Censorship Lives!


Even Webcomics have restrictions when published on a corporate site.


In his blog, McEldowney wrote, "Looking back on the original installments of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," I have to confess that I nearly scrubbed the project in its final days, refusing to capitulate when I was told that my adaptation had become too salacious for readers ("soft porn" was the term ventured editorially, and highly inaccurately, to describe it) and that I perforce would have to tone it down. The truth is, the steeds of prurience had already thundered from those stables – but because the subject was Shakespeare, my online custodians had been snoring at their swabs. (I'll try to purée that metaphor later.) With less than an hour to spare, and desirous to see the story to its close, I relented and bowdlerized the penultimate drawing as stipulated (the honeymoon couples abed on their wedding night were required to be dressed – turning Lysander and Hermia into Ken and Barbie – a corruption now purged, I am pleased to say, from the book)."

The original image he is referring to is below. Roll your mouse over the picture to see how he silenced the critics.


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