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Pibgorn - The Girl in the Coffee Cup

12-3-2001 through 11-9-2002 - Strips 1 through 230

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Pibgorn's first adventure.  Available in book form from  Let them know your zip code (if you have one) or your location (if you don't), and mention how many copies you'd like, if you want to pay by check or by credit card via PayPal, and if you want it shipped priority or media mail. They will be back in touch with you probably within the day to give you all the particulars.


The first story arc serves to introduce the characters of Pibgorn, Maurice, Geoff, Drusilla, Prince Crewth, Gaggot, and Luciano as mentioned in the Wikipedia article. Geoff rescues Pibgorn from a freezing death, after her wings ice up on an unauthorized winter flight. She pledges her eternal servitude, which Geoff is reluctant to accept, knowing how stodgy his church community can be about things like fairies and magic.

After being reduced to the size of a fairy, being taken on his first magical flight, rescuing Pibgorn from being executed by Prince Crewth and Gaggot, and being saved from death in turn by Pibgorn's "Baiser de la Fée" (Fairy's Kiss), Geoff reluctantly allows himself to be drawn into the world of magic. Drusilla - at first Geoff's girlfriend - discovers that Geoff has been trafficking with fairies, and confronts Pibgorn, during which confrontation we discover that Drusilla is actually a succubus. They become acquainted, but Drusilla's innate jealousy leads her to kill Pibgorn with a bolt of plasma. Maurice resurrects Pibgorn with magical music (played, incidentally, on a Welsh pibgorn).

After Pibgorn's resurrection, Drusilla is carried off to Hell where she must play a demonic version of a television game show, hosted by one Tom Torquemada, for her soul. During the "game", we learn that Drusilla had been sent to infiltrate a church community but ended up falling in love with Geoff. Drusilla escapes from Hell, but must later return to rescue Pibgorn who has been dragged down by the same tentacled minion who captured Drusilla. Drusilla rescues Pibgorn, but is ignited by hellfire in the process. Pibgorn heals her, and the two begin an uneasy truce - Drusilla realizes that Pibgorn and Geoff are in love, and her sense of devotion to Geoff drives her to protect him, even if it means he will love another. They also enter into a pact to protect humans from the growing forces of the underworld who are preparing Armageddon for humanity.

The arc ends with Geoff, Pibgorn and Drusilla meeting at a "funeral" for Geoff being held by his congregation, as his house had been destroyed during Drusilla's first attempts to kill Pibgorn.


The Annotated Pibgorn Strips


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At one point the artist decided to run the original twenty Pibgorn strips with annotations, along with a few other sketches that never saw the light of day in newspapers. They provide a delightful look at how Pibgorn evolved and give some welcome background.


Brooke said, "Haply, as I was flipping through the pages of my research (which is nearly complete), I came across a batch of early submission strips for “Pibgorn,” which - I may have mentioned - began life as a gleam in my eye entitled “The Titans.” These sample comics I drew up and presented to syndicate editors, who promptly flung them back at me with an undisguised shudder.1 Thus ended Pib’s prospects until the NEA Christmas strips came along. Looking at these very first offerings, I thought you too might like to see how Pibgorn evolved.

Again, I’ll provide as much commentary as faulty memory allows. One note: At its inception, Pibgorn was not named Pibgorn, but Oola Inch. Prince Crewth was Prince Grabstein, and Gaggot was Rhune. And I…I was Lamont Cranston."


1. One has to wonder if, in retrospect, the same syndicate editors are not now sitting in piles of ashes, clothed in sackcloth, and scraping their skins with potshards as they bemoan their earlier lack of insight.  It would serve them right...




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