain Qwhewyl joined Castlemere in the late fall.

June 1991
6/11/1994 Shire member Bran Duncan received Award of Arms


January 1992
Demo (From the Trimaris History web site)
On 1-10-92, the Shire of Castlemere held a fighting demo at Jacksonville University. Both light and heavy weapons were demonstrated. There were two pavilions set up with a static display explaining the SCA and what we did. Approximately 15 members of the shire participated.

February 1992
Seneschal: Lady Petahari al Saffah
*  2-5-92, Demo From the Trimaris History web site) - the Shire of Castlemere participated in Riverside Elementary's Medieval Lunch time. Four members of the Shire attended, adding color and answering questions about medieval life & the SCA.
* Tamara attended her first SCA meeting brought by shire member Elizabeth Fletcher.

March 1992
* Eleanor Hardyng de Northampton & Seymour the Skeptic Joined SCA in March of 1992
* March 14, 1992 CrackerCon 1 Sci Fi convention demo (report by Lady Tamara)
I have more fencing photos of the Cracker Con 1 demo with Iefan, Zubayda von Drachonberg (Dr. Fred - (wearing her belly dancing outfit to fence in) Arty Pugh, and Sandy LaClare (also in belly dance garb.) Rick Martin was there with a Hoggetown Demo but he's not in any of the photos. There was another SCA demo going on at the same time across town and the heavy fighters went to that. That was March 14,1992. I remember that very well. The next day Arty and his girlfriend Elizabeth, introduced me to Iain Qwhewyl(Paul Russell) for the first time. :) I had been in the SCA 1 month at the time.
* March 14, 1992, approximately 15 members of the Shire of Castlemere participated in the Jacksonville Nottingham Faire. Their participation was to attend in garb and answer questions by the visitors to the faire. I believe that this was the first one held at the Zoo.

April 1992
* Kingdom Seneschal's Report (From the Trimaris History web site)
From Master Erik of Telemark, Kingdom Seneschal of Trimaris, 4-24-92, First Quarterly Report
Status of local groups:
Castlemere = Castlemere's workshops included feasting, leather shoes, basic garb, fabric selection. The group has been selected to host Summer Art/Sci. The Shire participated in 3 demos in which the members added to the medieval flavor of a school event. Zubayda von Drachonberg reports the only problem as growing so fast she feels a bit overwhelmed.

May 1992
* May 1992,  Eleanor Hardyng de Northampton, Seymour the Skeptic, Maria of Castlemere and William of Castle attended their  first event at Trimaris Memorial Tourney 1992

June 1992
Summer Art/Sci (From the Trimaris History web site)
* Talewinds, May, A.S. XXVI, 6-12/14-92, The Shire of Castlemere proudly presents Summer Arts & Sciences Faire, at North Florida Christian Academy. Featuring an Arabian Feast, with a dessert subtley created by Lady Gwendolyn Kane McVeigh of Amber Oaks. Autocrat: Lord Iefan the Lost; Feastcrats Lord Johannes von Drachensberg & Lady Aislinn Columba of Carlisle.
Heptathalon = Domestics; Jewelry; Leatherwork; Needlework; Sculpture; Woodworking; Vocal Music.
Masque Laureate competition was won by Lady Una of Blackberry Hollow & Lady Laura de Botelesford with the Ode to Our Seneschal (the Master Erik song). 
First event for Tamara of Castlemere.      Event Photos

September 1992
9/5/1992 Shire member Duncan of Clan Duncan received Court Baronage


* Lord Iain Qwhewyl became the Archery Ranger for the shire in 1993, he remembers that there was no officer before him, and when he had to move out of state in October 1994 no one stepped up to take over from him.
Archery Photos

February 1993
* February 4-5, 1993, Cutlasses and Corsairs, hosted by the Shire of Castlemere, at Camp Immokalee.
Autocrat: Guillaume LeClerc
Reservation: Lady Corrinne Caudillo
Feastcrat: HL Magdalena de Segovia
Feast Menu: First Remove: Fresh Bread and Butters; Fresh Vegetable & Dip
Second Remove: Vegetarian Lentil Soup; More Bread
Third Remove: Chilled Cucumbers in Sour Cream - Dill Sauce; Buttered Carrots; Mushroom-Herb Chicken; Sweet & Spicy Beef
Fourth Remove: Three Desserts
Prices: Daytrip $7 -- Overnight $9 -- Weekend $14
Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Boarding Party, Archery, Raid the Tavern, Bear Pit, Mongol Ball, Children's Activities

April 1993
Demo (From the Trimaris History web site)
On 4-24/25-93 the Shire of Castlemere did a demo and assisted the St. John's Historical   Renaissance Faire. There were approximately 30 SCA members present.

July 1993
Demos (From the Trimaris History web site)
During the month of July the Shire of Castlemere presented the following demos.
7-3-92 at the School for the Blind;
7-7-93 a heraldry demo at the Brentwood Library;
7-9-93 at the Mandarin Oaks Elementary School and on
7-28-93 at the Brentwood Library.

September 1993
* 9/5/1993 Shire member Lars Knarrarsmidr received Order of the Argent Scales
* September 25 -27, 1993, "Michaelmas Moot" (Talewinds, September AS XXVIII, 1993) On 9-25/27-93, the Barony of An Crosaire invites you to Michaelmas Moot, to be held at North Florida Christian Service Camp. At the Royal Court:
Award of Arms - Garard the Sworder, Castlemere
Award of Arms - Elspeth of An Tir, Castlemere.
( Report by Tamara of Castlemere -2006)  I just found some photos of the time the shire came here to my house to present AOAs to 2 shire members who were Navy and moving away: Elspeth of
An Tir and Garard the Sworder. They had been in the SCA like 10 year and always did so much but because they were Navy they never stayed anywhere long. Special letters where written from the shire to be sure they got AOAs before they moved away again--which was like a couple of weeks later.
      The photos shows Seneschal Seymour presenting the AOAs. Maria, Eleanor, Paige Hutchinson, Iain Qwhewyl, Storm and Evil and about 4-5 more people who's name I don't remember are in the photos. 

December 1993
* December 3, 1993, demo Sawgrass Village 6pm -10pm
* December 4, 1993, Winter Revel, at the home of Seymour the Skeptic
* December 6, 1993,Officer's meeting at the  office of Seymour the Skeptic
* December 16, Class: How to do Reservation, taught by Lady Corinne Caudillo and HL Paedar
* December 21, 1994, Demo at Dorcas Drake Christmas Party for Children

Photos from 'Women's History Month' demo

Photos from School Demo - mid 1990s


January 1994
* January 6, 1994, Finance meeting
* January 13, 1994 Class: Basic Garb by Magdalena
* January 20, 1994, Banner Class with Lady Corinne Caudillo
* January 22, 1994, Herald's Workshop at office of Seymour the Skeptic
* January 27, 1994, Newcomers Class by Eleanor Hardyng de Northampton

February 1994
* Cutlasses & Corsairs  (From the Trimaris History web site) (Talewinds January AS XXVIII, 1994) On 2-4/6-94 the proud Shire of Castlemere welcomes you to attend Cutlasses & Corsairs held at Camp Immokalee. Activities include light weapons, heavy weapons, boarding party, a quest, Raid the Tavern, Bear Pit, Mongol Ball, lots of children's activities. Autocrat Guillaume LeClerc, Feastcrat, HL Magdalena de Segovia
* February 10, 1994 - Business Meeting
* February 17, 1994 - Class: Corset taught by Lady Alex
* February 24, 1994 - Dance Class with Amber

March 1994
* March 3, 1994 Business Meeting
* March 7, 1994 Monday, Officer's Meeting.
* March 10 1994 - Dance Class with Amber
* March 17, 1994 - Demo John Stockton Elementary
    --- Class: tablet Weaving with Dona Isabella
* March 24, 1994 - Class: Kilt Folding with Gunther
* March 16, 1994 - Saturday , Heraldic Workshop
* March 31,1994 - Bardic Night

April 1994
* April 4 1994, Monday Officer's meeting at Lars' home.
* April 7, 1994, Business Meeting
* April 14, 1994, Class: Drums with Tanis
* April 15, 1994 - demo with 720 students
* April 16, 1994 - Saturday St John's Ren Faire
* April 19, 1994, Demo - Hyde Grove School with 500 students.
* April 21, 1994, Class: Early garb with Duchess Elspeth
* April 24, 1994  - Sunday - Demo for Lord Guillaume Le Clercq at Am Ex.

May 1994
* May 2, 1994 1st Monday of the month -Officer's Meeting.
* May 5, 1994 - Business Meeting
* May 6, 1994, Demo for the St. Augustine School for the Blind and Deaf
* May 19, 1994 Class: Newcomers Class by Eleanor Hardyng de Northampton
* May 24, 1994 -Tuesday, demo, Crown Point
* May 25, 1994 - demo for Solomon Day School
* May 26, 1994 - Bardic Night

June 1994
* June 2, 1994 - business Meeting
* June 6, 1994, Monday officer's Meeting
Summer Arts & Sciences Faire;(From the Trimaris History web site)
June 10-12, 1994 the Shire of Castlemere and the Stronghold of the Northern Marches present Summer Arts and Sciences Faire to be held at the North Florida Christian Service Camp. Autocrat Lady Corrinne Caudillo, Feastcrat Lord Thomas MacConor
At the Royal Court of Llewelyn & Una
Augmentation of Arms - Elspeth Trelawney MacNaughton of Lochawe
Territorial Baronage - Ibrahim ibn Abih al Thaalibi
Gwennan ferch Gwydion o'Ddyved
Court Baronage - Margaret Elizabeth Aison of Devon
Grant of Arms - Ibrahim ibn Abih al Thaalibi
Gwennan ferch Gwydion o'Ddyved
Award of Arms - Subadai the Bear
Avery Seaward
Gorigg Baconson of Darkwater
Sebastian Halyburton
Bran Duncan
Arturi Xavier
Guillaume le Clerc
Vladimir Zhaba
Order of the Cross and Serpent - Taliesynne
Roibeard MacSluaghadnain
Teodoria Maria de la Valle
Ibrahim ibn Abih al Thaalibi
Etienne de Langref
* June 16, 1994 Class: Herald's Office.
* June 18, 1994 demo Middleburg Library
* June 21, 1994 Tuesday demo

July 1994
* July 7, 1994 - Business Meeting
* July 9 1994 - Saturday Demo- Barnes and Noble
* July 11, 1994 - Monday Officer Meeting
* July 14, 1994 - Officer Class: Art-Sci Minster and Demo Coordinator
* July 21, 1994 -Dance Class
* July 23, 1994 - Calligraphy Class at Iefan's  house
* July 28 1994 - Bardic (note--last meeting until September)
* July 31, 1994 - Revel

1993 - 1995 Photos from Maria of Castlemere

August 1994
* August 1, 1994, Monday Officer Meeting at Iefan's house
* August 6, 1994 Saturday demo - Bulk's School (?)
* August 13, 1994 - Saturday - Revel

September 1994
* September 1, 1994 - Catch up meeting
* September 8,1994 Newcomers Class
* September 12, 1994 - Monday Officer's meeting at Lars' home
* September 22, 1994 - Heraldry Class
* September 29 1994 - Bardic

October 1994
* Tamara and Lord Iain Qwhewyl leave Castlemere for the Kingdom Atlantia for several years to due Iain's mundame service in the US Navy.
* October 1, 1994 - demo at Wedding in Boone Park
* October 3, 1994- Monday officer Meeting at Lars'
* October 8, 1994 - demo - Ft George Seafood Feast
* October 12, 1994 - Fibula Class with Signy Ottarsdottir
* October 13, 1994 - Scriptorium meeting
* Scriptorium (From the Trimaris History web site) Talewinds September AS XXVIII, 1994 On 10-22-94 the Shire of Castlemere invites all gentles with skill or interest in the arts of Calligraphy or Illumination to attend a Scriptorium to be held at the Unitarian Universalist Church. Light and Heavy weapon lyst will be held for the enjoyment of other gentles attending. A sumptuous Italian feast will be offered. Autocrat Lord Iefan yr Colledig, Feastcrat, Lord Esteban Maria
* October 27, 1994, Bardic

November 1994
* November 7, 1994 - First Monday of the Month Officer meeting at Iefan's house
* November 3, 1994 - Library Night
* November 10, 1994  - Business Meeting
* November 17, 1994, Bardic

December 1994
* December 1, 1994 Newcomer's Class
* December 5, 1994 - Officer Meeting
* December 8, 1994 - Business Meeting

* December 9, 1994 - Officer Meeting
* December 12, 1994 - Business Meeting
* December 17, 1994 -Castlemere Winter Revel


January 1995
* January  9, 1994 - Officer Meeting
* January 12, 1994 - Business Meeting
* January 26, 1994 - Bardic

February 1995
Cutlasses & Corsairs (From the Trimaris History web site)
Talewinds, January AS XXIX On 2-3/5-95 the Shire of Castlemere held their event at Camp Immokalee.  Activities listed were Light weapons lyst; Heavy weapons lyst; Bear pit; Mongol Ball; Archery; Boarding Party; Raid the Tavern; lots of children activities.   A fine middle eastern feast to be served in honor of our King and Queen.
Autocrat, Lord Guillame LeCleric of Castlemere.
Feastcrats: Lady Signyjo Ottarsdottir and Lord Egil Blooxi. 
At the Royal Court of TRM Wulfere & Nadira
Order of the White Scarf of Trimaris - Theodora le Val
Grant of Arms - Theodoria le Val
Award of Arms - Seymour the Skeptic
       Elizabeth de Whitney
Crown's Order of Gratitude - Roland de Carre
      Trigg Trygraffson
      Tara Margiad ferch Dwyddel

April 1995
TMT (From the Trimaris History web site)
Talewinds, March AS XXIX On 5-26/29-95, The Barony of An Crosaire presents The Trimaris Memorial Tourney held at Camp Wewa.
Awards: Order of the Crown's Gratitude - Sinmora Vannorstrand

September 1995
Fall Coronation 10th year Celebration
Talewinds, July AS XXX, 1995,  Trimaris celebrates its tenth anniversary as a kingdom this September, and comes of age as its first crown becomes its twenty-first. The Coronation of Baldar Longstrider and Asa Flaxenhair and Trimaris Tenth Year Celebration  was helt on 9-1/4-95 at Camp Wewa.  The Shire of Castlemere presented the new King and Queen a subtlety of a Viking Ship made from fudge, that was created by Lady Gwendolyn Kaye McVeigh Of Amber Oakes and other shire members. Event Photos

October 1995
Agincourt/Scriptorium (From the Trimaris History web site)
Talewinds, July AS XXX On St. Crispin's Day, 10-21-95, The Trimarian Order of Chivalry, the Shire of Castlemere, and the Kingdom of Trimaris proudly present "Agincourt" Henry V's 1415 Campaign in France at Camp Immokalee.  Join the Knights of Trimaris as we reconstruct the battles of Henry V's campaign for the French Crown which cumulated at the field of Agincourt. Celebrate the 580th anniversary of this historical event, as we prepare our Army, Archers, and Artisans for War. Castlemere's Scriptorium will compliment this day of battles with classes and activities for all.  This event is a fund-raiser for the illustrious Crown of Trimaris.
Battles - The Seige of Harfluer, The Fording of the Somme at Voyennes, the Field of Agincourt.  Archery combat and target with a novelty shoot; All battles will have combat archery.  Other activities include Scriptorium Arts and Sciences classes, 1415 Arts/Sciences competition (any documented item from 1390 to 1450), most period encampment; St. Crispin's Day speech contest; Agincourt Heraldry Quiz; Agincourt History quiz. Autocrats - Sir Benen and Sir Llywellyn; Reservations - Sir Terrell; Marshal -Sir Demetrius; Security - Sir Brendan and Sir Solomon; Archery - Sir Erika; Feastcrat - Sahib Kalim
At the Royal Court of TRM Baldar & Asa
Order of the Silver Trident - Ysabela Celestina Manrique de Palma y Majorca
Award of Arms - Genevieve
    Fredrick von Rudluff
Order of the Argent Estoile - Alix de Lyon
Argent Morningstar of Trimaris - Arduin Icontower
    Odo Fitzhughe
    Kaine Ashburne

Le Cruise Demo Photos - mid 1990s


January 1996
* January 4, 1996
(From the Trimaris History web site)
Demo in St. Augustine, report by Bill Jackman. from Castlelore, Feb/March AS XXX, 1996 On Thursday, January 4, 1996, at the request of the Hon. Lady Magdalena, I traveled south to St. Augustine to entertain at a feast honoring the parents of the noble gentle students of this school. The great hall was festooned with the heraldic devices represented the various families which were in attendance. The hostess, and her assistants, were bedecked in the most refined of period costumes. Each set of garb had been faithfully recreated from a book which contained colorful paintings of the era which we refer to as the Middle Ages. Upon arrival I changed from my mundane garb to that of a wandering minstrel, thanks to the diligent work of the Hon. Lady Magdalena, and upon finding a quiet corner began to fill the air with recorder music, to provide entertainment to the assembled lords and ladies. Whilst I was thus employed, several of those in attendance made inquires regarding the instruments I was playing. Patiently, and with enthusiasm, I explained to each petitioner the history of the recorder. There were many who stood in front of me and with strange little boxes, from which lights flashed upon occasion, stored images of yours truly for future reference. Eventually, the hostess looked upon my humble entertainment with approval and signaled to the kitchen staff to prepare me a plate of the evening repast. With great thanks I ate may meal, and continued to receive many complements on the merriment I had added to the occasion. As the evening came to a close, a knight-in-training, Igor of Duncan's Clan, gave a demonstration on various techniques he used in combat. I was given the opportunity to offer a few humble words. During this time I spoke of our society and of the bardic arts, as well as other arts and craft endeavors, which also engaged our members. The evening came to a close following my brief presentation. I changed back into my mundane clothes and returned to the warmth of my humble chamber.
* January 12-14, 1996
Winter Art/Sci
On 1-12/14-96 the Barony of Darkwater presents Higher Education in Tudor England (Winter Art/Sci) to be held at Camp Wewa.
(From the Trimaris History web site)
CastleLore, Feb/March AS XXX, 1996 "What I Did During Winter Art-Sci, by Wilhelm Frauenlob
The first evening was set aside for the checking in of the good gentles who would be attending this special event, so no planned activities had been organized. After getting my gear stowed away in the Prince's cabin; a fluke of scheduling as I am a lowly wandering minstrel and no person of honor or position. I journeyed to the main hall where I set up my recorders and entertained those who assembled for some 45 minutes. After that I mingled with others from various municipalities, and was glad for the occasional smile from a familiar face from one of my fellows from Castlemere. The reception I received from the good gentles of Trimaris was most pleasing and I stayed up to a very late hour conversing about various topics, both SCA and mundane.
On Saturday morning, I slept late but still managed to get a plateful of the delicious breakfast which had been prepared for the masses. After that my very first task was to set up my display for the Art/Sci competition. I entered my humble bardic robe and vest, as an example of Western European Renaissance garb. There was no documentation accompanying the exhibit. I was only able to garner 3 points; which did contribute in a very small way to the recognition of our humble shire as the official "Patron of the Arts."
Once the setting up was completed, and all the judging forms were filled out correctly; I busied myself by taking TRU classes in various topics. In addition, I took several occasions to walk around the encampment to see what the good gentiles of our Kingdom were doing. Several times I also checked in with our Seneschal, The Hon. Lady Magdalena, to see what the folks of Castlemere in particular were doing. Two highlights of the afternoon was attending an introduction to flute class, at which I was able to help the rather young instructor, Duclcinea, gain some confidence and insight into the recorder. She in turn taught me two very simple, but fun songs. The other highlight was my last minute entry into the told a story of Henry V and the victory at Agincourt. The judges decided that owning to the lack of competition, none of the entries were deemed worth of Royal recognition, so our Yoshii retained his position.
That evening at feast, I once again related my story. It was the first time I had ever participated as an entertainer at a Royal feast. But not withstanding, I enjoyed myself and it seemed that my efforts did not spoil too many appetites. Of course, my humble story could not compare to the delicious variety of foods which were presented in course after stomach filling course. After the feast, I found several fellow recorder players, with whom I spent considerable time playing various period pieces and building strong fellowship. After proving that I could carry a tune with my bass recorder, I was asked to become part of a fledgling dance band which is being formed to play at Kingdom events. This activity carried well past the bewitching hour of midnight. Having been well fed and having found hearty companionship, I retired to my luxurious bed and was dead to the world the second my head touched the pillow.
The very next morning, I clothed myself in that which is common to the mundane world, packed up my meager belongings and returned to the locale of our shire. After having such a magical time with the good citizens of Trimaris, it was with great sadness that I made this transition. However, I comforted myself with plans for the future Laureate and Bardic competitions.

February 1996
* February 2-4, 1996
(From the Trimaris History web site)
Cutlasses and Corsairs
Talewinds, February, AS XXX, 1996, On 2-2/4-96 The Shire of Castlemere hosted Cutlasses and Corsairs at Immokalee. Featured events included a Light Weapons Lyst, a Heavy Weapons Lyst, Bear Pit, Boarding Party, Raid the Tavern, Mongal Ball and Archery. A Caribbean Feast was prepared by the Feastcrat, Alix de Lyon. Autocrat: Lord Seymour the Skeptic.
Registration-crat: Eleanor Hardyng de Northampton
At the Royal Court of TRM Baldar and Asa
Award of Arms - Blunt Ulfr Kay Dir
Award of Arms - Gunthar Brighthawk of Shining Glen
Award of Arms - Eleanor Hardyng de Northampton
Order of the Argent Estoile - Signy Ottarsdottir
Order of the Argent Estoile - Irene Kilpatrick
* CastleLore Feb/March AS XXX, 1996 reported by Lady Alix de Lyon
(From the Trimaris History web site)
We had a memorial service for Lord Tiernan's daughter. Many thanks to those who attended the service, you warm gift of your presence was welcome. Her also, I would like to than those who contributed to the auction. Your gift was generous beyond belief. Only 50 people were in attendance at Hero of the Chalice, and they managed to donate $850 to the cause of Tiernan's daughter's headstone. $770 was given to him on Saturday night (the crown having been given 10%) and I know that he was moved by everyone's generosity. Many thanks to the donors of the items to be auctioned and a special thanks to Agami-Ryu for being auctioneer. More people to be proud of in this Shire!

March 1996
* March 9, 1996
(From the Trimaris History web site)
Jacksonville Renn Faire, report by Lady Alix de Lyon
CastleLore Feb/March 1996 On 3-9-96 the Shire of Castlemere is to participate in the fifth Annual Renaissance faire in Jacksonville at the Agricultural fairgrounds. .In a letter to the Shire, Lady Alix de Lyon states "we are currently in negotiations to obtain a better food service contract with the fairgrounds, so that the shire may reap some of the benefits that An Crosaire does from Hoggetowne. However, this means work! And so we need people to help with the faire. We still need entertainers (Contact Gwyndolyn) merchants (contact Guillaume Le Clerc) Parking crat (contact Xena) and others that I fail to think of at the moment. Please see me if you are dying to help. I know we are about to move into a very busy demo season for the shire, but this one is of utmost importance - it is seen by more of the public than any other functions and event though SCA is merely a sponsor, it bodes well to see it run successfully. I know previous fairs have taxed us heavily, but this year will hopefully see a good return beginning for Castlemere."
* Demo at Stockton Elementary
CastleLore Feb/March 1996, Castlemere's Calendar shows that a demo was to be held at the Stockton Elementary School on 3-14-96.
* Demo at Timiquana Elementary
CastleLore Feb/March 1996, Castlemere's Calendar shows that a demo was to be held at Timiquana Elementary School on 3-22-96.

April 1996
(From the Trimaris History web site)
* Irasshaimase midori shiro event (Welcome Green Castle)
Talewinds, April AS XXX, 1996 The Shire of Castlemere will hold this event at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville. Even though this is a Japanese event, visitors from all over Europe are welcome. Classes will be held on Japanese dress, lifestyle and there will be games for all ages. Autocrat Lady Corinne Castilla & Lady Gwendolyn Kaye MacVeigh, Feastcrat Robert Scott.

October 1996
(From the Trimaris History web site)
Talewinds, October A.S. XXXI On 10-19-96 The Shire of Castlemere presents it's annual Scriptorium at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville. We will have classes in Scribal Arts, Elizabethan and Scottish culture, Heraldry, Court Etiquette. We will also host the Champion of Castlemere Lyst and present the cornerstones of Castlemere, our local token. Feast will be in the Scottish tradition. Autocrat Lady Alix de Lyon, Feastcrat Tegan MacInnes.

November 1996
* Regional Fighter Practice & Rapier Symposium
(From the Trimaris History web site)
Talewinds, October XXXI, 1996 On Saturday 11-9-96, the Shire of Castlemere & The Stronghold of Northern Marches present a Fighter Practice and Rapier Symposium at Hanna Park in Jacksonville. All Fighters welcome. Autocrat Arik Herjolfsson, Marshal in charge Lord Blunt- Ulfer Kleykir

December 1996
* Christmas Collegium
(From the Trimaris History web site)
Talewinds, November XXXI, 1996 On 12-26-96 to 1-1-97 Shire of Castlemere proudly presents Castlemere Christmas Collegium at Winona. Autocrat Lord Lars Knarrarsmidr. Duke Baldar will feastcrat New Years Eve Feast.


Nuala inghean Seamus joins the Shire of Castlemere.

February 1997
* February 14-16, 1997
Cutlasses & Corsairs
(From the Trimaris History web site)
Talewinds, January AS XXXI, On 2-14/16-97 the Shire of Castlemere proudly presents Cutlasses and Corsairs at Camp Immokalee. Autocrat H.L. Padar Felic. Feastcrat Lady Gwendolyn Kaye MacVeigh. Tamara and Lord Iain Qwhewyl drove down from Virginia to help in the kitchen.

May 1997
5/26/1997 Shire member Kenet of Ravenscourt received an Award of Arms

June 1997
Regional Fighter Practice
(From the Trimaris History web site)
Talewinds, June AS XXXII On 6-29-97, the Barony of An Crosaire and the Shire of Castlemere present a regional fighter practice at Westside Park in Gainesville. All fighters are encouraged to attend, yes all fighters; lights, heavies, combat archers, siege weapons are extremely welcome. Marshal in charge Agami-Ryu, Co-Marshal Lord Bernard de Barfleur

October 1997
* Innis McCothas became a Shire Member
* Scriptorium
(From the Trimaris History web site)
Talewinds, October AS XXXII On Saturday 10-11-97, the Shire of Castlemere presents Scriptorium at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville. Come join the fun, with classes of all kinds and for all ages. Learn to make your own oils, soaps and how to pamper oneself at an event. How do you feed the people, and much more. There will be the annual Champion of Castlemere lyst, and a few others. An event where you can learn something new in an hour. Autocrat Lady Renata Livsie Vonhourverlis


* Thorunn Viggadottir because a member of the shire.

February 1998
Cutlasses & Corsairs
Talewinds January AS XXXII 2-20/22-98, The Shire of Castlemere presents Cutlasses and Corsairs along with Put Up Your Dukes, at Camp Immokalee. "A little war to break the monotamy and a couple' of Dukes, too. Come join the fun and festivities including: Tavern Brawl Lights lyst, Defender of Castlemere Lyst, Heavies Prize Lyst, Arts & Sciences Classes, Bard of Castlemere Competition, a Grand Caribbean Feast by Countess Chelsea, and much, much more."  Autocrat, Lord Agami Ryu Koro-no-Minamoto and Wilhelm Frawenlop; Feastcrat Countess Chelsea
From Talewinds, April AS XXXII - From the Performing Arts Guild, Wilhelm Frawenlop
At the recently concluded Cutlasses and Corsairs, the Shire of Castlemere sponsored two major Bardic Activities, that included participation by several well known members of our Guild:
Bard of Castlemere II
 For the second consecutive year, the Shire of Castlemere sponsored the "Bard of Castlemere" competition. This year, the field was limited to active Castlemere members. The winner will represent the Shire in Bardic activities around our glorious Kingdom, as well as foster the growth of the Bardic arts within the Shire of Castlemere.
 Based on a strong vocal performance, Angus Armstrong, was selected to be the Bard of Castlemere. He will hold this position until next year's C&C event. At which time he will be responsible for conducting the competition to select his successor. At Court, Angus Armstrong was presented with the colorful baldric, which identifies the Bard of Castlemere.
Warrior Bardic I
 In honor of the victories of our Kingdom armies in Gulf Wars past, the Shire of Castlemere sponsored at C&C, a Warrior Bardic tournament. Bards competed in five different performance categories throughout a warm and sunny day. The category competitions were held in the Chapel at Camp Immokalee, against a picture postcard backdrop of a placid lake.
 Following is a list of the categories and those who emerged victorious.
  Music - Master Rurik
  Dramatic Presentation - Master Rurik
  Best Death Scenes - Ian fitz Patric
  Poetry - Jean Francesca
  Bardic Storytelling - Kahid West Port
That night at feast, the category winners and the Bard of Castlemere competed in a double elimination lyst for the right to face Master Rurik in the final round. By virtue of his tow category wins, Master Rurik was granted a bye until the final round. After a fiercely contested semi-final, Angus Armstrong emerged victorious.
 The finals were preceded by a duet featuring Master Rurik and Angus Armstrong. Each round of the "best 2 out of 3" finals was a different style of the Bardic Arts, with Master Rurik issuing challenges to Angus. The third round featured each competitor leading the populace in a song near and dear to the hearts of all Trimarians. Audience participation levels were considered in the scoring by the judges. The finals were extremely close, but the judges elected as follows:
 Grand Champion - Angus Armstrong
 Runner-up - Master Rurik
I would like to thank all those that donated prizes: Alex, the Huntingtons, Master Rurik and Mistress Cerdiwen. Also thanks be passed along to the good gentles who assisted with the judging. I was extremely grateful to Gregor, for assisting me throughout a rather busy day.
Shire member Penda received a bracelet for services performed as Minister of Children, as well as doing the children's activities during Cutlasses that year.
Cornerstones of Castlemere 1998:  Lady Kenet of Ravenscourt and Lord Agamiryu Koro-no-Minamoto

March 1998
* Spring Coronation - Talewinds March AS XXXII 3-20/22-98, the Shire of Castlemere invites you to attend Spring Coronation at Camp Winona. "Come revel in the glory of the Coronation of HRH Wulfhere the Lion of Persia and Honoree von der Au. Also featuring a sumptuous Persian Feast, heavy and light weapons lysts, and more." Autocrat: Don Cullen mac Petir Macgregor; Feastcrat: Jane Devereux.
After feast, a Bardic Showcase was held, which was organized by Wilhelm Frawenlop (Performing Arts Guild) and Angus Armstrong (Bard of Castlemere). A number of artists performed for the populace and the Crown, who graced us with their presence. At the Bardic Showcase, Angus Armstrong was taken as an apprentice by Master Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov.
* Seneschal's 1st quarter report from Lord Andre Jean Faucon, Kingdom Seneschal of Trimaris to Her Excellency Ellis O'Boirne .
Shire of Castlemere: (sustaining 55, associate 24) Castlemere hosted the Kingdom's Spring Coronation event. They seemed to be giving most of their attention to this and it showed. The event went off with few problems and all who attended had a good time. I expect to hear more about classes, etc. now that they have finished with the event. I expect to hear more about their normal operations again.

April 1998
* Tamara and Lord Iain Qwhewyl returned to their home in Castlemere after 3 years in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

November 1998
Swamp Stomp
Talewinds, September 1998 AS XXXIII On 11-27/29-99 the Barony of An Crosaire and the Shire of Castlemere proudly present Swamp Stomp at Camp Immokalee. All proceeds from this event go directly to the Kingdom Land Fund. This event will see more fighting than a Viking in England. There will be two torchlight tourneys, and "Eleanor of Aquitaine" lyst (lady fighters only), a "first blood lyst" (authorized less than one year), light weapons lyst, and armored-up fighting classes. There will also be an art-sci auction, games and other distractions for your enjoyment. Autocrat Meadhbha O'Riain & Master Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov, Feastcrat Vaughn Qaratai.

December 1, 1998
* Shire changes mailing list services to ONElist with Gekko as the moderator.
* Sorsha takes over from Gekko as the shire web minister.  You can see an archived copy of the original web site at:
* December 10th, Thursday - Last meeting at Lee H.S. before the holiday
break. Leatherworking class with Tatheg.
* December 17, 1998 The Second annual Castlemere Holiday  Revel at the Blight House. (Xena and Steve's house)

Photos of Subtleties Created By Castlemere


January 1999
* January 7, 1999 Court Dancing with Vlad.
* January 13, 1999 Armored Socializing Night hosted by Lord Agami Ryu
* Jan 21st: "How to teach a class"  Taught by Master Iefan
* January 23 -24, 1999 - St. John's Renn Faire at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds downtown.
From Talewinds, January AS XXXII
From Stromek and Alianore, King and Queen of Trimaris Unto the People of Trimaris:
Hear Us now, good people, for We do crave a boon of Our cantons, shires and baronies. As Gulf Wars approaches, but some 2 months away, help is now needed to cull the gifts that will be given to the Crowns and Coronets of the kingdoms represented at that war. Good people, last year gift baskets were created for 13 crowns-in-attendance, and even with so many wonderful items donated for this cause, we were still a bit hard pressed. We therefore ask the many talented people of Our Kingdom to begin now to create gifts, gifts that will represent the many talents and artistic skills of our Kingdom. So as not to place an undue burden on one or two individuals, We ask that each group "adopt-a-kingdom."   The Shire of Castlemere was chosen to create a basket for the Kingdom of Drachenwald
* January 28, 1999 "Subtleties"  Taught by Gwen
* January 29, 1999  Sorsha and Magnus - we are beginning to form a "bardic" group to prepare for C&C as well as to accept the challenge given to us by HRM Alain to prepare for Gulf Wars.

February 1999
* February 4, 1999 "Arrow Making" (for tithe to Kingdom)  Contact Agami Ryu
* February 12-14, 1999,  Hoggetown Medieval Faire in Gainesville
* Xena becomes the Shire Librarian
* Cutlasses & Corsairs
Talewinds, February AS XXXIII, 1999 On 2-26/28-99 the Shire of Castlemere held Cutlasses & Corsairs at Camp Immokalee. "Come join in War Practice during Trimarian War College (remember Gulf Wars is only 2 weeks away). There will be light and heavy lysts - Defender of Castlemere, a tavern Brawl, and Champion of Castlemere. Looking for more than fighting? Take part in Bardic competition for Warrior Bard of Trimaris and/or Bard of Castlemere. There will also be an Elizabethan Feast and classes throughout the day." Autocrats Gregor Jotun & Lord Agami Ryu Koro-no-Minamoto, Feastcrat HL Dianna Wyndalan of Kidwelly
At the Court of HRM Alain
Order of the Argent Palm - Ryuzoji Kosetsu Gekko
Award of Arms - Xena
  Leila of the High Seas
Order of the Morningstar - Agami Ryu Koro-no-Minamoto
During Court Mistress Natalija Varvara Stoianova took Ryuzoji Kosetsu Gekko as an apprentice.
(event report from the Performing Arts Guild)This past weekend at our Shire's main event Cutlasses and Corsairs, we had a great time. The afternoon started off with a class on the progression of English Church music during the Renaissance, taught by Dr. Claire Scott (an expert in Early Music). Later on there were two Bardic Competitions.  First, the Minstrels and Bards in our Shire of Castlemere (Jacksonville, FL) for the right to be the Bard of Castlemere.  It was a great competition and not wanting to seem boastful, I was chosen as the winner. Anyway, the real fun kicked in when we held the "Warrior Bard of Trimaris" competition, which is open to all who were at the event.  There were a lot of exciting participants and it was tough to pick a winner:
Warrior Bard & Musical Arts..............Lord Corwyn
Spoken Arts..............Jean Francesca
Jongleur Arts.............Rhiannon Bjornsdottir
Being a bit of a homer, I would like to commend two fairly new members of our Shire who participated in their first major Bardic Competitions: Sorsha inghean Leod & Thorunn Viggadottir (report by Herr Wilhelm Frawenlop)
* February 26, 1999  Art/Sci night Bring your projects for the display at Cutlasses

March 1999
* March 18, 1999 Shire Meeting, Class "Japanese Garb for beginners"  by Gekko
* Spring Coronation (Talewinds, February AS XXXIII, 1999)  On 3-19/21-99  the Barony of An Crosaire proudly presents the coronation of their Royal Highnesses AnRidire Tairdhealbhach an Cait Dubh and Baroness Cathlin Emryss of Ibernia, to be held at Camp Wewa.
At the First Court of Tearlach and Catlin
-- Order of the Argent Scales - Brenna Caitlin MacGrioghair of Renwick, Castlemere
* March 27, 1999  event?
Court of HRM Alain de Viellechamps:
-- Xena Satira Azata received AOA
-- Gekko received Argent Palm
-- Agami Ryu Koro-no-Minamoto received Argent Morningstar

April 1999
* April 15, 1999 "Japanese Arts"  Contact Gekko
* Demo The shire of Castlemere had demo. in Jacksonville this past weekend 4-24/25-99. It was at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds hosted by Wolfsons Children's Hospital. We had heavy weapons fighters, dancing, a minstrel and a basketweaver there. We also had games for the kids. For what little time I spent there we had a lot of little nibbles of interest from the mundanes. Reported by Gwendolyn of Glenfinnan

May 1999
* May 13th: "Japanese History"  Contact Gekko
* Demo - Jacksonville's World Of Nations Festival. I would like you to know that the House of the
Naked Moon participated by giving a demonstration on Mid-Eastern Dance. And in honor of this event the entire Shire of Castlemere showed up in street clothes. For once we were the only ones not in garb.

July 29, 1999
* Feasting class by Lady Gwendolyn

August 1999
* August 28, 1999 demo at Martha's Vineyard, Crafters, Fighters, Dancers, Drummers ... come play on the west
side!  Mead contest, wet site. Lord Iain Qwhewyl  (Paul Russell) won first prize for his mead.
* August 29, 1999 Demo for "13th Warrior" movie

September 1999
* THL Cara Angiola de Boccaccio – Arrived in Castlemere
* September  11 & 12, 1999 - Demo - Riverdside Arts Festival at the Duck Pond
* September 17-19, 1999 Michaelmas Sponsored by An Crosaire at Camp Immokalee
Award of Arms: Tatheg O'Brian

October 1999
* October 22-24, 1999, The second annual SCA-Non SCA weekend is scheduled for October 22-24.
at the home of Devlin & Lilias McLeod, bring a pumpkin for a pumpkin carving contest

November 1999
Shire mailing list changed from ONEline to eGroups.

December 1999
* December 04, 1999, Demo - Manuscript Museum - -Fighting and Dancing for a good cause!  Come help support the silent auction, which provided funds for saving the manuscripts of yesterday for the student of tomorrow.
* December 18, 1999, Shire Christmas Party starting at 8 pm at Lady Xena & Lord Gunther's stately abode.
Bring a wrapped gift, suitable to be viewed in front of potential smalls, for the Chinese gift Exchange!


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