Caudle Cemetery Location

The Caudle Cemetery is located on the Flying B Ranch. You can see the road through the ranch by clicking here. While Google Maps knows the "Caudle Cemetery, Dublin, TX" and "Green Creek Dam Number 12", it does not give proper directions to the cemetery. Either will get you in the vicinity, but the proper way is through the Flying B Ranch road starting at its entry from Texas FM 219.

From Dublin:

Drive 8.8 mile SE of Dublin on FM 2l9 and turn ENE on 284 for 2.9 miles to the gate of the Flying B Ranch. On the map, the roads to the cemetery from FM 219 is highlighted in green. Enter through the ranch gate and drive l mile E on the ranch road to the cemetery.

From Alexander:

Drive south from Alexander on Farm Road (FM) 914 for a little less than 0.5 miles, turn right (SW) on FM 296. FM 296 intersects with FM284 in about 2.5 miles. Turn left and follow FM 284 toward the SE for a half mile until you get to the gate of the Flying B Ranch, and follow the ranch road to the cemetery.

From the Flying B Ranch gate:

Turn in at the gate and go around the house and barn, following the ranch road (or trail) across the dam of the lake that is on the property. From the gate to the cemetery is about 1 mile. You can drive to within about 30 feet of the Caudle Cemetery gate. As an aside, the Hancock Cemetery is behind the barn, noted above, on the Flying B Ranch. The Hancock Cemetery is also being improved by descendants. Raymond Hancock, now deceased, wrote the book "Purves, Erath County, Texas" including a short history and genealogy of more than seventy-five families, and mentioning the names of over three thousand persons", published in Dublin, TX, 1975.

There are plans for a County road marker at the intersection of FM219 and CR284 indicating the Caudle Cemetery. The marker is not currently in place. There also are plans to have a "CAUDLE CEMETERY " sign put at Flying B Ranch gate, even if it is a simple painted board sign.

Geographically, the cemetery is located 2.5 miles SSW of Alexander, and about 0.3 miles SE of a small impoundment of the South Fork of the Little Green Creek. The U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) lists the Caudle Cemetery as a map feature with elevation 1336' and coordinates as 32º 01' 34" N and 98º 13' 35" W or 32.0262566N -98.2267069W in decimal degees. (You will need pick "Search Domestic Names" and type in "caudle" as the Feature Name, select Texas, Erath as the county, and select "cemetery" as the Feature Type. Then click "Send Query".)  Or, just click on this link. A USGS Aerial Map is included which has been altered showing the location of the cemetery. Also, a closer view is included. So, there is no way that the cemetery will be lost. You can get better map now with Google Earth if you have it installed. Just use the coordinates  "32.0262566 -98.2267069", without the quotes, in the search.

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