They practice most Sundays at the Stag's Head Pub,  2128 Portsmouth St., Houston, Texas 77098
Call For Directions (713) 533-1199
Location Map
5- 7 pm

For more information, contact:  Julian Tribe

NEW:  VIDEO:  Men of Houston Morris Dancers dance the St Arnold Polka


Men of Houston (MoH) was formed in 1977,
to play English folk music
& perform morris stick and hanky dances.
Instruments include
melodian, guitar, fiddle, mandoline,
tenor banjo, and bodhran.

MoH is looking for recruits!

Currently the side is all male, but this may change.



They usually perform on
May Day, St Georges Day, and Boxing Day (26 Dec) at a local venue
(in the past these have included the Mucky Duck and the Ale House).
They have played at The Orange Show, Dickens on the Strand,
Old Town Spring, Houston Highland Games, SamFest 2001,
Gathering of the Celts
and busked on Fish Plaza, outside the Wortham Theatre.
Their rule of thumb is,
we will perform for whoever gives us beer !






The Men of Houston Morris Dancers

“They strike up the Devil's dance withall: then martch this heathen company towards the church and churchyards, their pypers pyping, the drummers thundering, their stumpes dancing, their belles jyngling, their handkercheefes fluttering about their heads like madde men ...."
Philip Stubbes 'Anatomie of Abuses' 1583

 WHAT is Morris Dancing?  It is an ancient English custom, beloved and celebrated since before Shakespeare’s time, which ensures good luck and abundance for all.  Today there are an estimated 12,000 Morris dancers in Britain, and perhaps as many again elsewhere in the English-speaking world.  Our ancient and graceful dances bring joy and health, our music is lively, our mugs are always full, and women swoon when we perform.

 WHO are the Men of Houston Morris Dancers?  We are Brits and Americans from all walks of life who enjoy a good pint and a right good time.  Since May of 1977 we have performed at venues as varied as the Houston International Festival and Galveston’s tall ship Elissa; from a Huntsville peach orchard to Houston’s Wortham Center.  We perform the dances exactly as they were notated more than a century ago, in the white shirts and trousers, bells, ribbons and straw hats of that period.

 Besides the dances themselves, a performance by the Men of Houston features the old Morris songs and tunes, played on traditional acoustic instruments such as melodeon, fiddle, banjo and penny whistle.  We never perform to recorded music.  Special occasions often feature the Men of

Houston Mummer’s Play starring St. George and the Turkish Knight, locked in a titanic struggle.

 Although authentic, our dances and songs and play are lively and amusing- never stuffy. The show is as much fun for today’s audiences as it was for crowds in the time of Shakespeare himself.

WHY dance the Morris?  We do it because it keeps an old and noble tradition alive.  We do it because it makes the crops grow and spreads good cheer.  We do it because we get to drink good beer free.  We do it for the very joy of life itself.  And the women swoon.

 WHEN and WHERE can people experience the Men of Houston?  Pretty much every Sunday from 5-7pm we can be seen dancing and singing at The Stag’s Head Pub 2128 Portsmouth St. Houston, TX 77098 (713) 521-2333.  The public is very welcome!

 May 13  2007 The Men of Houston Morris Dancers celebrated a  30th anniversary as one of America’s longest-serving Morris sides. 



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