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My interest in the JFK Assassination began in the early 70s when I read Six Seconds in Dallas by Josiah Thompson. That book started me on a quest for every book, magazine and article I could find -- and find them, buy them, and read them I did. By the armloads. I have a large collection of books, magazines, articles, reports, newsletters, CDs, records, misc., etc.

Over the years I've never lost interest, although the time I devote to reading and staying current with the latest findings has tapered off. I still try to stay on top of it, but I no longer have the time I had when I was younger -- I'm down to an hour or two a day, when lucky, rather than several. ;-)

When I gained access to the WWW in March, 1995, the first search I did was for JFK assassination links. Didn't find much during that first search. (I developed this site and named it JFK Resources Online one year later -- March, 1996.) Everyone fascinated with the compelling Kennedy story knows there is never enough information available. We are all continually searching for new sources, new material, some previously undisclosed fact or incident -- any bit of information which would shed further light on this unique man, his life, his presidency and -- most intriguing of all -- his death.

I can't tell you who planned the assassination, nor who fired the shots. Nobody can with any certainty -- except the guilty. But I am convinced there was a conspiracy. It's a never-ending mystery -- one likely never to be solved, at least not in my lifetime. My feelings on the official assassination investigations and the various theories that have been offered by some researchers and authors? "The truth lies somewhere between the extremes." (stolen from a newsgroup posting by Robert Harris.)

In memory of JFK, Jr.

JFK remembered -- my pages

JFK's Inaugural Address

America's Cup Speech, 1962
(includes remarks about the sea)

American University Speech

Berlin Speech

Undelivered Trade Mart Speech

Selected quotes

Kennedy humor

Memories of Kennedy

Press comments, 1963

Books, Videos and CDs

The reports

Warren Report - Conclusions

HSCA - A Probable Conspiracy

HSCA - Warren Commission Performance

Articles of interest

"Why the Zapruder Film is Authentic", by Dr. Josiah Thompson
presented in Dallas, November 20, 1998.

"What Struck John", by Joseph N. Riley, Ph.D.,
presented to ASK '94, November 20, 1994.

Addendum to "What Struck John"
Joseph N. Riley, Ph.D., July, 1995.

A Trip to Dallas by John Kelin, from a back issue of Fair Play Magazine.
(see back issues of Fair Play for a variety of interesting articles.)

"Gerald Ford changed wording of commission report."
Visit this JFK Lancer page on this issue.

Final Report of the ARRB, September, 1998

Newspaper Reports

Archive Photos Not of JFK's Brain

Panel Raises Questions about JFK Autopsy

November in Dallas Conference Photos

Dallas conference photos, 1996, 1997 and 1998

Dallas conference photos, 1999

Photos and sounds

JFK - snapshots
Kennedy 1 - 21.9KB | Kennedy 2 - 18.6KB | Kennedy 3 - 13.1KB
Kennedy 4 - 19.3KB | Kennedy 5 - 36.5KB

And so my fellow Americans
jfk.wav - 113KB

The motorcade
Love Field 1 - 34.1KB | Love Field 2 - 63.0KB | the motorcade - 68.4KB

The funeral
Jackie and Caroline - 43.2KB | Jackie and kids - 30.7KB | the Caisson - 85.3KB
leaving the White House - 57.3KB | entering Arlington - 75.4KB | Burial - 63.1KB

fist in air - 29.7KB | press conference - 44.8KB | passport photo - 11.8KB |
backyard photos - 34.7KB | Life magazine - 34.7KB | Ruby shoots Oswald - 40.2KB

Autopsy photos (graphic)
the neck wound - 20.1KB
the head wound - 20.7KB
the back wound - 36.2KB

The "rifle"
the "rifle" - 16.4KB

Dealey Plaza
Dealey Plaza - 66.7KB | dealey.wav - 137KB | Dealey Plaque - 26.2KB

More Photos:

My Photo Archive 1: FTP - Cheryl Overfield
My Photo Archive 2: Cheryl Overfield

Dallas conference photos, 1996, 1997, and 1998

Dallas conference photos, 1999

Other photo archives:
John McAdams - photos
Robert Harris folder
Deanie Richards

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Q: "What is the most outlandish theory you have ever heard about the assassination?"
A: "The one put forward by the Warren Commission in 1964."
Q: "I'm trying to ask you a serious question!"
A: "Yes, and I'm trying to give you a serious answer!"

(Exchange between Fort Worth Star-Telegram senior reporter Barry Schlacter and Kennedy
researcher Ian Griggs -- Dealey Plaza, November 22, 1994.)

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