Providence Cemetery Headstones, Mt. Vernon, Texas

This is a listing of the inscribed headstones of members of the Caudle family. Many other Caudle family relatives are doubtless buried in this cemetery, as it has been in use for 140 years.

On page 264 of her book Our Kin, Past and Present. Delma Freeman said:

"Mark’s grave at Old Providence Cemetery, near Mount Vernon, is unmarked. His granddaughter, Della Calon (Caudle) O’Neal, who died at New Boston, Tex., in 1968, at the age of 94, stated that Mark was the second person buried there."

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Name Relationship Born Died
Mark E. Griphy Caudle Son of William James Caudle 1-19-1857
Mark Caudle Son of James Caudle & Mary 1805 1865
Joseph J. Caudle Son of William James Caudle 3-15-1861 7-30-1867
Martin Loid Caudle Son of William James Caudle 12-19-1858 3-22-1868
James Wesley Caudle Son of William James Caudle 2-18-1860 9-27-1868
William James Caudle Son of Mark Caudle 1-25-1836 1-6-1888
Sarah C. Daffern Wife of Eld. W. J. Caudle 4-11-1836 10-10-1889
William Hawkins Caudle Son of Bennett Caudle 2-17-1830 3-29-1895
Cader Wilson Caudle Son of W. J. Caudle 6-7-1870 11-13-1899
Elizabeth Jane ? Wife of William Hawkins Caudle
2-14-1830 3-2-1901
Sarah Laura Caudle Daughter of Daniel Clayton Caudle
1-2-1861 7-24-1917
Silas M. Long Husband of  Sarah Laura Caudle
7-21-1855 2-2-1923
Jefferson Caudle Son of William Hawkins Caudle 1861 1941
Martha ?
Wife of Jefferson Caudle
1875 ?

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