Quickstep is now selling a new 6 amp microstep motor driver in
addition to the well known 3D CNC stepper motor control software.

and see a video of a mill running with these
drivers. These drivers are super small
measuring just 2" square and will run just
about any stepper motor from 1-6 amps per

Quickstep software

Easy to use CNC software to control stepper motors with your PC
Plot your G code files in 3D, New Teach Mode Writes G Code for you
Convert DXF files into editable G code
Import Excellon drill files for drilling circuit boards
Plot to confirm moves in "Simulation" mode at selectable speeds
Use your PC to control three stepper motors in manual jog or autorun mode
Full acceleration/deceleration for linear, arc and helical moves
Automatic backlash compensation, Hardware activated move interrupts
New "PulsePacer" circuit board attachment for ultra-smooth speed up
to 80,000 steps/sec on all three axis with version 4 software
Quickstep Now controls three relays for spindle motor, coolant, etc
Home function added for hardware confirmed home position and axis limits
Plot now displays cutter path width
New Input/Output feature allows you to output digital signals to any other address
on your computer with a line of G code. You can also read data at any address.

* This is the main screen for importing, editing and plotting your G code files.
* For setup purposes motors on all three axis can be moved by depressing command buttons.
* Any axis can be set to zero or other desired coordinates
* Moves are plotted on screen as they are made while running G code