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Pibgorn - The Polgergeist in the Piano

11-2-2002 through 8-9-2003

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Pibgorn's Second adventure, a mind-bending journey through space and time, including jet fighters,
vampires and Space Opera!


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The story begins as Drusilla and Pibgorn present Geoff with a new home - a gingerbread cottage - to make up for the one that Dru blasted earlier. His piano, however, she had stored in orbit, where the space shuttle makes a rather disconcerting discovery. [Pun fully intended]

Pibgorn has an adventure with a troll living under a bridge, and is almost overcome, were it not for the fact that she and Drusilla had created a magical communication bond with each other. Drusilla interrupts her meditation at the top of the Himalayas to rescue Pibgorn, but on the way she is chased by a fighter pilot who mistakes her for an enemy missile. Drusilla enters the figher pilot's dreams (dressed rather provocatively as Marlene Dietrich from "The Blue Angel")1, discovers his intentions, and leaves him with a passionate kiss. The pilot ejects over the Kremlin, and Drusilla vaporizes the falling jet before it can do damage, leaving air traffic controllers and military types with a problem they would rather not have to think about. Drusilla then completes her mission of rescuing Pibgorn from the troll.

After a conversation with Pibgorn about what constitutes friendship, Drusilla seduces Geoff but then relents, realizing that forced love is of no value. Geoff's old piano having been ruined as a result of exposure to the hardships of space, she decides to get him a new piano to show him that she's a friend and not a seductress, but finds her pecuniary embarrassment to be a hindrance in retail stores, whereupon she decides to steal one. The piano in question turns out to be haunted by the spirit of a young girl who is quite an angry poltergeist. The ghost fights with Drusilla, and sends Dru and Geoff into a bizarre space-opera dream sequence.


(As a side note, on 3-31-2003, the artist began drawing Pibgorn in double height, giving him much more creative freedom.)

In the meantime, Pibgorn is sucked through a temporal vortex existing in the piano, where she is transported 188 years in the past. Dressing to fit the times, she meets Miss Jane Fellchurch, heals a nasty wound on her neck with a fairy's kiss, and introduces herself as "Miss Lucy Ricardo". She and Jane become friends, and Pibgorn is introduced to Mr. Tudge, whom we are led to believe is a vampire, and Mr. Willincoe, Jane's suitor. Pibgorn discovers that Jane is indeed being used as sustenance by a vampire, and fights the demon off when it comes to feast on her.

Back in the present, an image of Pibgorn appears in the ongoing dream sequence featuring Geoff, Drusilla, and Jane, who is using Geoff’s dreamscape to fight Dru, but is surprised when she sees “Lucy” there. Realizing that she needs help, Pibgorn finds herself as she was in the past, and recruits herself for the job of saving Jane and destroying the vampire. Even at the tender age of 283, Pibgorn was unhappy with her job of lugging dewdrops and spreading moonbeams, and after some reflection on the merits of trading drudgery for adventure, opts to help out. While Pibgorn from the present recuperates in a candle flame, Pibgorn from the past dresses as Lucy Ricardo and engages Jane in conversation.

By this time, Drusilla has tired of the dream sequence, wakes up, and transits the temporal gate herself, where she meets Mr. Tudge, whom she obviously knows, having once seduced him. He swears that he has never seen her. She enters his dreams to find out where they have met, but to her astonishment finds no recollection of herself in his subconscious - but she does discover that he is hiding a terrible secret, one which is destroying him. She vows to find out what is going on, and when Mr. Tudge awakes with no memory of her "visit", she allows him to believe that he has rescued her from a fall from a horse. Mr. Tudge puts her up at his home, where she encounters the demon. They fight, and Drusilla enters the vampire's dreams to find out who he really is. The vampire, however, escapes for the present. Mr. Tudge in the meantime accosts Jane in the woods, and professes his love for her, but declares himself unworthy and asks her to run away. She finds the fact that he is "rank and evil" to be attractive, and returns his affection. Drusilla shows up, puts Jane to sleep, and enters the dreams of Mr. Tudge.

The story becomes quite convoluted at this point, as we see Drusilla appear to Mr. Tudge in the same garments which she showed the above-mentioned fighter pilot. She implants in Mr. Tudge's unconscious a demonic suggestion that the next time they meet ("high in the welkin", as she explains) and he sees her dressed this way, he will implant in her a compulsion to steal a certain piano. Thus we learn that the figher pilot of the present is the Mr. Tudge of the past. We see a strange patchwork frame consisting of scenes from past and present, and then Drusilla leaves Mr. Tudge asleep with no memory of her intrusion.

Willincoe shows up in the woods, and we discover that he is the actual vampire that has been preying on Jane. While Drusilla watches from a tree, the two Pibgorns try to save Jane, but the vampire devours the last of her blood and leaves her dead. Drusilla restrains Pibgorn from the present but she breaks free, and while both Pibgorns attempt to fight the vampire, Pibgorn of the present is also slain. Before the vampire can consume Tudge, Drusilla kills him with a bolt of plasma. She fights the vampire, and carries him up into space where the rising sun causes him to evaporate.

Returning to earth, she asks Pibgorn of the past to revive her counterpart from the present, but is told that is beyond her capacity – she could assume a person’s death just as she can assume another’s injury with her fairy’s kiss, but to do so would kill her. However, Pibgorn of the past assumes her soul and encases Jane's soul in a tree, so that when the vampire returns for their souls he will only find empty shells. Drusilla then boots Pibgorn of the past through the temporal vortex into the present and follows her there. They encounter Jane's ghostly form hovering over Geoff, who has been busy in the dream sequence all this while, and explains what happened to her - that her soul was trapped in the tree that was then used to manufacture the piano that contained the temporal vortex.

Mr. Tudge appears (as he was a vampire, Dru's blast did not kill him), and Jane falls into his arms. Willincoe also appears, and Drusilla promises her soul to him if he will help revive Pibgorn of the present, as only an undead person could assume death without damage. With Pibgorn as a support, Willincoe applies a "Baiser de la Fée" and Pibgorn of the Present is returned to life. Drusilla then throws the piano at Willincoe, piercing his heart with the wooden lid support amid a clang of strings. As he crumbles, he complains "You promised me your blood!" Drusilla responds, "A little thing you should know about demons... we lie. So sue me."

Tudge and Jane, thanks to Jane's experience as a poltergeist, join together as spirits and are released from their earthly bondage. The temporal vortex begins to collapse, and Pibgorn of the past hurries through it, making it back just in time, at which point all the memories of the events become available to Pibgorn of the present. Dru and Pib look at the sleeping Geoff, and before waking him, Drusilla decides to use a credit card to buy him a piano instead of risking another episode with vampires.

1. Thanks to Fairportfan for pointing this out.



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