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My interest in the Jacksonville Jaguars actually began in the 70s, when Jacksonville first began seriously trying to obtain an NFL franchise. Like most people here, I suffered through all the years of getting our hopes up, only to be disappointed.

The longest wait was that period after Charlotte was announced as the 29th team...and the decision on the 30th was postponed. But the final announcement seemed to make the long wait worthwhile. I can still hear Deborah Gianolis, preparing to make the announcement on Channel 4 -- "Jacksonville, are you sitting down?" That was a dead giveaway, and the excitement from that moment on has been incredible.

Now, with eleven seasons under their belt, the Jaguars are starting to develop a little team history. They have provided their fans with more football excitement than any of us expected in the first years. I've referred to the Jaguars as the "Cardiac Kids" since the first season. Can anyone ever forget Morten's missed field goal...the 1996 playoff run...the AFC championship game ...our first MNF game, and that terrific blocked field goal...and on and on and on. So many highlights...so many close games. So many wonderful memories in just seven years!

In only their 5th season they brought the AFC Championship game to Jacksonville. After a stunning 62 - 7 defeat over the Dolphins, the fans and the team paid a little more of those so-called "dues" everyone seems to think we need to pay, losing a heartbreaker at home to the Titans.

The 2003 season brought a new era to the Jaguars with the departure of Coach Coughlin and the arrival of Coach Del Rio. After just two seasons, Coach Del Rio led the team back to the play offs, with a team record of 12-4.

And now, heading into their 12th season, things are looking better than ever, with a solid, young team and an extremely healthy cap.

There's excitement in the air. Bring it on!

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"When you're smiling, when you're smiling..."
My GUY, Jimmy Smith, surrounded by Bengals defenders...Touchdown #82!


Collage, 1999

Mark & Tony | Audible | Passing
Spike! | Scramble | Setting up

Thunder and Lightning
Jimmy, victory | Jimmy & Keenan | Keenan, MNF
Jimmy, making a catch | Keenan, blowing a bubble!
Jimmy and Keenan, dancing in the endzone

Running Backs
Stewart | Taylor, breaking lose | Taylor, cutback

Boselli | Boselli | Searcy
Quinn | Fiedler and Keenan | Mark congratulates Jay after TD | Mack and Taylor | Shaw, punt return for TD

Brackens | Hardy | McManus
Beasley, defends a pass | Marts...interception! | Darius...interception!
Fernando Bryant | Fernando..."there was something in the air" | Brackens...sack and forced fumble | Double D, on sidelines

Special Teams
Barker, nails another inside the 5 | Hollis, with Coleman
Hollis and Barker, with Boselli | Hollis and Barker, high five

Mark, Touchdown! | Jimmy, Touchdown!
Stewart dives! | Brady - 2 point conversion

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