The #1 Mopar Dodge, waiting to qualify for the 2003 NASCAR CTS 200
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Ted laps NHIS during practice for the 1997 Jiffy-Lube 300

Welcome race fans!

Congratulations to Ted Musgrave, 2005 Nascar Crafstman Truck Series Champion!

I don't think the web really needs another NASCAR commentary page, so, I will use this space to further my collection of Musgrave related trading cards and other Ted merchandise. All of the pictures on this page are ones that I have taken of Ted's rides at New Hampshire International Speedway.

Rev It UP! Starting Grid Shootin' for the Pole!
An Ultra good practice. Ultra teammates Ted Musgrave and Jason Leffler practise for the 2001 NASCAR Doubleheader CTS 200

Ted and Mark warming up for the 1996 Jiffy-Lube 300 at NHIS

Trading Cards

As I mentioned above, I collect (among many other things) trading cards depicting Ted, the cars and trucks he has driven, the teams, and the haulers. I have compiled a list of over 850 cards that I would include in a "complete" Ted Musgrave trading card collection. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the list is not complete yet, but it's got everything that I know of so far. If you have any additions, I would like to hear about them. My email link is at the bottom of this page. Just so there is no confusion, not every Musgrave Trading Card collector is going to want to include every card from this list in his or her collection. I'll be the first to admit that I have been very obsesive about including cards on this list. I started with a list of the cards which are attributed to Ted, that is to say, Ted is the main subject. Then I started to expand it to include crew cheifs and owners. With the help of fellow Ted collector, Marbles (you can find a link to his site below), I have come up with three criteria for including cards on the list:
  1. Ted can be clearly seen on the card.
  2. Ted's Race Car (or Truck) or Hauler can be clearly seen on the card.
  3. "Ted Musgrave" appears in the text of the card, thus documenting some piece of his career.
For example, a Jack Roush card that mentions Ted as one of his drivers, or pictures Jack with Ted's car would be included on the list, but a Roush card that pictures him with Mark Martin's car and makes no mention of Ted would not make the list, even if his shirt has the Family Channel logo on it. Another example is the race commemorative card. These cards are usually attributed to the race winner, because that is who is pictured on the card front, but they usually have a list of the top-10 finishers and the pole winner. In instances where Ted is listed on the card, I have included that card on the list. I have not included checklist cards on the list, because they don't say anything about Ted, other than that there is a card of him in the set. Check out the list so far:

Ted Musgrave Trading Card Checklist

OK, a few of those are pushing the limits of "clearly" visible, but I can pick him out. :)

The Ultra Motorsports haulers for the trucks of Ted Musgrave and Jimmy Spencer, after the 2003 NASCAR CTS 200

I have also compiled another list of Musgrave cards. These are ones that don't fit the criteria outlined above for the main checklist but do, in some small way, relate to Ted. Most of the cards on this list are checklist cards, the cards that have a list of all the trading cards in a set, and as such have Ted's name on them even though they don't really say anything about him. Other items included on this list are cards which include pictures that have Ted's car in them but have been modified in some way to make the car not 'clearly' visible.

Ted Musgrave Trading Card Supplemental Checklist

Of course, I am also looking for any cards of Ted that aren't on the checklist yet. If you have something you think I'd be interested in, drop me a line. If there's something you are looking for, let me know, maybe we can work out a trade. Of the cards on my checklist, here is the list of what I am looking for: (Note, cards preceded by a "-" are ones that I have coming, but I have not received yet.)

Ted Musgrave Trading Cards Wanted

Here is a list of the cards I have available for trade:

Trading Stock

I also have a list of cards that I am looking for information about. There are quite a few cards that I would like to include on my checklist, but I want to make sure that they are, in fact, relevant to Ted Musgrave. These cards are mostly of Ted's crew members and car owners, but due to factors like team changes during a year, or an owner with more than one team, any given card may or may not contain a reference to Ted. Please check out this list and, if you have any of the cards on it, let me know if Ted or his car is referenced to or pictured anywhere on the card. Cards with a "No" in the first column are ones that I have already ruled out.

Trading Cards that (might) Relate To Ted Musgrave

Ted's car on the grid for the 1999 Jiffy-Lube 300 at NHIS

Ted in the #1 Mopar Dodge, waiting to qualify for the 2001 NASCAR Doubleheader CTS 200
There are several card sets that are not very well cataloged, and cause much confusion in the collecting community. To help out the NASCAR trading card collecting community, as well as the Ted Musgrave trading card collectors, I have put together a couple of pages which illustrate and hopefully help to clarify two such series, the 1996 Wheels Crown Jewels Elite sets, and the 1997 & 1998 Pinnacle Mint coin issues. These two pages illustrate how to distinguish the various parallel issues from these series.
Ted and others on the starting grid of the 1997 Jiffy-Jube 300

Trading Card Collector Pages

If you are into trading cards, Racing, Stick and Ball, Entertainment, whatever, you need to check out Sports Card Forum. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Here are some links to similar web pages, created by other driver-specific Trading Card collectors who have compiled excellent comprehensive card checklists.
Ted heads out to practice for the 1997 Jiffy-Lube 300 at NHIS

Go Fast, Turn Left!

Other Ted Musgrave and NASCAR related Links

Ted making warm-up laps before the 2000 New Hampshire 300 at NHIS
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