Andrew....Our Miracle, Our Angel

  Angel Andrew

God created the heavens and the wind in the trees
He gave us sun in the morning and the big bumble bees
After all this beauty, God still wasen't through
So he created a angel, and named him Andrew

Andrew came to us one day in December
A small fragil angel we'd always remember
This Little one needed so much just to live
No one could image how much he would give

This small little Angel showed us a way
To find the joy of living each and everyday
Asking the question "What is your name?"
Forever our lives were never the same.

A few favorite things this angel had too,
like chewing gum, thin mints and cold Mt. Dew,
Pennies in the pockets of his worn overals,
and rides on a cycle with his loving grandpa.

This Angel named Andrew, So loved you could see
by Mommy, Daddy and his whole family.
He thrived and he grew beyond all expectation,
this work of the heart, Gods lovley creation.

Then, as God planned he called Andrew home.
But he promised the family they were never alone
See, Love is a spirit that grows within you,
as we live every hour, we remember... Andrew

Though we can't kiss him or caress his sweet face,
We can still one day see him in a beautiful place,
Where all children are happy and angels abound-
This is where our little Andrew is found.

Living on Earth just wont be the same
without our little Angel, Andrew's his name.
Someday we will find him, when its our name God calls-
We will see our Angel with pennies in the pockets of his worn overals.

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes;
and their shall be no more death,neither sorrow or crying,
neither shall there be any more pain:
For the former things are passed away
Rev. 21:4

Andrew....Our Miracle, Our Angel

Sitting there with out a sound
As the drs talked about what they have found
They say their opinion without a second thought
Shocked that Abortion was the only word we caught  

They said he would never be like the rest
It would not be easy for us and that it was all for the best
He would never do the things other little boys did
They just couldnt understand why any parent would want this kid

I said to them stop, listen and  remember
With or without you, our baby will be born this Decemeber
Dont talk about this, that, or the other
He is my son and I am his mother  

He was put through what no child should ever have to face
But fought his way strong through God's loving Grace
I always knew that one day he would prove them all wrong
Oh how it came true when he sang his first song

  A heart and Cross drawn on both of his hands
Looking back I now know  it was all of God's Plan
God showed him a way how to finally fight no more
And took him to Heaven at the young age of four  

Andrew was our miracle boy, you see
I get so lonley that he is now not with me
I know that someday we will not be apart
But living here without him breaks my heart  

He was a nephew that brought such joy
Grandma's little buddy and Mommy's Drewboy
Megan's bubby, and Daddy's little brat blue
Grandpa's sidekick, and his best friend too  

We will never forget the smiles that he brought
The songs that he sang and the fights that he fought
We still thank God for that short time we had
And always remember his smile, on days that are sad.  

Written in Loving Memory of My Son:
Andrew Craig Hooker 12/-10/96 - 01/09/01

Losing A Child  

Weeks turned into months and months into years
Each day of our lives are now filled with sad tears
Our heart is broken the pain still remains
But others can't understand and dont feel the same  

They ask  the simple question, how are you today?
I'm fine is the answer,  what else can we say
They dont really want to know what is deep in our hearts
Life is so empty, Our family torn apart  

We want others to know that It wont go away
We have a hole in our  heart that is dying to say
"The loss of a child, is more then you see
I not only lost my child, but a big part of me!"

Our days are not only filled with sadness and tears
The memories of our children will last through the years
The sound of their voice and smile on their face
Is something that pain and time can't erase  

God chose our child early, we may never know why
Many times weve asked as we look to the sky
Gone from our arms, but not from our hearts
Not even death will  keep us apart  

Written with Love by:
Doris Hooker (Angel Andrew's Mom)
Please do not use without written permisison
E-mail us for permission!

Blessed are those who mourn,
for they will be comforted.
Matthew 5:4

We think about how much we miss him
And start feeling sorry for ourselves....
But then we think about all the people who never knew him
And we start to feel sorry for them!

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