Benjamin Sollers "Sol" Cecil and Priscilla Boydston Click to view the family tree


Husband:   Benjamin Sollers "Sol" Cecil

Born: 1756
Died: 1815
Father: Samuel Cecil
Mother: Rebecca  White

Occupation: Note: fieldstones
Event: Military Battle of Point Pleasant (Lord Dunmore's War) - VA militia
Benjamin S. Cecil's middle name was "Sollers." He did come to be called by the nickname, "Sol" and this is ref lected in the records where his name can be found as Benjamin Sol Cecil , Benjamin Saul Cecil, Saul Cecil, etc. I have also found a reference where his name is given in Virginia records as Benjamin Sallers Cecil. This clearly refutes the notion he bore the name "Benjamin Solomon Cecil ."

Note: One unconfirmed source lists his birth as having occurred on 28 (or 2 3) Jan 1764. However, the 1762/4 year of birth is clearly wrong. Benjamin Sollers Cecil is found in militia records dating from 1774. Clearly, even considering the young ages of some militia men, he would not have been ten to twelve years old. It is more likely that Benjamin Sollers Cecil was between sixteen and eighteen years old in 1774, which w ould place his year of birth at about 1756/1758. Records would also i ndicate, in a reconstruction of his family, that his eldest child was born about 1779.

Wife:   Priscilla Boydston

Born: 1759
Died: 1820

Priscilla BOYDSTON/BOYLSTON, wife of Benjamin Sollers Cecil, was probably the daughter o f James BOYDSTON and his wife, Mary Prewitt. Benjamin S. Cecil is found with members of this family in Montgomery Co., VA. What's more, he acquired land that had been patented by James Boydston. In early records of Montgomery County, the name "Boydstone" and "Boylstone" are used interchangably. Some have speculated that Priscilla might be the daughter o f David Boylston/Boydston, but it's far more likely Priscilla was a daughter of James and Mary (Prewitt) Boydston. One more consideration in analyzing this theory is the naming pattern found in the Benjamin Sollers Cecil family. The two eldest sons of Benjamin Sollers Cecil were named SAMUEL and JAMES. They were named for their paternal and maternal grandfathers, respectively (i.e. Samuel Cecil and James Boydston)?

Male  Child 1:   James Cecil

Born: 1785
Died: 1850
Spouse: Polly Buttram


Male  Child 2:   Samuel "Scrifscell" Cecil

Born: 1786
Died: 1850
Spouse: Katherine "Katy" Peavyhouse

The name Cecil spelled "Scifsell" and other similar variants by some in an attempt to provide the name as it is found in earlier records.To clear up some confusion; when a double "s"  was found in a word in years gone by, it was spelled with the first "s" differentiated, so that it  appears as an "f" by some modern-day observers. However, it was not an "f." It was a stylized "s." So, w hen you observe what appears to be the word "Scifsell" in early recor ds, please know that it is in fact "Scissell." Or in other words, a p honetc spelling variation of the word as we know it today. --

Male  Child 3:   Thomas Cecil

Born: 1789
Died: 28-Nov-1893
Spouse: Dejemira Mingo


Male  Child 4:   Benjamin Sollers Cecil

Born: 1794
Died: 23-Jan-1856
Spouse: Sarah "Nellie" Hatfield


Male  Child 5:   Joseph Cecil

Born: 26-Apr-1796
Died: 28-Jul-1873
Spouse: Margaret Penn(??)


Female  Child 6:   Rebecca "Becky" Cecil

Spouse: Ezekiel Newport


Female  Child 7:   Priscilla Cecil

Spouse: Archibald Gibson


Male  Child 8:   William Cecil

Born: 20-Oct-1802
Died: 13-Feb-1880
Spouse: Rebecca Buttram [Lebow]
Children: Rebecca  Cecil, James Cecil, Tinvil  Cecil, John G. Cecil, Joseph Cecil, Bailey Cecil, William H. Cecil, Mary Cecil, Sarah Cecil, Francis Marion Cecil, Margaret Cecil, Alfred Cecil