Jordan in the stands at a Jaguar game
Close Up
at the Statue
5 years old
another close up
with Tom on his 50th birthday

Christmas, 1997 (22 months)
Ashley, two years old
Amy and Ashley, 2nd birthday
Amy and Ashley, June, 1998
Ashley, August, 1998
Amy and Ashley at Jordan's 7th BD party, 4-24-99

Jordan, Ashley and Zachary - January ,1999
Zachary, 9 months old
Future Linebacker

Hannah, 8 months old
Hannah, 9 months; Ashley, 4; Jordan, 8
Hannah, 11 months old
Hannah, One

Jordan and Ashley, July, 1997
Tommy and Toni at Tim's wedding
Daddy, Tim and Carolyn
Our girls, at Tim's wedding
Thanksgiving, 1997
Thanksgiving, 1998
Jordan and Ashley, June 1998
Jordan and Ashley - Christmas, 1998
Tim, Carolyn and Hannah, Christmas 1999
Tommy, Toni, Jordan and Zachary, Christmas, 1999
Cheryl with granddaughters, Christmas, 1999
Disney World - February, 2000
Disney World - February, 2000, with Donald

Me, 1998, Dallas -- with an unidentified cowboy...
Cheryl, Triple Overpass, 1999 -- 4th year
Cheryl, Triple Overpass, 1998
Cheryl, Triple Overpass, 1997
Cheryl, Triple Overpass, 1996
At the 1998 conference
with Richard Livingstone, 1998
Tom and Art Synder, 1998
Molly and Cheryl
Neely Street, 1997
Dealey Plaza, 1996, from the Reunion Tower
Tom in the Texas Theater, 1997
By the police ramp, 1997
Bill Drenas and Cheryl, 1997
The Synders and Beverly Oliver, 1997
Beverly and Madeleine's book signing, 1997