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According to the ancients, there are certain vibrations, sounds, that correlate to the different color vibrations of the chakras. The Hindu call them bija or seed sounds. A listing of the seed and petal sounds of each chakra can be found by clicking on the seven chakra mandalas above. According to Hindu tradition, all of the fifty sounds within the Sanskrit language are contained within the chakras. When practicing these sounds, the pedal sounds should be chanted first followed by the seed sound. Harish Johari, a North Indian musician, composer, poet, artist, and Tantric scholar, has produced a tape of these sounds, which can be used in daily practice. It is titled "Sounds of the Chakras" and is available at most metaphysical stores and on the World Wide Web at http://www.tantra.com/tantra2/30-040.html.

In his book, "Sound Health: The Music that Makes Us Whole", Dr. Steven Halpern tells us that " vibrations at 1000 cycles per second are easily audible. If you double the vibrations to 2000 cycles per second, that is one octave higher. If you double it again to 4000 cycles per second, that is another octave. A normal piano spans a bit more than seven octaves. If, hypothetically, we could extend the piano keyboard another 35 to 50 octaves higher, the keys at the higher end would produce colors, rather than audible sounds, when played." (p. 182-183). The chakra centers are affected by both light and sound, especially when used in conjunction with each other.

Chakra Color Note
Root Red C
Sacral Orange D
Solar Plexus Yellow E
Heart Green F
Throat Blue G
Third Eye Indigo A
Crown Violet or White B

There are aides, other than tapes, available for resonating with the chakras such as crystal singing bowls that can be tuned for each chakra. Also, tuning forks are available in each of the notes above. These items are generally available at metaphysical shops and can also be purchased on the Internet.


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