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Elias Reformed Cemetery
Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
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A note from Charles Kindt, manager of this website:

This is not a complete listing, and reflects info taken from records pertaining to my family file, and also a walk-through of this cemetery, (Elias Reformed - now U. C. C.), on 1 Nov., 2004.

Name & Status.......Date of Birth.......Date of Death.......Age at Death(Y-M-D)

Behney, Charles H. (husb. of Pruella (nee Strickler)***1910***1978
Behney, John H. W. (husb. of Mabel S. (nee ??)***1906***1963
Behney, John Henry (husb. of Mary Jane (nee Mountz)***1931-04-28***1988-12-28
Behney, Mabel S. (nee ??)***1905***1997
Behney, Mary Jane (nee Mountz)***private
Behney, Pruella (nee Strickler)***1916***1978
Daub, Earl E. (husb. of Hattie E. (nee ??)***1885***1959
Daub, Hattie E. (nee ??)***1885***1983
Deppen, Amanda (nee Moyer)***1870***1932
Deppen, H. Daniel (husb. of Ida R. (nee West)***1889-08-10***1966-10-12
Deppen, Ida R. (nee West)***1894-11-10***1962-02-14
Deppen, John D. (son of H. Daniel & Ida)***1913-05-28***1960-04-05
Deppen, John R. (husb. of Amanda (nee Moyer)***1869***1939
Hartman, Carrie S. (nee ??)***1899***1976
Hartman, Edward C. (husb. of Mamie L. (nee ??)***1886***1963
Hartman, Eleanor J. (nee ??)***private
Hartman, Elsie L. (nee ??)***1889-06-18***1961-08-19
Hartman, Horace S. (husb. of Elsie L. (nee ??)***1891-05-13***1981-08-08
Hartman, Mamie L. (nee ??)***1883***1969
Hartman, Marvin H. (husb. of Carrie S. (nee ??)***1898***1976
Hartman, Troy C. (husb. of Eleanor J. (nee ??)***1922***1967***Vet: WW2
Sites, Kathryn M. (nee Wenrich)***1918-12-25***1954-11-21
Sites, Sterling R. (husb. of Kathryn M. (nee Wenrich)***private
Wenrich, Amanda (nee ??)***1865-11-09***1906-04-08
Wenrich, Edna K. (nee ??)***1890***1969
Wenrich, James D. (husb. of Amanda (nee ??)***1867-03-17***1938-02-27
Wenrich, John (husb. of Sarah (nee Garner)***1840-08-05***1876-10-06
Wenrich, Mary E. (poss. daughter of James & Amanda)***1892-10-20***1946-01-25
Wenrich, Robert J. (husb. of Edna K. (nee ??)***1889***1956
Wenrich, Sarah (nee Garner)***private

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