Abernathy Family Genealogy


Welcome!  This site is dedicated to the exchange of genealogical information, stories and data concerning the Abernethy/Abernathy families.  It doesn't matter how it's spelled; the roots are the same.  Just to lay your fears to rest, these are a few ways I've found the name spelled:  ABERNETHY, ABERNATHY, ABERNATHIE, ABERNETHIE, ABERNYTHIE, ABERNATY, ABERNASTY (yes, in Civil War records, no less!) , BERNETHY, EBERNETHEL.  There are surely others, so if you know of another variation, please pass it along!

I've taken great pains to try to make the data as correct as possible, but I can guarantee that there is at least ONE error in the data!  If you find errors, or have additional data, I would gladly welcome the information.

If you find material on this website that you feel should be private (such as birth dates), let me know so I can take it off.  

Through the kind efforts of numerous researchers, the database has gone past the 12,000 name plateau.  It is hosted at the Rootsweb WorldConnect project.  You can search the database, or just browse


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My GEDCOM file is available for download at the same site.  If you have trouble getting it, please send me an e-mail.


We all have heard stories about our families.  Some are true, while others can be attributed to wild imagination.  I am planning a section for these 'tall tales'.


Abernathy Plantation in Alabama; Abernathy Reservoir in Arkansas; Abernathy, New Mexico; Abernethy Lake in Oregon; Abernathy, Texas; Abernethy Memorial Church in North Carolina.  Wouldn't you love to know where these name came from?  Who were they named after?  That is one of the next projects that I hope to undertake.  If you have any good, verifiable stories about places with an Abernethy/Abernathy name, send it to me and I'll get it added to our list.  Thanks!

The data which is presented on these pages is a collaborative effort, by MANY researchers, not just myself. Whenever possible, I have cited the source, but that is not always available.  Please do NOT  assume that the information is correct simply because it is on the Internet!  Always try to verify any data that you find here.

This data may be freely used for your research, but please remember that any duplication for profit is strictly prohibited.

C. Brian Abernathy