Caudle Reunion - Sunset Cafe

October 18, 1997

Dublin, Texas

What a nice reunion at the Sunset Cafe! I'm sure you'll agree we did not have enough time to get to know one another or become reacquainted. But, we can all thank Mae Tanner, her daughter Jean Tanner, her sister Carmen Fox and Carmen's son Harold Fox for arranging this first meeting. We can thank the Sunset Cafe for providing very efficient service and for a good lunch.

After a couple hours of getting acquainted, followed by lunch and individual introductions by attendees, Mae gave a very interesting review of the activities she has been involved in with others in getting the Pecan Cemetery historic marker and the Pecan Cemetery Tabernacle recorded as a Texas Historic Landmark. She and daughter Jean Tanner applied for and received a Texas First Family Certificate. Their search in support of that certificate is how I met them on the Internet.

Mae then brought up the old Caudle Cemetery on little Green's Creek to the southwest of Alexander. Located on the old homestead of the James Robert Caudle farm on the east side of little Green's Creek, this little cemetery has been unused for 102 years. Bruce Cunningham had located the cemetery and had taken Mae and Jean there in May '97 from the Pecan Cemetery Tabernacle dedication. Mae discussed some possibilities she is pursuing in getting help from county/state for improving or maintaining this cemetery. We will look forward to news about this improvement project. If anyone has ideas about how to help on this project, please contact Mae.

A show of hands from the group indicated considerable interest in getting together next year, possibly a few weeks earlier to avoid conflict with the many homecomings.

In the afternoon, about 21 of the group went to visit the Alexander, Caudle, and Pecan cemeteries. Starting at Alexander, we watched while Jean Tanner applied some sleight of hand using Burma Shave and a flat scraper. She made the headstones' engravings of interest appear clearly where they were hardly visible. The Alexander cemetery is one of the nicest little cemeteries I've visited. Click here for pictures of the Caudle Cemetery in 1997 before cleanup.

From Alexander, the caravan proceeded along CR291 to near the location of the old Caudle Cemetery. I know that my own father and uncles Herbert and Dan Caudle had hunted for this cemetery several times over many years. It was surprising to me that the cemetery is now shown on county maps, and is also listed on the in-print map Roads of Texas, an atlas of all 254 counties of Texas in quite great detail. This atlas is available at Barnes & Noble and other bookstores in Texas. A map of Erath County, available free at the Stephenville Public Library, and no doubt other local Stephenville locations, shows the cemetery at a more readable scale for us seasoned citizens. The USGS lists the Caudle Cemetery as a map feature with elevation 1336' and coordinates as 32° 01' 34" N and 98° 13' 35" W. And, I thought it was lost!


Bill Caudle