October 21 & 22, 2011
Mount Vernon, Texas

The 2011 Caudle Family Reunion was held on Friday and Saturday October 21 and 22 at the First Baptist Church Activities Center in Mount Vernon, Texas. It was another successful, interesting, and fun event. A total of 39 people attended. Attendance was lower this year than it has been for a while for a variety of reasons. The economy is certainly one of the reasons more people were unable to come. It’s always nice to see new faces and get to know more of our “cousins” from far and wide. Caudle relatives from Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Texas attended the reunion. Frank and Betty Caudle did an outstanding with the local arrangements.

Folks began arriving on Friday afternoon. They relaxed, visited, got reacquainted, had refreshments, and went out as a group to eat catfish at a local restaurant.

Saturday morning, the group reassembled at the First Baptist Church Activities Center. Bill Caudle gave an informative presentation about how to use the Caudle Cemetery Project webpage that he created and maintains. If you have questions about how to use the information, you can contact Bill by email (see below for address.)

Getting acquainted Everyone busy

Junior and Mary Cofer prepared a great noon meal for the group. Junior cooked up some good ol’ Texas chili. He and Mary also fixed red beans and cornbread and brought some jalapeño peppers. Deserts were provided by other family members and included a variety of homemade cakes, pies, and cookies.

After lunch Bruce Cunningham, President of the Caudle Family Reunion for 2011, conducted the business meeting. He presented an award to those who traveled the furthest to attend the reunion. This year the award went to Bill and Barb Caudle from Shoreview, MN.

Dan Caudle, Treasurer for the reunion group, gave a financial report. The Caudle Family Heritage Cookbook project has been completed. All 404 copies of the book were sold and distributed with a nice profit for the project.

Bruce suggested that we might want to think about doing another cookbook project since many folks did not contribute to the first cookbook but might like to participate in a Caudle Family Cookbook Volume II. Dan said he didn’t think Donna would be willing to do another cookbook.

Bruce raised the question of whether we need to form a corporation or some other more formal type of organization. There was some discussion about the pros and cons of incorporation. Issues such as annual fees, taxes, audit requirements, etc. were discussed. The issue was tabled. A committee may be established to research the idea and report back at our 2012 reunion.

Bruce asked about the status of additional access to the Caudle Cemetery near Alexander through the Byler Ranch which adjoins the cemetery. Dan reported that there has been no contact with the ranch owners for a few months. He said he would follow up with them after hunting season is over. Gaylon Bullard is still the manager of the Flying B Ranch where the Caudle Cemetery is located, and still does the cemetery maintenance for us. Dan agreed to remain as the liaison between the family and the ranch where the cemetery is located.

Bruce reminded the group that Ray Caudle, Jr. has set up a Facebook group for our family. The group is called the James Caudle Clan. If you are on Facebook and would like to participate in this group, contact Ray Caudle, Jr. at James Caudle Clan Contact
Bruce is facing the possibility of a deployment to Afghanistan in 2012 so he asked for someone else to take over leadership next year. Ray Caudle, Jr. was elected unanimously and Bruce said he would help out as much as possible.

After lunch, many visited the Providence Cemetery and Glade Springs Cemetery where many family members are buried.

Bill & Bruce visiting Glade Springs Cemetry

The 2012 Caudle Family Reunion will be in Dublin, TX in October. The exact location and dates will be determined later. Several people said they would like to visit the Caudle, Pecan, Bowman Ridge, Purves, Hancock, and Alexander cemeteries as well as others in Erath County where our Caudle ancestors are buried.

CD versions of the Caudle Family Heritage Cookbook are available for $5 plus $2 for shipping. Pictures from the 2010 Caudle Reunion in Dublin are available for a total of $3 including shipping. All proceeds go to the Caudle Cemetery Fund. Donations to the Caudle Cemetery Fund are always appreciated as well. Please email Dan at the following address if you are interested in donating to the fund or would like a CD.

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