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Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery
Stouchsburg, Berks County, Pennsylvania
144 Listings

A note from Charles Kindt, manager of this website:

The dates on this site are reasonably correct, but are subject to human error. If anyone challenges any dates or data, I will gladly review and make corrections if necessary. This is a partial listing, as it pertains to my family programs. The total of this listing is 144 entries.

Leininger, Regina (In legend: Regina Hartman: As a small child held Indian captive from 1755 to 1763, she was identified by her mother's singing of the hymn; ALLEIN, UND DOCH NICHT GANZ ALLEIN) (CK Note: A modern stone was erected on Oct. 11, 1958, by the Berks County Cemetery Association.)
Anspach, Eddie E. (husb. of: Katie E. (nee Greth)***1882***1961
Anspach, Katie E. (nee Greth)***1887***1968
Anspach, John A.***1854-11-22***1916-03-06***61 - 03 - 14
Bennethum, Robert J. L. (husb. of Eva M. (nee Kintzer)***1924***1970***Vet: - WW 2 - Seaman 1/C - U. S. Navy
Boltz, Monroe H. (husb. of Mary E. (nee ??)***1838-08-13***1908-11-25
Boltz, Mary E. (nee ??)***1835-01-16***1894-12-30
Brown, Morris M. (husb. of Barbara S. (nee Miller)***1933-09-06***1999-01-07
Deck, Theodore M. (husb. of Elizabeth S. (nee ??)***1882-07-09***1954-02-09
Deck, Elizabeth S. (nee ??)***1881-11-14***1960-04-18
Deck, Theodore W.***1919-01-24***1944-11***Vet: WW 2 - Sgt. - U.S.A.F. - M. I. A.
Deck, Edward R. (husb. of Mary Ann (nee Miller)***1856-04-11***1904-12-25***48 - 08 - 14
Deck, Mary Ann (nee Miller)***1856-09-14***1934-04-15***77 - 07 - 01
Deck, Frederick***1741-02-02***1820-06-09***Vet: Revolutionary War -Pvt. - 1st. Co. - 6th. Btn. - Pa. Militia
Deppen, Sophia (nee ?? & wife of Adam Deppen)***1867-01-21***1900-12-18
Drexel, Annie E.***1901***1976
Englehart, Henry (husb. of Annie (nee Reedy(***1822-12-28***1904-07-03***81 - 06 - 05
Englehart, Annie (nee Reedy(***1824-12-19***1903-10-03***78 - 05 - 16
Fegley, Daniel (husb. of Rebecca (nee ??)***1837-03-09***1878-04-14
Fegley, Rebecca (nee ??)***1832-01-16***1901-01-29
Fisher, John (son of Christian & Mary Fisher & husb. of Anna Maria (nee Sheetz)***1795-03-04*** 1840 -03-08***45 - 00 - 04
Fisher, Anna Maria (daughter of Peter & Elizabeth Sheetz)***1795-03-04***1840-03-08***45 - 00 - 04
Fisher, Emma C.***1839-01-22***1925-08-04
Fisher, Edmund C. (husb. of Mary A. (nee Reed)***1839***1918
Fisher, Mary A. (nee Reed)***1850***1893
Fisher, James A. - M. D. (husb. of Caroline S. (nee Fisher)***1832-07-25***1897-03-06
Fisher, Caroline S. (nee Fisher)***1832-03-01***1911-04-26
Frantz, Elias W.***1883-02-02***1931-05-31
Ganster, Forrest G. (husb. of Arlene E. (nee Rittel)***1930-06-26***1992-05-13
Gerhart, Victor N. (husb. of Arlene U. (nee Moyer)***1916-07-18***1993-07-23
Gerhart, Arlene U. (nee Moyer)***1926-08-28***2002-11-15
Graff. George***1715***1778
Groff. Isaac (husb. of Lovina (nee ??)***26-12-1806***1886-07-01***79 - 06 - 06
Groff. Lovina (nee ??)***26-12-1818***1886-02-23***71 - 06 - 23
Groff. George L. (husb. of Dolly M. (nee ??)***1847-10-25***1904-04-20***56 - 05 - 26
Groff. Dolly M. (nee ??)***1856-06-18***1888-02-11***31 - 07 - 23
Hartman, Henry (husb. of Mary I. (nee ??)***1869-05-15***1941-02-25
Hartman, Mary I. (nee ??)***1869-02-13***1954-05-06
Hartman, Dorothy (nee Ibach)***1906-11-19***1988-11-23
Hartman, William D. (husb. of Marie E. (nee Miller)***1928***1976
Hartman, Marie E. (nee Miller)***1929***1972
Hartman, Miriam R. (nee Douple & poss. 2nd. wife of William D.)***1928***1976
Hartman, George D. (husb. of Mabel D. (nee Folmer)***1897-02-28***1981-10-17
Hartman, Mabel D. (nee Folmer)***1894-05-01***1991-03-09
Hayes, Jordan A. (husb. of Cora A. *nee Schaeffer)***1876-10-01***not listed
Hayes, Cora A. *nee Schaeffer)***1878-05-22***1941-04-15
Himmelberger, Calvin P. (husb. of Laura M. (nee Hoffman)***1895***1992
Herrold, George C.***1688***1749***Erected by the Herrold Family - "In Honor of our Ancestor
Himmelberger, Laura M. (nee Hoffman)***1894***1973
Himmelberger, Curtis G. (husb. of Shirley A. (nee Miller)***1933-03-30***1992-07-07
Hoffman, Margaret***1803-03-08***1883-03-31***80 - 00 - 23
Holzman, James M. (husb. of Emma E. (nee Egolf)***1876***1944
Holzman, Emma E. (nee Egolf)***1878***1948
Holzman, Harvey (husb. of Elva H. (nee Sweigert)***1907***1970
Holzman, Harvey (husb. of Elva H. (nee Sweigert)***1907***1993
Hook, Robert W.***1939-04-10***1992-11-19
Hook, Loretta J. (nee Valentine)***1943-03-02***1994-12-03
Hook, Anna R. (nee Horvat)***1915-06-10***1995-08-25
Hook, McCullough W.***1913-05-15***2006-05-13
Kintzer, Milton A. (husb. of Dora M. (nee ??)***1892-05-01***1957-10-30
Kintzer, Dora M. (nee ??)***1895-06-27***1974-01-06
Kintzer, Raymond A. (husb. of June E. (nee ??)***1920***1978
Kintzer, June E. (nee ??)***1923***2002
Kohr, Harry M. (husb. of Minnie M. (nee Deck(***1883-02-14***1956-11-01
Kohr, Minnie M. (nee Deck(***1883-05-04***1973-05-09
Kurr, Thomas A.***1857-01-01***1923-02-18***66 - 01 - 17
Kurr, Rebecca (nee Boltz & 1st. wife of Thomas A.)***1860-08-08***1897-10-05***37 - 01 - 28
Kurr, Mary Ann (nee Moyer & 2nd. wife of Thomas A.)***1864-06-10***1916-02-19***62 - 08 - 09
Kurr, Howard A. (husb. of Nora E. (nee Rhine)***1887***1957
Kurr, Nora E. (nee Rhine)***1880***1984
Livingood, John B. (husb. of Sarah (nee Wentzel)***1842-11-11***1918-10-23
Livingood, Sarah (nee Wentzel)***1845-02-09***1918-11-26
Livingood, Ellsworth***1868-04-21***1943-06-23
Miller, Roy J. (husb. of Florence E. (nee ??)***1904-11-13***1975-03-14
Miller, Florence E. (nee ??)***1906-02-21***1986-02-19
Moyer, John L. (husb. of Elmira Sophia (nee Hoffman)***1830-04-11***1901-01-29
Moyer, Elmira Sophia (nee Hoffman)***1836-07-13***1892-07-24***56 - 00 - 11
Rabel, Howard D. (husb. of Carrie M. (nee Deck)***1897-10-13***1988-09-15
Rabel, Carrie M. (nee Deck)***1900-06-01***1959-02-21
Rabock, David (husb. of Lovina (nee Deck)***1816***1886
Rabock, Lovina (nee Deck)***1822***1904
Rabock, Levan D. (husb. of Annie M. (nee Wenrich)***1854***1913
Rabock, Annie M. (nee Wenrich)***1856***1897
Rabock, L. Henry P. ***1852***1853
Rabock, Lavinia M.***1875***1927
Reed, Samuel C. (husb. of Beckie (nee Dubbs)***1858-01-29***1925-05-31***66 - 04 - 02
Schaeffer, Amelia R. (nee Shott)***1840-12-04***1919-02-27
Schaeffer, George A. (husb. of (nee)***1855-08-12***1932-08-05
Schaeffer, Howard J. (son of George A.)***1884-07-22***1906-04-16
Schell, Arthur C. (husb. of Lydia R. (nee ??)***1901-04-10***1962-02-05
Schell, Lydia R. (nee ??)***1897-06-16***1979-12-12
Schoener, Charles A. (husb. of Lizzie E. (nee ??)***1877***1953
Schoener, Lizzie E. (nee ??)***1876***1950
Schott, Ephraim D. (husb. of Kate E. (nee ??)***1846***1879
Schott, Kate E. (nee ??)***1846***1927
Schwartz, Elwyn R. (husb. of Edith M. (nee ??)***1914***1989
Schwartz, Edith M. (nee ??)***1905***1994
Sholl, John***1808-03-21***1890-09-11***82 - 05 - 20
Stump, Henry W. (husb. of Emma (nee Groff)***1849***1900
Stump, Emma (nee Groff)***1850***1928
Stump, Edith Annette***1884***1923
Stupp, William***1834-04-16***1906-11-09***72 - 06 - 23
Stupp, Elizabeth***1842-08-23***1886-10-19***44 - 01 - 27
Stupp, Catherine***1864-05-25***1935-06-17***71 - 00 - 23
Stupp, Aaron A.***1861-11-27***1927-04-17***65 - 04 - 20
Troutman, Frank L. (husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1858-01-28***1938-07-06
Troutman, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1867-01-21***1945-06-29
Troutman, Levi (son of Frank & Eliz.)***1890-06-25***1959-09-01***Vet: - WW 1 - U. S. Army
Troutman, Anna E. (daughter of Frank & Eliz.)***1893-10-21***1981-12-11
Troutman, Ephraim (husb. of Emma C. (nee Walborn)***1852-01-15***1919-11-28***67 - 10 - 13
Troutman, Emma C. (nee Walborn)***1855-01-31***1920-10-27***65 - 09 - 26
Troutman, Vernon J. (husb. of Marian V. (nee ??)***1917-01-18***1985-11-16
Troutman, Marian V. (nee ??)***1918-10-18***1971-05-26
Walter, Alfred H. (husb. of Miriam M. (nee Gossert)***1896***1941***Vet: WW 1 - QM Corps - U. S. Army
Walter, Miriam M. (nee Gossert)***1902***1982
Webber, Ralph H.***1888-03-08***1985-05-15***Vet: - WW 1 - QM 1C - U. S. Navy
Webber, George W. (husb. of Emma E. (nee ??)***1847-03-20***1913-05-31***66 - 02 - 11
Webber, Emma E. (nee ??)***1856-11-30***1952-02-23***101 - 02 - 23
Webber, Walter F. (husb. of Mary S. (nee ??)***1873-03-23***1948-03-24
Webber, Mary S. (nee ??)***1873-10-14***1954-12-03
Webber, John A. (husb. of Mildred M. (nee ??)***1905-10-24***1956-07-01
Webber, Mildred M. (nee ??)***1907-01-02***1989-10-29
Wenrich, Alvin R. (husb. of Stella E. (nee Holzman)***1895***1952
Wenrich, Stella E. (nee Holzman)***1897***1958
Wenrich, Harold J. (husb. of Kathryn E. (nee Line)***1919***1982
Wentzel, John***1818-12-11***1903-05-14
Winter, Jacob*** (husb, of Mary (nee ??)***1806-03-11***1885-07-23
Winter, Mary (nee ??)***1808-01-29***1887-10-08
Winter, Isabella (daughter of Jacob & Mary)***1831-05-16***1879-09-03
Winter, Priscilla (daughter of Jacob & Mary)***1829-05-28***1903-06-27***74 - 01 - 00
Winter, Milton H. (husb. of Almeda L. (nee Klopp)***1862-01-25***1938-11-14
Winter, Almeda L. (nee Klopp)***1872-04-25***1938-06-22
Wolf, Harry (husb. of Jane E. (nee ??)***1917еее1968
Wolf, Jane E. (nee ??)***1922еее1995
Wolfe, James H.***1902***1975
Zechman, John (husb. of Emma J. (nee ??)***1871***1962
Zechman, Emma J. (nee ??)***1870***1938
Zerbe, Reily (husb. of Mary A. (nee Killmer)***1860-01-11***1946-04-13
Zerbe, Mary A. (nee Killmer)***1863-05-25***1945-01-26
Zerbe, James (husb. of Elaine E. (nee Miller)***1837-04-19***1915-01-25***77 - 09 - 06
Zerbe, Elaine E. (nee Miller)***1840-02-19***1912-06-04***72 - 03 - 15
Zerbe, Elizabeth (nee Wenrich)***1818-09-02***1901-06-03***82 - 09 - 01
Zerbe, James A. (husb. of Dorothy B. (nee ??)***1908-08-02***1951-09-19
Zerbe, Dorothy B. (nee ??)***1912-03-21***2003-09-05

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