Locale of the Providence and Glade Springs Churches

Charter of the Glade Springs Church

Notice on the map below (scroll down to see it) that the Providence Church is just a couple of miles from the Glade Springs Church. The following information is taken from A History of Rehoboth Baptist Association, 1856 to 1938 by Roy L. Johnson:

"On Nov. 7, 1858, a group met at Smith school house in the part of Titus Co., that is now Franklin Co., to organize a Missionary Baptist Church. This church, only a short distance from Mount Vernon, was called "Glade Springs Church." Included with the forty three charter members were: Daniel Caudle, Amanda Caudle, John Caudle, Margaret Caudle, Sarah Caudle, Rebecca Caudle, Matilda Caudle, and Mahala Caudle. John Caudle and William Junell were the first duly elected deacons. Following the list of charter members was a long list of slaves who were enrolled as members."

Daniel is Daniel Clayton Caudle b. 1835
Amanda is Amanda C. Marshall Caudle, b. 1837, Daniel's wife.
John is John Wesley Caudle b. 1828.
Margaret is Margaret Hamrick Caudle, b. 1832, John's wife.
Sarah, b. 1837, is the daughter of Bennett Caudle (b. abt 1806.)
Rebecca is Rebecca Clayton Caudle, b. 1804.
Matilda is Rebecca's daughter, b. 1845.
Mahala is Mahala Jane Caudle, b. 1839, dau. of Bennett Caudle (b. abt 1806.).

There are many James Caudle descendants buried in the Glade Springs Cemetery.