From a Cave in the Woods...

Pibgorn - Drusilla's Daughter

1-19-2004 through 6-12-2004

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Pibgorn's fourth adventure, a sad and haunting episode which reveals some interesting details  about Drusilla's past.



The adventure begins as we follow an attractive young lady from street level up to the 60th floor of a building where - after disposing of a security guard along the way - she steps to the edge of the roof, plunges a knife into her heart, and plummets to the street below where she is run over by a truck. By the time the panicked truck driver fetches the police, the body is gone, and we see that the girl is far from dead as she staggers into a derelict tenement house and collapses in tears on the floor. Spotting a cockroach on the broken window frame, she zaps it with a plasma bolt, and happens to pick off Pibgorn who is coincidentally passing by.

Pibgorn crash-lands in a dumpster (labeled "DOS" - this is probably an abbreviation for "Department of Sanitation", rather than a reference to MS-DOS) and flies back to the apartment to investigate what hit her. Finding nothing, she morphs her wings into a sun suit and tails the girl as she rides a bus to a railroad trestle. Pibgorn watches as the girl prepares to jump off the bridge, and reverting to her fairy form and size asks her what she's about. To Pib's horror, the girl jumps and lands in front of a train, which Pibgorn tries vainly to stop. As Pib is carried off by the engine like a fly on a windshield, we see an odd-looking gnome-like character in an Elizabethan outfit appear and magically restore the young lady, whom the man addresses as Henmellyn, to wholeness and life. By the time Pibgorn has disengaged herself from the front of the engine and returned, she finds the young lady without a scratch, although unconscious.

She picks the girl up and magically summons Drusilla, who is holding down the cabaret show with Geoff. When Drusilla arrives, Pibgorn points out that the girl looks astonishingly like Dru and has some similar abilities with “phlogisticated plasma”. As they discuss what the meaning of all this could be, the young girl awakens and asks the two who they are. In answer to their own queries, the girl explains that she knows that she's immortal and tries to kill herself every now and then, hoping to get lucky and die. Drusilla then reaches down to help her up, and as their hands touch, a bolt of plasma explodes between them and they both end up on the ground unconscious - but the young girl now appears to be a succubus like Drusilla, only blue instead of red.

Drusilla awakes from her fainting spell with memories of having been tormented in Hell. Drusilla then takes Henmellyn off for an afternoon of education on what a succubus does for a living, and after having reduced an entire country club to blissful unconsciousness for practice, the girl returns to explain that for four hundred years she never knew what she was, other than being unable to die. As Pibgorn expresses her doubtfulness that her sudden enlightenment is a coincidence, the Elizabethan gnome appears again and blasts Pibgorn off into the horizon with a bolt of plasma, stating that she's talking too much. Drusilla zaps the creature and zooms off to find Pibgorn encased in a tree, with a horrid vine growing out of her and piercing her from the inside with vicious thorns. Unable to lift the curse, she tells Pibgorn to be patient while she goes off to find the demon who invoked it.

The demon returns, carries Henmellyn to a secluded location and introduces himself to her as Orlando Pick, and begs her forgiveness for the things that he has done and has not done. We see Pick take the young succubus, dressed in Elizabethan costume herself, on a journey of memory back to the late 16th century. The girl sees a memory of herself trying to commit suicide once more, and her own father trying to stop her but being killed in the process. According to Pick, he hid these memories from the girl to protect her from her own mother, who is revealed to be Drusilla. He goes on to tell her that the girl's father fell in love with Drusilla, and she succumbed to a love for him.

Pick went on to claim that Drusilla bore a child, but reverting to her true nature as a succubus abandoned her husband and daughter. However, as their daughter grew in power she began to exhibit sufficient power to threaten Drusilla as a rival. Drusilla ultimately dispatched Pick to murder the girl but, seeing the girl's anguish at having been instrumental in her own father's death, took pity on her and effaced her memories in order to protect her until she had become strong enough to defend herself from Drusilla. Back in the present, Drusilla realizes that Pick has resurfaced and returns to Pibgorn, who is now thoroughly spiked by the vine growing inside her. Drusilla is unable to lift the curse but commutes it by trading places with Pibgorn, who awakes and flies off to talk to Geoff. Meanwhile, Henmellyn goes off to find Geoff herself, realizing that the only way she has to get back at her mother is through someone that she loves.

Henmellyn attacks Geoff in the nightclub and gets into his unconscious, where she learns that it is not Drusilla but rather Pibgorn that Geoff loves. Pibgorn arrives in time to fight her off and rescue him, leaving a rather befuddled clientele and staff in the wake of the conflict. Meanwhile, Pick has been invading Drusilla's mind and tormenting her in her helpless state, during which we discover that Pick is unable to kill Drusilla but has been grooming Henmellyn for that task.

Pibgorn arrives with Geoff in tow, and as they look at the hopelessly enthornèd Drusilla, the young succubus arrives and blasts Drusilla - apparently - into flaming nothingness. Turning on Pibgorn, she punishes her for interfering, but Geoff manages to club her unconscious with a tree branch. Drusilla, immortal as she is, re-appears, along with Pick, who revives the young girl. Henmellyn promptly tries to kill Drusilla again, Drusilla fights her off, and Pibgorn once again tries to make Druisilla aware of the resemblance between herself and Henmellyn, but is once again restrained by Pick.

Henmellyn repeats the story that Pick told her, believing that Drusilla is her mother, that she deserted her and caused her to kill her own father, and is now bent on destroying Drusilla in revenge. Drusilla explains that as a demonic succubus, there's no way she could reproduce like a human, although she is puzzled by the apparent half-human/half-demon nature that Henmellyn exhibits - and furthermore, that Henmellyn does not have the power to destroy her. Realizing this, Henmellyn then turns on Geoff and tries to kill him. Drusilla is about to destroy Henmellyn to protect Geoff, but Pibgorn stops her, realizing that Drusilla would regret it later.

One more time Henmellyn tries to kill Geoff, but Pibgorn slugs her and she falls on a jagged spear of wood held by Geoff, and is pierced. Drusilla calls on Pick to heal her, but he refuses. As Drusilla holds the dying girl, Pick tells the true story of Henmellyn's genesis. William Shakespeare spied Drusilla in human form on the street, and that as he consorted with her over time, he began to dream dreams which were expressed as his sonnets and plays - little realizing that the dreams were being given to him by Drusilla.  She, in turn, fell in love with Shakespeare, and continued to provide him with creative visions. Pick then explains that as a demon in human form, he was part of the theatrical company and was stealing Shakespeare's thoughts and publishing his work as his own, out of jealousy for the bard's genius.

We see a flashback to Shakespeare's telling Drusilla of an experience where he dreamed a sonnet destined for her, but when he arrived at the Globe Theatre, there was Pick reciting the sonnet to his players. Drusilla concocted a plan whereby she implanted her own creations into Shakespeare's mind, allowed Pick to steal them, and trapped Pick by distributing the works to the theatrical company before Pick could present them as his.

Caught in his deception, Pick pierced Drusilla with a sword, but was blasted by plasma in return, which also began a rather famous fire at the Globe. The demon crashes to earth in his true demonic form, and Drusilla shows Shakespeare what had infiltrated his company. Drusilla conjured up some rain to extinguish the fire, but by this time Shakespeare realized that his lover is not what he thought, and despite Drusilla's explanations that she truly loved him, he shrank from her in terror. The demon recovered and with a sword, sliced both Drusilla's and Shakespeare's arm, commingling their blood upon the blade. With a bit of demonic magic, he generated a child from the combined blood. The babe was given to a courtier, a good man who, believing the child to be his illegitimate daughter, raised her as his own until he died by accident at Henmellyn's hand. Henmellyn then lived for 400 years as an immortal, not knowing her own origins, and unable to die, until now... as Pick's ultimate revenge against Drusilla.

Knowing that she was never meant to be, that she was only created as an instrument of revenge, Henmellyn dies in Drusilla's arms, finally finding the peace she has been denied for so long, but leaving Drusilla bereft of a daughter. Pick exults over the grieving succubus and revels in the cleverness of his plan, then turns on Pibgorn for never having been able to keep her mouth shut. Explaining that only one with the blood of a demon can destroy a demon, he casts the thorn spell upon Pibgorn, and turns back to Henmellyn and vaporizes her body, telling Drusilla that his revenge is complete and that the story is now concluded. Geoff, however, disagrees - quoting from Macbeth's soliloquy about even-handed justice, he thrice stabs the demon with the wooden spear which had pierced Henmellyn, thus fulfilling the requirements, albeit via a loophole, that only he who has a demon's blood can destroy a demon. The demon vanishes, and Pibgorn is freed from the demon's spell.

The episode ends with Drusilla back in the cabaret, singing Gershwin's "They Can't Take That Away From Me" to Geoff's accompaniment.


The way you wear your hat
The way you sip your tea
The memory of all that
No, no, they can't take that away from me

The way your smile just beams
The way you sing off-key
The way you haunt my dreams
No, no, they can't take that away from me

We may never, ever meet again
On this bumpy road to love
Still I'll always, always keep the memory of...

The way you hold your knife
The way we danced till three
The way you've changed my life
No, no, they can't take that away from me
No, they can't take that away from me




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