The Adventures of a Landing Craft Coxswain

Steling S. Funck
United States Navy, Dec 1941 - Nov 1945
Boatswain Mate 1st Class
Golden Shellback

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My grandfather, Sterling Funck, enlisted in the United States Navy on Monday, December 8th, 1941. During World War II he participated in amphibious operations spanning the African, European, and Pacific campaigns. Sterling served much of his time aboard two Attack Transports, the USS Harry Lee (APA-10) and the USS Calvert (APA-32). While aboard both ships he served as a member of the 2nd Deck Division and was also a member of the ships' 2nd Division boat crews.

In 1998 I approached Sterling to learn about his experiences during World War II. At that time I had the idea that I might be able to produce a few pages of information that family members would find interesting regarding his role in the War. For various reasons, the project grew in scope beyond my original plans.

The document available here,
The Adventures of a Landing Craft Coxswain, is the result of my grandfather's willingness to share his stories, the availability of a tremendous amount of published material, as well as the many sources available on the Internet. The document is comprised of three key themes. First and foremost, it provides a record of Sterling’s personal experiences during his wartime service. Second, it sets the context of Sterling’s experiences within the larger operations and battles within which he participated. Third, it traces the evolution of the Navy’s approach and execution of amphibious operations during World War II and describes the impact of these changes on Sterling’s role as a landing craft coxswain aboard an Attack Transport.

I hope that you find this work to be of interest.

Christian A. Funck

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Supplemental Document #2 This document provides extra images and charts not included in the "complete document" listed above. It is approximately 3mb in size.

Supplemental Document #3 This document provides even more images and charts not included in the "complete document" listed above. It is approximately 4mb in size.

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