Caudle Cemetery Headstones, Erath County, Texas

Panorama of Caudle cemetery
This is a listing of the inscribed headstones. Some markers have no inscription. Listed in the order of date of death, several names have no known relationship to the Caudle family other than being friends or neighbors. All people lived in the nearby vicinity of the cemetery.

The list of headstones, initially from the book Cemeteries of Erath County, has been amplified and expanded with information from descendants of those buried there and photographs of the headstones. The information in the book was copied from headstones by Weldon Hudson, Fort Worth, Texas, October 26, 1968. The book stated the Cemetery is in a pasture very badly grown up in trees, briars and underbrush. Although 26 graves were noted marked with field stones, probably many more have been covered or destroyed by time and erosion. It appears that this Cemetery once covered a much larger area than this list indicates. The Cemetery was once known as South Bolton.

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Name Relationship Born Died
Mary Follis wife of William Follis 1839 After 1880 census
James H. Langston son of J. H. & O. Langston July 31, 1867 Dec. 6, 1881
T. H. Atkins Neighbor Nov. 18, 1852 Dec. 1, 1882
W. T. Denton See linked picture page May 17, 1863 Dec. 8, 1882
Celia J. Caudle wife of Joseph H. Caudle Feb 1, 1849 Feb 10, 1884
J. T. Caudle Son of James Robert & Tennessee Caudle Feb 6, 1884 June 4, 1885
Rebecca Caudle wife of Mark Caudle Sept. 5, 1804 Mar. 4, 1886
Martha Junell Caudle wife of James H. Caudle 1848 1889
Ethel B. E. Lawson dau of W.T. & M.E. Lawson Sept. 8, 1887 Feb. 10, 1890
Susie E. Houk wife of John H. Houk Dec. 10, 1859 Feb. 14, 1890
Rebeca Minton wife of A.B. Minton Dec. 23, 1838 Feb. 19, 1890
John H. Houk Neighbor Sept. 28, 1852 Feb. 26, 1890
William T. Lawson Neighbor July 2, 1861 Mar 24, 1890
G. E. Harman Son of Frances Louisa Caudle Feb. 6, 1857 Oct. 31, 1890
Newton Edward Caudle Son of Joseph H.& Celia Jane Caudle June 25, 1870 Dec. 25, 1890
Fannie Caudle Dau. of Joseph H. & Celia Jane Caudle Mar. 3, 1877 Aug. 18, 1895
Mamie Caudle Granddaughter of Martha Elizabeth Junell 1898 1910
W. J. Warren Neighbor Unknown Unknown

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