Genealogy of the Family of James Caudle
This is copied from "Our Kin, Past and Present", copyright 1979 by Delma Turnbow Freeman, (b. 1903), 312 pages. This work is available at the genealogy library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) in Salt Lake City, Utah. This work is a genealogy on the family with the surname of Turnbow. The mother of the author was Cora Etta (Caudle) Turnbow.

My editorial comments are enclosed in curly brackets. The author's editorial comments on quotations are in square brackets. In some cases, I have translated spellings with letters italicized to show error into "[sic]" for those not looking at this with a graphical browser. This was done to show the author's acknowledgment of original documentation error. Otherwise, this is a verbatim copy of the chapter of the above work entitled:

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MARY ________________ born 1780-'81

JAMES CAUDLE, birthdate and place unknown, and his wife MARY, born 1780 or 1781 in North Caroline {sic}, were the parents of sons; WILLIAM, MARK, JAMES JR., BENNETT, and we believe there was a son JOHN. All of these sons were married before 1830, and all, except Bennett, were living near the parents in Henry Co., Tenn., in 1830.

It is not known what year James Caudle and his family went to Henry Co., but deed records prove they were there in the early part of 1828. A deed made Feb. 15, 1828 shows James Caudle bought land there from James Greer and Samuel McCorkle, paying two hundred fifty five dollars for a tract of 102 acres, described as being "a part of a 500 acre tract granted by the State of Tenn., to said Greer and McCorkle." Another deed shows James Caudle bought in 1838, a tract of 100 acres from James and Samuel Baker, and John Meadows.

The sons, William and Mark Caudle, also bought Land in Henry Co. On Nov. 11, 1830, William bought, from Mark Patterson, "a certain tract . . . containing 52 acres and 128 poles, lying and being in Henry Co., on the waters of the middle fork of Obion."

In 1840, Mark Caudle, bought from James Dillahunty 110 acres, for the sum of $550.00. I have in hand copies of these deeds from the Court records of Henry Co.

In 1830 James and Mary Caudle had six girls living in their home, all between the ages of 10 and 20. We cannot be sure all these girls were daughters, but we can, safely, assume some of them were. We can also assume that some, or all, of them came to Tex., with the family in 1841. It is unfortunate the early census records did not list the wife and children by name. We have no way of knowing the names of these girls. It is possible some of the younger of these girls were married in Titus Co., but again we are at a loss because of the Counties early marriage records being burned.

JAMES AND MARY CAUDLE, arrived in the Republic of Texas in Nov of 1841, and on March 7, 1842, he was granted a conditional headright for 640 acres, certificate No. 226. A copy of the grant is shown here, and reads as follows.

{A copy of the James Caudle Land Grant, Republic of Texas, 1841, is in the work}

"The Republic of Tex., Co. of Lamar, 4th Class, No. 226

"This is to certify that James Caudle has appeared before us the board of Land Coms. for the county aforesaid and proved according to law, that he arrived in the Republic in the month of Nov. A D 1841. That he is married man and having never Received a Certificate for the quantity of land for which he applies, he is entitled to a conditional grant of 640 acres of land in accordance with an act of Congress approved 4th day of May A D 1841. Given under our hands this 7th day of March A D 1842."

As can be seen on the document, it was signed by all the proper authorities.

The deed records and surveyors notes prove the James Caudle headright was in two different tracts. One tract of 302 ¼ acres is described as being "situated in Titus Co., on the north side of Ripley Creek, and south of the White Oak Prairies, about 12 ¼ miles from north 81 degrees west from Mount Pleasant." The other tract is described, "337 acres, situated on the Headwaters of Bear pen Creek, on the waters of White Oak Creek, about 14 miles north 77° west from Mount Pleasant." The following is quoted from a document also shown here, and proves that James Caudle died before 1846. "State of Texas, County of Titus, 4th Class No. 40.

"This is to certify that James Caudle is entitled to an unconditional grant of 640 acres of land by virtue of his conditional certificate No. 226 granted by the Board of land Comisioners [sic] of Lamar Co. and it having bin [sic] to our catisfaction [sic] that he died in the Republic and done and performed while living all the duties required of him as a citizen, by two witnesses - given under our hands this 10th day of April A D 1848."

The copy here shows signatures of officials and witnesses. {A copy of the note entitled "Proof of James Caudle's death, prior to 1846" is in the work.}

The tax records of Titus County are further proof that JAMES CAUDLE died before 1846. In 1846, MARY CAUDLE, paid tax on the "original grant" of JAMES CAUDLE. She continued paying tax on the land through 1855, and is not found on the tax rolls after that. In 1854, MARK CAUDLE is shown on the tax rolls as "agent for Mary Caudle."

In April 1848, Mary sold the tract of 302 ¼ acres on Ripley Creek to Joel G. Marshall, for $500.00 [Franklin Co. deed records] No deed was found for the tract on "Bear pen" Creek, but the tax records for 1857 show that tract owned by one, Campbell English.

In 1850 MARY CAUDLE was living in the home of JOSEPH HARMAN and his wife, MARY. We have found no proof, but think MARY HARMAN was the dau. of JAMES and MARY CAUDLE. The 1840 census shows Joseph Harman and family living near the Caudles in Henry Co., Tenn. The birthplace and age of their children prove the Harman family came to Tex. at the same time as the Caudles, or soon after. In 1850 they had these chil.: Lydia, b. 1839, in Tenn., and Essiran (?) b. 1842 in Tex. Joseph Harman is shown as "clergyman" born 1802 in North Car., his wife, Mary, b. 1818 in Tenn.

Living the next family to Joseph and Mary Harman in 1850 was our great grandfather, John Wesley Caudle, and family. We know that Joseph Harman was the minister who performed the wedding ceremony for grandfather and grandmother Caudle in 1869.

MARY CAUDLE evidently died before 1860, for she is not found in that census. The exact burial place of JAMES and MARY is not known, but it would be somewhere near the town of Mount Vernon, now in Franklin Co.

All the birthdates of the sons of James and Mary Caudle are not known to us, but WILLIAM was likely the oldest. Proof that William died before Nov. of 1849 is found in his land grant file, Tex. Gen. Land Office. It reads: "State of Tex., Lamar Co. I Jacob Long, Clerk of the County Court of Lamar, did on the 19th day of Nov. 1849, issue to the HEIRS of WILLIAM CAUDLE, an unconditional certificate No. 227, dated the 7th day of March 1842." A survey made for the heirs of William caudle {sic}, dated July 22, 1850, describes the land as being "about eight miles north 71 degrees east of Mount Vernon, situated in Titus Co. (Note - the reader should bear in mind that Mount Vernon was in Titus Co. at that time.)

It is believed that MALINDA CAUDLE, head of a family in Titus Co., 1850, was the widow of WILLIAM CAUDLE. She was then age 50, born in Tenn. Chil.; all b. in Tenn. WILLIAM, age 19, GEORGE, 17, CAROLINE, 15, HENRY, 13. M. B., 11, and SARAH, 10. We have no information on these children, or their descendants. Here again, we are greatly hampered by the loss of the early marriage records.

JAMES BENNETT CAUDLE, of Groesbeck, Tex., a descendant of BENNETT CAUDLE, son of JAMES and MARY, thinks Bennett was older than his brother, Mark. We have found nothing to indicate this is true, or untrue.

Bennett Caudle's land grant is described in the surveyor's notes as being "north of Big Cypress, and on Panther Creek, about 17 miles south 78 degrees west from Mount Pleasant." Bennett received his land grant of 640 acres, certificate No. 229, on the same day as his father, JAMES, and brothers, WILLIAM and MARK. He died before 1850. His descendants say he died in 1845. His wife CYNTHIA (CLAYTON) was a sister to REBECCA, wife of MARK CAUDLE. Proof of this is contained in a letter received from Mary Rebecca Elizabeth Caudle, b. 1855 in Titus Co., who md. in Hopkins Co. 1873 to Thomas Bennett Simmons. The letter, addressed to this writer, sent from Los Angeles, Calif., in Dec. 1936, states "My grandmother Caudle's name was Clayton . . . my father's name was John Wesley Caudle. Daniel C. Caudle was my grandfather and grandmother Caudle's nephew. Grandmother's sister, aunt CYNTHIA, married my grandfather's brother - James H. Caudle was brother to Daniel C. Caudle. They were double cousins to my father.

The following is believed to be a complete list of the children of BENNETT and CYNTHIA (CLAYTON) CAUDLE. There are hundreds of descendants of whom we have no record.

{This is the end of the verbatim quotation from the genealogy "Our Kin, Past and Present".}

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