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United Brethren Church Cemetery
North Annville Township
, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
46 Listings

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Auchenbach, Samuel***1838-06-06***1898-06-30
Auchenbach, Mary***1842-02-20***1914-06-05
Albert, Annie S.***1871***1898
Arndt, Charles (husb. of Nancy (nee ??)***1807-03-21***1898-11-15
Arndt, Nancy (nee ??)***1806-06-17***1876-01-03
Arndt, John (husb. of Jane (nee ??)***1829-12-08***1904-05-21
Arndt, Jane (nee ??)***1829-10-17***1911-01-05
Boger, Absalom (husb. of Caroline (nee ??)***1834-10-11***1913-05-24
Boger, Caroline (nee ??)***1832-09-14***1893-03-09
Bohr, Barbara***1813-06-06***1899-03-06
Boltz, Joel (husb. of Eliza (nee Sherman)***1820-03-27***1916-01-21
Boltz, Eliza (nee Sherman)***1830-01-20***1907-09-05
Boltz, Hiram (husb. of Catharine (nee Shaffer)***1827-08-27***1914-11-08
Boltz, Catharine (nee Shaffer)***1829-03-30***1862-11-14
Boltz, Catharine (nee Feidt- 2nd. wife of Hiram)***1826-05-01***1901-01-02
Boltz, Uriah (husb. of Lovina (nee ??)***1833-08-29***1898-01-08
Boltz, Lovina (nee ??)***1837-04-22***1884-08-25
Boltz, William (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Petry)***1825-02-19***1909-06-30
Boltz, Elizabeth (nee Petry)***1831-03-16***1914-11-19
Boltz, Emma (daughter of:William & Elizabeth)***1853-11-28***1871-12-11
Boltz, Katie E.***1864-10-12***1933-02-03
Boltz, Franklin (son of Wm. & Eliz.)***1855-08-22***1937-07-21
Boltz, Mary Jane (nee Hipple & wife of Franklin)***1858-10-21***1904-04-03
Boltz, John A. (husb. of Amelia (nee Eisenhauer)***1852-04-29***1929-01-15
Boltz, Amelia (nee Eisenhauer)***1854-05-27***1922-12-15
Noll, Simon, Rev. (husb. of Isabella H. (nee ??)***1817-11-02***1899-11-08
Noll, Isabella H. (nee ??)***1833-02-23***1911-03-31
Noll, John (son of Simon & Isabella)***1862-01-31***1874-02-25
Nye, Levi J.***1901***1963
Nye, Elwood F.***1896***1934
Oakum, William***1851-08-15***1920-10-17
Oakum, Mary A.**1854-01-15***1925-01-17
Stoever, John B. (husb. of Sophie S. (nee Arndt)***1854-07-26***1936-10-20
Stoever, Sophie S. (nee Arndt)***1860-03-04***1927-01-31
Stroh, John Adam***1766-09-12***1835-01-08
Stroh, John (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Harper)***1789-09-07***1867-05-13
Stroh, Elizabeth (nee Harper)***1786-11-09***1872-08-13
Thomas, Barbara***1766-11-18***1839-12-27
Tobias, Daniel***1861-11-23***1881-10-16
Tobias, William L.***1874***1956
Tobias, Martha M.***1880***1962
Turpin, William (husb. of Mary (nee Light)***1814-10-07***1892-08-13
Turpin, Mary (nee Light)***1815-07-19***1878-03-12
Uhler, John (husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1804-02-05***1871-09-20
Uhler, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1834-02-18***????

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