Newton Edward Caudle

N. E.
son of
J. H. & C. J.
June 25, 1870
Dec. 25, 1890

We loved him.

N. E. was the son of Joseph Harrison and Celia Jane Petty Caudle. His name was probably Newton Edward. He was known as Edward according to Jessie Daniel Caudle, daughter-in-law of Joseph and Celia.

The cause of Edward's death is not known. Seven other people buried in this cemetery died in the same year. Six of them died in one month spanning February/March 1890, possibly from an epidemic such as flu.

Iris flags are seen growing around his headstone. They are common in the Caudle Cemetery and likely have been there over 100 years. Irises also grow in the vicinity of the old James Robert homestead nearby.

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