Caudle Reunion 2004
Dublin, Texas
October 23, 2004

Article as submitted to The Dublin Citizen and published on Nov. 4, 2004.

Caudle reunion was held here

Descendants of Caudle families who moved from Tennessee to the Republic of Texas in 1841, and their families, met at the Dublin Senior Citizen Center on October 23. This was the 3rd meeting since the group first met in 1997 at the Sunset Café.

Sixty-three attendees enjoyed a morning of visiting, sharing family photos and stories, and taking photos. Barbara Caudle Munger, descendant of Marcus Newton Caudle who moved to Erath County prior to 1880, took photos of each family and recorded their family lineage.

Following a catered luncheon of brisket and brats, a business meeting was held for the purpose of establishing an association and perpetual fund for the Caudle Cemetery, located about 8 miles SE of Dublin.

Barbara Caudle Munger began the business meeting with a welcome message. Her mother, Iva Filtz Caudle, gave an informative talk on genealogy, its importance, and the Caudle family. Iva was a contributor to the book Our Kin, Past and Present, authored by Delma Turnbow Freeman, that presents the genealogy of the Turnbow and Caudle familes, early settlers in Erath County.

Bill Caudle, who has four ancestors buried in the Caudle Cemetery, gave a short talk about the Caudle Cemetery project. He also broke the bad news that a visit to the cemetery would not be possible because of rains on Friday night. This website has a summary history of the family and project and photos of the cemetery headstones.

Seretha Mae Tanner was the major force for the success of the reunions and the Caudle Cemetery restoration. At the first reunion in 1997, she expected only a few attendees. She was surprised to see 46 show up. "When that happened, I knew I had a winner!" She had discovered that many were interested in the Caudle family history and the Caudle Cemetery.

Mae presented the need to establish a perpetual fund to insure the cemetery does not become unknown and unkempt. The first steps in this were the nomination of officers for a legal cemetery association. Unanimous election of Bruce Cunningham as president, Barbara Caudle Munger as vice-president, and Mae Tanner as secretary-treasurer followed.

During the business meeting, a plaque was presented to Mae Tanner in appreciation for her continued dedication and support of the Caudle Cemetery project. Mae presented a plaque to Iva Caudle in appreciation for her research of the Caudle family. Without such dedication as Mae and Iva had, we may never have seen the restoration of the Caudle Cemetery.

After the business meeting, the group gathered for a group photo shoot. The photo is now available for viewing and printing. Barbara Munger printed copies of the group photo.

As a final note, Jeannine Brannon and Gaylon Bullard, ranch owner and ranch foreman, were not able to attend. It was Gaylon's 50th anniversary. Both of them have been supporters of the project to restore the Caudle Cemetery.

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