White sulphur butterfly
Harebells & lichen

Butterflies migrating and performing their aerial courtship displays. This one on a thistle bloom.
Harebell along the edge of lava shores and bluffs, here with white and orange lichen.
Three-toothed Cinquefoil grow in a little soil in the crevices of the lava shore.
Baneberry with extremely poisonous berries grows in the forest along the lake.

A mushroom on the Superior Shores walk. I won't try to identify it.
On the North Shore, these are like ones we see in McCoullogh Park in Shoreview.
Same here.
This is an Indian Pipe. A native containing no chlorophyll, it takes nourishment from fungi in the soil.

Early mornings on the North Shore have interesting clouds.
Fishermen are out early to supply the local restauratnts, like the Vanilla Bean in Two Harbors.
Each morning is a different sunrise.
And no surprise here!

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Updated Sept 16, 2006