1842 Land Grants of James, William, Mark, and Bennett Caudle

The following excerpts from the book Our Kin, Past and Present were used to find the approximate locations of the land grants to James, William, Bennett and Mark on the map below (you will need to scroll down to see it.)

"A settler, on applying for a grant, was issued a conditional grant (at that time, 640 acres for a married man, 320 acres for a single man.) After the grantee had lived for three years in the State, as a law abiding citizen, and had performed all the duties required, he (or she) could then apply for an unconditional certificate. We find that Mark Caudle applied for his unconditional certificate on the 13th day of July, 1844. A survey of his land made on April 30, 1844, by William Hamilton, Deputy Surveyor of Red River Co., describes the land as being "in Titus Co., about 12 miles west from Mount Pleasant, situated on the south side of Ripley’s Creek." This property was the home of the Mark Caudle family. " [pg. 264, Our Kin, Past and Present]

"The deed records and surveyors notes prove the James Caudle headright was in two different tracts. One tract of 302 acres is described as being "situated in Titus Co., on the north side of Ripley Creek, and south of the White Oak Prairies, about 12 miles from north 81 degrees west from Mount Pleasant." The other tract is described, "337 acres, situated on the Headwaters of Bear pen Creek, on the waters of White Oak Creek, about 14 miles north 77 west from Mount Pleasant." " [pg. 275, Our Kin Past and Present]

In April 1848, Mary sold the tract of 302 acres on Ripley Creek to Joel G. Marshall, for $500.00 [Franklin Co. deed records] No deed was found for the tract on "Bear pen" Creek, but the tax records for 1857 show that tract owned by one, Campbell English.[pg. 275, Our Kin Past and Present]

"State of Tex., Lamar Co. I Jacob Long, Clerk of the County Court of Lamar, did on the 19th day of Nov. 1849, issue to the HEIRS of WILLIAM CAUDLE an unconditional certificate No. 227, dated the 7th day of March 1842." A survey made for the heirs of William Caudle, dated July 22, 1850, describes the land as being "about eight miles north 71 degrees east of Mount Vernon, situated in Titus Co. (Note – the reader should bear in mind that Mount Vernon was in Titus Co. at that time.)"[pg. 277-9, Our Kin Past and Present]

"Bennett Caudle’s land grant is described in the surveyor’s notes as being "north of Big Cypress, and on Panther Creek, about 17 miles south 78 degrees west from Mount Pleasant." Bennett received his land grant of 640 acres, certificate No. 229, on the same day as his father, JAMES, and brothers, WILLIAM and MARK. " "[pg. 279, Our Kin Past and Present]

Statements such as "12 miles from north 81 degrees west from Mount Pleasant" were interpreted to mean:

  1. Draw a radial from Mount Pleasant pointing north with length 12 miles.

  2. Rotate the radial 81 degrees toward the west.

  3. Take the end point of the radial as the location.

Using USGS topographic maps, descriptive information, such as "south side of Ripley's Creek" was used to check the locations .