Amanda Gillentine & Marcus Newton Caudle
Marcus Newton Caudle & Amanda Gillentine
[A printable version of this pastel drawing can be obtained by clicking on the above image.]

On December 28, 2005 my cousin was called by a lady who had been to an estate sale during the year. She had bought a box of Christmas decorations. As she decorated for Christmas, she opened the box and at the bottom found a 12 x 18" pastel drawing, a book on Purves by Ray Hancock, a high school annual, some family photos, and some other family effects. All were wrapped in a sheet. She sent these to my cousin who recently sent them on to me. It is only by the thoughtfulness of that lady that this 1867 drawing of my great granduncle and his wife Amanda is available.
Below is a photo of the pastel before digital restoration. It has several cracks and a part missing. The color of the paper is likely yellowed. That is reflected in my restoration above.
Unretouched pic, Marcus Newton & Amanda Caudle