From a Cave in the Woods...

The Old Wolf

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The Old Wolf is a wandering shaman who inhabits forests and glades of temperate climate. His preferred home is a cave, well-swept, warm and dry, and wherever you find him dwelling there will be a garden close by, for he loves to till the soil of Mother Gaia and bring a patch of order to the chaos of nature.

He wanders widely, always on the lookout for those who might need a helping hand, a kind word, or encouragement along their path.  His oracle bones speak only the truth but rarely foretell evil, for evil is in the eye of the beholder, and the Old Wolf seeks to find beauty wherever he goes.

The Old Wolf lives on what he can grow in his garden or find in nature, respecting the gift of life even when it is given by other creatures to provide sustenance.  He seeks to live in harmony with Mother Gaia, the source of all life. He likes nothing better than a plate of steaming haggis, or a vegetable broth seasoned to perfection with spices from his own garden. Yet in his travels he has sampled the cuisine of many lands, and his tastes sometimes run to the unusual. He carries only sufficient for his needs, preferring to count his wealth in friends rather than gold or silver.

All are welcome in his cave. Only the careless who trample his radishes are at risk of incurring his wrath, as the occasional wandering mecha has discovered to their chagrin. The Old Wolf loves peace, but has more than one eldritch spell at his command...


Other visualizations of The Old Wolf

Courtesy of OakPaw

Courtesy of Emile Khadaji

Courtesy of Bilou

A breathtaking painting by DarkNatasha, which exemplifies what the the Old Wolf feels like when someone tramples his radishes...
Courtesy of Patch
Courtesy of Bilou
Courtesy of WhitePony
Stay out of my garden!
You never know where you'll meet him...