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2007 Caudle Family  Reunion

October 19-20, 2007 

The 2007 reunion was a success with 75 registered. Folks came from Alaska, California, Idaho, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. This was the 10th anniversary of our first meeting in October 1997. Unfortunately, our cousin Mae Tanner who has been the force driving the cemetery restoration and historical marker status could not attend. She had double bypass heart surgery on Oct 18, the day she was to leave for Dublin.

Barb and I had the good fortune of chatting with Mrs. Brannon, the owner of the land the cemetery is on. On Friday 19th Oct morning, Barb and I went out to the Caudle cemetery to check out the roads. Just as we were leaving thru the main gate in from FM284, Ms. Brannon and her daughter were entering. Barb and I got out and chatted with her. She was in high spirits considering the fact that she had recently learned she had brain cancer. She said she felt lucky getting this far after having lung cancer. After chatting, we thanked her for all her cooperation with our project, wished her success in her treatment, and went on our way. (By the way, we got lost coming and going, but survived the trip to the cemetery. Hint: on your way from Dublin, don't miss the right turn just after going across the RR tracks.)

On Saturday the 20th, I got a call at 8:29am from Barbara Munger to open the center. I was planning to get there by 8:45am but lots of folks were already there, so, I hurried over (a whole 2 blocks;-) and found the East Texas Caudles setting up their BBQ wagon for the luncheon.

After a good bit of time for visiting Saturday morning, a procession to the Pecan Cemetery formed for the dedication of the John Wesley marker. As always happens, people get separated from the lead, so about half got lost. I've decided it's easy to get lost there if you don't live there. After that ceremony, many of the folks went to the Caudle cemetery.

The BBQ luncheon was served after the group got back from the Caudle cemetery. After lunch, a short business meeting was held.

Dan Caudle was nominated and elected to serve as president, Rhonda Caudle as vice-president, and Jean Tanner Munoz as the secretary/treasurer. These offices are for two years. 

Recently retired, Dan has had an interest in the project over the years. While he still is active in his profession and hobbies, he will make a fine president for the group.

Rhonda Caudle has been attending the reunion since 1997 with her father Luther and uncles Len and Frank and families from the northeast Texas area. These families have provided the group with two fine luncheons, and have donated their considerable talents in that area to the group. 

Jean Tanner Munoz is daughter of Mae Tanner and has been active in helping Mae with her genealogy research. Jean and Mae, with help from Bruce Cunningham are responsible for getting the group started in 1997.

Bruce Cunningham did a great job arranging the Pecan ceremony. My best picture was of Bruce's daughters. They had new boots on. I thought Bruce gave good talks at the ceremony at Pecan about John Wesley and later about honoring our fathers and mothers. He earned his position with those talks, I think.

Barbara Munger took lots of mug shot pictures of attendees. Both Barbara Munger and Bruce have provided a lot of help during the past years.

In all, the reunion was a very good one.

Bill Caudle

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