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Okay here you are at the web site of Circle City Van Club. Glad ya found us if you were looking for us, and we are tickled if ya just happened to land here. Let me see if I canít make this a pleasant experience for you and give you some insight into Vanning. These pages are here for your enjoyment and maybe they will turn you on to something you have inside of you and didnít know you hadÖHey maybe youíre a Vanner and ya didnít know it. So now may be the time to get tuned in and turned on to this great way of life that we Vanners share.

The following pages and links should more than be what you need to discover a new You!! Circle City Van Club is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I can fill you in on most of the Midwest area Vanning.  With the links on our pages and then links on subsequent pages, you should become aware Vanners are not just here or in the United States but were World Wide.

Most areas of the country you just need to own a Van or Panel Truck to enjoy Vanning. There is no need to belong to a club or have a show van to enjoy this lifestyle or maybe even just a hobby as it is to some. Vanners have events that Clubs or Councils or maybe even just a group of Vanners put on all around the world on weekends. (These events will be called eVants because thatís what they are to Vanners.) These eVants are called Truck-ins for the most part or Van-ins to some. I will call all the eVANts Truck-ins from this point on. Besides the love of your Van or Panel truck (all referred to as Vans for the simplicity of it) you need to enjoy camping out, and the outdoor life, driving your Van listening to live Rock-n-Roll music and the company of others like yourself. Please look through the following pages and links that are listed and enjoy yourself. Feel free to send me (Krylon Cowboy) an e-mail if you have any questions or concerns. Vanners are a friendly group World Wide and would welcome you to come and join us and see for yourself the fun and excitement and entertainment that we have, do, and are!!!!

A lot of the following pages and links are full of custom vans this is for your enjoyment only and by no means to be thought of as something necessary to have to come and truck with us. There are hundreds of everyday Vans and even rusted out Vans that come to and have fun and enjoy their weekends with us. We have every kind of Van or Panel truck in every kind of condition at our events. Please enjoy cruising through all the buttons to pages and links and should you have and questions or comments feel free to contact me or anyone listed on the following pages. They will be more than happy to answer or listen to them for you. Also it is more fun to look at pictures so I will try to keep the writing to a minimum and only do it when necessary. Have Fun!!!!!!!

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Ron Martin.

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