Rocco Catucci

New Impressionists Society

Upheaval Impressions


New Impressionists Society is off and running. Our first joint show is for the months of August and September at the "L" Gallery downtown Jacksonville. Thanks to curator Paul Ladnier for his support of our show and the use of his space at the L Gallery, 1 Independent Drive, Modis Bldg Main Floor, Jacksonville, FL 32202.
Thanks to Terese Marie Muller, Ralph Mantia, Khamil Ojoyo and Louise Hooper for their special artwork contributions that made our showing a success. 
A visual or musical artist is only developing what makes sense to them at the time with no regard to hidden messages or meanings. Certain sounds work well together so they become a melody. Certain colors work well together so they become a painting.

A visual artist works with the medium they have chosen or that is readily available. Simply put; The colors and layout work with them at the time so that is what is completed. 

In the Garden


Rocco Catucci