Flying with Joe Kaminskas & his 1930 Waco RNF in FL Apr. 2010.JPG
FL Apr 2010 with Bill Greenlee in back seat.JPG
The Grey Devils Demo Team from out of the past .JPG
The first 100 BE Copilots.jpg
Ski flying with Jim Rohanna Dec 2009.JPG
Bald Eagle Babe Clara.JPG
1.0 Don Blevins came for departure from W05 9-18-10.JPG
2.0 Adams County early morning 9-18-10.JPG
4.0 With Capt Joe McGuffin Elberton, GA 9-19-10.JPG
7.0 QF-4 Death Row at Tyndall AFB 9-21-10.JPG
8.0 Heritage F-4 at Tyndall AFB 9-21-10.JPG
9.0 F-4 at Tyndall AFB 9-21-10.JPG
10.0 F-22 Raptor at Tyndall AFB 9-22-10.JPG
11.0 Spook was a PHANCON banquet guest 9-24-10.JPG
12.0 T-6 the Navys  basic trainer 9-23-10.JPG
13.0 Arriving in AR 9-24-10.JPG
14.0 Rolling into KS 9-25-10.JPG
15.0 The Courtesy Car at Liberal KS 9-26-10.JPG
16.0 Fly me to the moon 9-26-10.JPG
17.0 Americas Finest Warbirds 9-26-10.JPG
18.0 BE meets Phantom II 9-26-10.JPG
19.0 The Tomcat and the Bald Eagle 9-26-10.JPG
20.0 Santa Fe NM 9-27-10.JPG
21.0 Cresting the Continental Divide 9-27-10.JPG
22.0 Somewhere over NW NM 9-27-10.JPG
23.0 Sharing a piece of chocolate pie with the legendary Jack Finney 9-28-10.JPG
24.0 At Fox Field CA with EDW in background 9-29-10.JPG
25.0 PhanCon2010Group.jpg
26.0 With Rick McCleaf of VoA at EDW 10-1-10.JPG
27.0 With the infamous Pancho Barnes near her Happy Bottom Riding Club at EDW 10-1-10.JPG
28.0 BE was one of the first Warbird arrivals at Rosamond Dry Lakebed 10-1-10.JPG
29.0 With my former F-4 flight test RIO, Randy Watson 10-1-10.jpg
30,0 Desolate Tonopah NV 10-2-10.JPG
31.0 The Checkers chariot at Ontario, OR 10-3-10.JPG
32.0 Fox Two, Fox Two on the lead bogie 10-3-10.JPG
33.0 Grumman F-7F Tigercat restoration 10-3-10.JPG
34.0 One of Joe Ks old friends 10-3-10.JPG
35.0 Cockpit view of BEs kill 10-3-10.JPG
36.0 Sierra Hotel or What.  9-10 at PHANCON.JPG
37.0 My last Navy flight was in one of these 1-78.JPG
38.0 The worlds only privately owned F-111 10-3-10.JPG
39.0 EDW Lakebed Flyin 10-1-10.JPG
40.0 CDR Don Marteney USN-R with USAF Heritage F-4 9-21-10.JPG
41.0 Departing Coeur dAlene 10-5-10.JPG
42.0 Cresting Mulan Pass on I-90 10-5-10.JPG
42.1 Slipping into the hole on Mulan Pass 10-5-10.JPG
43.0 Coming down the east side 10-5-10.JPG
43.1 Missoula MT 10-5-10.JPG
44.0 MT weather 10-5-10.JPG
46.0 Avoiding MT storms 10-5-10.JPG
45.0 Riding I-90 to WY 10-5-10(1).JPG
42.0 View at the top of Mulan Pass 10-5-10.JPG
47.0 Powell, WY 10-6-10.JPG
48.0 Orville Moore surveys his domain at Powell 10-6-10.JPG
49.0 Visiting the ARSR-4 site at 10K ft in the Big Horn MTs.JPG
50.0 Big Horn Canyon 10-6-10.JPG
51.0 Jakes truck 10-7-10.JPG
52.0 The missed opportunity hangar home 10-7-10.JPG
53.0 With Wheaton Police Chief Johannsen 10-7-10.JPG
54.0 External baggage pods 10-8-10.JPG
55.0 BE faces off with the mighty Pilatus 10-8-10.JPG
56.0 Rosamond Dry Lakebed at EDW 10-1-10.jpg
57.0 Rnwy 20 approach at EDW on Rosamond Dry Lakebed10-1-10.jpg
58.0 The lakebed has a potato chip like surface at EDW 10-1-10.jpg
59.0 Aerial view of the EDW flyin group 10-1-10.jpg
60.0 Seminar tent EDW 10-1-10.jpg
61.0 EDW Test Center Cmdr MG Eichorn with Pancho Barnes impersonator and actual Stinson once owned by Pancho 10-1-10.jpg
62.0 Enjoying a San Miguel with former squadron mate Don Marteney at the Cubi Bar in Pensacola 9-23-10.JPG
63.0 Final Landing at W05 10-9-10.JPG
64.0 Grandson Zach leads Nans Tem to the plane 10-9-10.JPG
65.0 There were signs of welcome at W05 10-9-10.JPG
66.0 The Gettysburg Barnstormers et. al. welcoming crew at W05 10-9-10.JPG
67.0 Another shot of the welcoming group at W05 10-9-10.JPG
68.0 I was ready for a cold Flying Dog at W05 10-9-10.JPG
69.0 Three generations with Tem, son Jeff and grands Ethan and Zach at W05 10-9-10.JPG
70.0 Joe Kaminskas directs arriving Gene Breiner from Bermudian Valley at W05 10-9-10.JPG
71.0 With Gene Breiner at W05 10-9-10.JPG
72.0 Sister Louise and her husband Alan Mains at W05 10-9-10.JPG
73.0 Tem and I with John-Mr Waco and Nancy Shue at W05 10-9-10.JPG
74.0 Arrival orchestrator and photographer Jim Sheen and local aviation legend Gene Breiner at W05 10-9-10 .JPG
75.0 Even some gliders unexpectedly joined the group at W05 10-9-10.JPG
76.0 Snoopy was tired after a long trip in his 44th year keeping CT safe 10-9-10.JPG
77.0 Son Jeff helped get BE back to his hangar home at 07N on 10-10-10.JPG
78.0 The 07N final stop of a fantastic journey 10-10-10.JPG
79.0 Reunion with 94 yr old pilot uncle  and youth mentor Jesse Clapsaddle 10-10-10.JPG
80.0 Front page of the Gettysburg Times 10-11-10.jpg
81.0 Gettysburg Times arrival article 10-11-10.jpg

Charlie Tipton