Fannie Caudle

Fannie Caudle & John Nichols


Dau. of
J. H. & C. J.
Born Mar. 3, 1877.
DIED Aug. 18, 1895.

Rest Fannie, rest in quiet
While friends in sorrow
o'er thee weep

Fannie, was buried in her wedding dress on the day that she was to have been married. She was the daughter of Joseph Harrison and Celia Jane Petty Caudle. Delma Turnbow Freeman reported in her book "Fannie Caudle was said to be a girl of unusual beauty. She was 18 and engaged to be married to a young man by the name of John Nichols. While the family members worked on her wedding dress with its dozens of yards of lace and ruffles, Fannie told some of those close to her that she felt the dress was being prepared for her shroud. Thinking of this as prewedding day tension, her remarks were taken lightly, but a few days later she was stricken by a fatal illness, and lived only a short time afterward."

Iris flags grow around Fannie's headstone, as around many Caudle family headstones in Texas.

(Photo of Fannie Caudle and John Nichols at left courtesy of Jeneanne Austin. It was taken on Dec. 22, 1894.)

Fannie Caudle Headstone

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