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Evergreen Cemetery
, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
184 Listings

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Start of 84 new listings as 18 October, 2010.

Bentz, Rebecca C. (nee Fegan & wife of Adam J.)***1875-07-02***1926-04-06
Bentz, Sarah E. (daughter of: Rebecca C.)***1905-12-22***1926-02-26
Berry, John A. (husb. of Mary Ann (nee Hetrich)***1846-01-15***1923-01-28***G. A. R.
Berry, Mary Ann (nee Hetrich)***1848-09-02***1934-06-25
Berry, Edna M.***1886-07-28***1973-07-22
Berry, John H. (husb. of Annie M. (nee Elliott)***1874-05-25***1953-06-14
Berry, Annie M. (nee Elliott)***1876-11-08***1959-12-31
Betz, Albert (husb. of Minnie (nee Schultz)***1874***1959
Betz, Minnie (nee Schultz)***1881***1966
Bixler, George (husb. of Carrie Grace (nee Himmelberger)***1885-12-16***1955-06-26
Bixler, Carrie Grace (nee Himmelberger)***1887-02-20***1986-08-06
Black, David (husb. of Lucy (nee ??)***1812-02-08***1871-12-11
Black, Lucy (nee ??)***1816-09-02***1893-12-18
Boltz, John H. (husb. of Kate (nee Sanders)***1831-03-07***1912-03-31
Boltz, Kate (nee Sanders)***1841-09-05***1922-03-17
Boltz, Philip W. (husb. of Sarah (nee Seigfried)***1822-03-06***1893-03-21
Boltz, Sarah (nee Seigfried)***1827-06-25***1880-01-27
Hess, John (husb. of Mary A. (nee Bodenhorn)***1803-01-22***1882-08-30***79 - 07 - 08
Hess, Mary A. (nee Bodenhorn)***1824-10-20***1881-08-25
Hitz, Lantz. F. (husb. of Catharine A. (nee Ulrich)***1837-04-07***1916-04-14
Hitz, Catharine A. (nee Ulrich)***1842-02-22***1908-07-19
Hitz, Lizzie L.***1880-02-28***1925-11-12
Hitz, Louise E.***1887-11-02***1941-09-27
Hitz, John H. (husb. of Fanny K. (nee Hoke)***1864-06-27***1930-01-27
Hitz, Fanny K. (nee Hoke)***1866-08-27***1933-03-17
Hoke, Rudolph (husb. of Louise A. (nee Swonger)***1846-08-22***1929-08-03
Hoke, Louise A. (nee Swonger)***1849-11-16***1924-04-26
Hoke, Martin (husb. of Rachel C.. (nee Saylor)***1863-08-08***1940-02-02
Hoke, Rachel C.. (nee Saylor)***1857-07-24***1913-11-12
Hoke, Rebecca Ulrich***1828-01-01***1912-09-14
Holstein, Samuel H.***1865-06-22***1931-08-06
Holstein, Catharine I. (nee Witman)***1868-04-07***1918-01-11
Holstein, Mary C.***1906-07-06***1972-03-22
Housel, Philip***1792-03-05***1874-05-16
Hoverter, Sarah (nee ?? & wife of Jacob)***1806-05-11***1875-03-09
Hummel, J. Abner (husb. of Mary S. (nee ??)***1884-09-09***1976-12-31
Hummel, Mary S. (nee ??)***1883-10-11***1947-10-06
Hummel, I. Bernard***1905-07-17***1946-04-22
Imboden, Christianna (nee Carmany & wife of Jacob)***1787-05-26***1874-06-20
Imboden, Mary***1797-03-17***1870-02-16
Imboden, Samuel***1802-06-24***1870-08-15
Imboden, Elizabeth***1803-10-22***1869-06-13
Imboden, Henry***1807-12-27***1875-08-11
Imboden, John (husb. of Sarah (nee Siegrist)***1813-03-08***1892-01-02
Imboden, Sarah (nee Siegrist)***1821-12-07***1908-02-09
Imboden, John H. (husb. of Annie (nee Carmany)***1841-05-21***1911-09-02
Imboden, Annie (nee Carmany)***1849-03-09***1915-05-14
Imboden, Aaron B. ***1852-01-05***1936-12-28
Imboden, George (husb. of Sarah (nee Heilman)***1814-11-08***1854-10-01
Imboden, Sarah (nee Heilman)***1813-10-01***1855-12-15
Imboden, Samuel D. (husb. of Clementine (nee ??)***1856-02-11***1920-09-03
Imboden, Clementine (nee ??)***1860-02-11***1926-06-02
Imboden, Adam D. (husb. of Emma L. (nee ??)***1868-04-29***1958-10-01
Imboden, Emma L. (nee ??)***1874-03-17***1924-02-03
Imboden, John Henry (husb. of Harriet (nee Dayley)***1825-04-02***1896-01-07
Imboden, Harriet (nee Dayley)***1831-03-05***1903-06-29
Imboden, George (husb. of Maria (nee Petry)***1828-08-23***1916-12-06
Imboden, Maria (nee Petry)***1832***1896-07-22
Imboden, Jacob (husb. of Selena (nee Davis) & Emma (nee Black)*** 1849-09-16 *** 1924-08-24
Imboden, Selena (nee Davis)***1866-01-02*** ??
Imboden, Emma (nee Black)***1850-11-132***1904-04-19
Imboden, Aaron D. (husb. of Mary E. (nee Greenawalt)***1871-05-14***1911-05-18
Imboden, Mary E. (nee Greenawalt)***1875-01-02***1951-04-07
Kaley, Harry C.***1888-04-28***1946-12-05
Kaley, Effie V. (nee Condran)***1893-09-11***1955-05-30
Kaley, Harry Leroy***1925-01-31***1925-02-17
Kapp, William M.***1890-12-20***1958-08-26
Kapp, Emma N.***1899-04-19***1973-06-22
Kapp, William Franklin***1922-01-18***1972-11-22
Keller, Milton N.***1850-02-23***1883-08-16
Killinger, John (husb. of Fanny (nee Shertzer)***1797-02-25***1880-09-17
Killinger, Fanny (nee Shertzer)***1805-04-03***1871-02-26
Killinger, Jacob S.***1831-04-29***1902-03-29
Killinger, Louise A.***1837-10-31***1907-07-31
Neff, Earle W. (husb. of Helen S. (nee Smith)***1898-07-16***1965-11-22
Neff, Helen S. (nee Smith)***1892-12-06***1941-10-30
Noll, John A. (husb. of Ella (nee Dubbs)***1861-10-30***1935-05-02
Noll, Ella (nee Dubbs)***1857-07-15***1906-06-02
Noll, Rebecca (nee Shepler)***1831-05-20***1910-05-12
Nowlen, John (husb. of Fanny (nee Fagan)***1822-10-18***1908-02-14***G. A. R.
Nowlen, John (husb. of Fanny (nee Fagan)***1826-08-20***1897-05-21
Nowlen, D. Frank (husb. of Lizzie M. (nee ??)***1865-04-13***1936-01-21
Nowlen, D. Lizzie M. (nee ??)***1868-06-17***1953-12-20
Nye, Daniel***1813-02-13***1883-03-23
End of 84 new listings as 18 October, 2010.

Start of 46 new listings as Oct. 2, 2006.

Betz, Michael (husb. of Maria (nee Uhrich)***1824-09-22***1893-01-21***68 - 03 - 29
Betz, Maria (nee Uhrich)***1826-03-04***1888-05-26***62 - 02 - 22
Black, Maurice S. (husb. of M. Elizabeth (nee Beyerle)***1863-01-15***1948-07-07
Black, M. Elizabeth (nee Beyerle)***1868-11-26***1952-08-02
Black, Blanche (prob. dau. of Maurice & M. Elizabeth)***1894-11-30***1970-06-19
Underkoffler, Mabel M. (nee Boltz & wife of H. J.)***1887-08-20***1910-06-29
Boltz, Abraham I. (husb. of Elizabeth E. (nee ??)***1868***1955
Boltz, Elizabeth E. (nee ??)***1865***1947
Boltz, Earl W. (husb. of Blanche D. (nee Deane)***1920-06-25***1979-12-10
Boltz, Blanche D. (nee Deane)***1922-05-29***2003-11-23
Boltz, Stephen W.***1836-06-06***1904-09-16***Vet: - Civil War - 1st. Lt. - Pa. Vols.
Carmany, Rufus M. (husb. of Sarah E. (nee Nye)***1862-01-01***1949-10-04
Carmany, Sarah E. (nee Nye)***1869-08-11***1931-06-12
Nye, Adam (husb. of Mary (nee Himmelberger)***1858***1928
Nye, Mary (nee Himmelberger)***1859***1932
Nye, John (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Ault)***1819-02-22***1878-02-20***67 - 11 - 27
Nye, Elizabeth (nee Ault)***1821-06-02***1899-01-25***77 - 07 - 23
Nye, Adam C. (husb. of Malinda (nee Farnsler)***1850-03-01***1910-03-13
Nye, Malinda (nee Farnsler)***1851-01-27***1930-05-07
Nye, Albert (husb. of Gertrude (nee Wenrich)***1876-08-08***1937-02-16
Nye, Gertrude (nee Wenrich)***1878-04-30***1913-10-24
Nye, Henry A. (husb. of Pamilla (nee Boltz)***1847-02-19***1908-04=-22
Nye, Pamilla (nee Boltz)***1848-07-12***1921-10=-20
Snavely, Reilly R. (husb. of Mary (nee Boltz)***1842-10-04***1912-08-02***68 - 09 - 28
Snavely, Mary (nee Boltz)***1849-01-20***1911-03-28***62 - 02 - 08
Sharp, Lizzie***1877-03-14***1938-01-01
Smith, Mabel J. (nee Himmelberger)***1883-02-15***1909-11-09***26 - 08 - 24
Speraw, John S. (husb. of Lizzie E. (nee Boltz)***1856-12-16***1943-03-18
Speraw, Lizzie E. (nee Boltz)***1857-03-21***1906-03-16
Walter, John W. (husb. of Ella M. (nee Weaver)***1873-07-17***1949-03-10
Walter, Ella M. (nee Weaver)***1880-10-16***1969-07-12
Walter, Priscilla***1845-08-06***1936-04-09
Walter, Elizabeth M.***1865-03-04***1953-08-15
Walter, John (husb. of Lydia (nee Kreider)***1839-11-17***1917-10-20***77 - 11 - 03
Walter, Lydia (nee Kreider)***1865-07-31***1953-04-29
Walters, Daniel (husb. of Naomi R. (nee ??)***1876***1940
Walters, Naomi R. (nee ??)***1880***1958
Walters, Edward M. (husb. of Leah A. (nee Yordy)***1913-06-04***1997-02-16
Whiskeyman, Roy C.***1888-06-10***1903-04-12
Snoke, Ruth M.***1894-10-31***1960-10-17
Whiskeyman, Emma R.***1864-11-09***1927-09-26
Whiskeyman, Daniel A.***1861-06-07***1939-10-06
Witmoyer, Jacob (husb. of Mary (nee Boeshore)***1799-01-25***1872-04-16***73 - 02 - 02
Witmoyer, Mary (nee Boeshore)***1804-12-03***1863-05-15***58 - 05 - 10
Wolfe, Simon J. (husb. of Sarah E. (nee Lehman)***1851-11-05***1931-11-06
Wolfe, Sarah E. (nee Lehman)***1860-07-02***1935-06-17
End of 46 new listings as Oct. 2, 2006.

Start of regular listings.

Batdorf, Helena L.***1910-11-18***1998-10-23
Batdorf, John P.***1878-09-??***1968-01-23
Batdorf, Mary C.***1871-05-??***1958-03-29
Batdorf, Michael F. ***1835-02-27***1919-01-06
Batdorf, Sarah J. (nee Stine)***1843-06-11***1931-05-09
Batdorf, Thomas S.***1853***1894
Bicksler, Carrie G. (nee Himmelberger)***1887-02-20***1936-08-06
Bicksler, George (husb. of Carrie G.)***1885-12-16***1955-06-29
Bohr, Elizabeth (nee Garman)***1834***1873
Bohr, George (husb.of Elizabeth)***1832***1916
Boltz, Sadie L. (nee Light)*** 1883-06-03***1961-05-08
Boltz, William (husb.of Sadie nee Light)***1880-05-17***1933-09-18
Boltz1, Philip W. (husb.of Sarah A.)***1822-02-06***1893-03-21***71 - 01 - 13
Boltz1, Sarah A. (nee Seigfried)***1827-06-25***1880-01-27***52 - 07 - 02
Boltz2, John H. (husb.of Kate)***1831-03-07***1912-03-31***75 - 00 - 29
Boltz2, Kate (nee Sanders)******1841-09-05***1922-03-17***80 - 06 - 12
Boltz3, Elizabeth ***1810-08-20***1888-08-18***77 - 11 - 28
Boltz3, Joseph (husb.of Elizabeth)***1809-02-??***1851-08-25
Copenhaver, Annie E. (nee Gass)******1860-05-30***1941-12-05
Copenhaver, Edwin D.***1833***1917
Elliott, Annie E. (nee Boltz)***1850-06-10***1924-01-14***73 - 07 - 04
Elliott, William D. (husb.of Annie E.)***1851-03-28***1928-03-04***76 - 11 - 06
Emerson, Daniel (husb.of Emma nee Batdorf)***1890***1956-08-18
Emerson, Emma (nee Batdorf)***1876***1936-03-26
Gettle, Calena***1899-10-??***1900-03-28
Gettle, Emma L. (nee Black)***1860-11-11***1933-04-14
Hallman, C. Myrl (nee Himmelberger)*** 1901-06-02 1974-03-22
Hallman, Ralph H. (husb.of C. Myrl)***1904-05-24***1990-05-01
Himmelberger1, Emma H. (nee Buck)***1855-09-25***1925-09-29
Himmelberger1, Franklin (husb. of Emma H.)***1859-02-05***1931-12-30
Himmelberger1, Katie Mi. (dau. Frank & Emma)***1891-09-18***1894-06-13***02 - 08 - 25
Himmelberger1, Raymond D..(son:Frank & Emma)***1894-04-12***1895-01-31
Himmelberger2, Mary A***1867***1961
Himmelberger3, George A***1890-09-03***1958-02-10
Himmelberger4, Benjamin F. (husb.of Lydia)***1857-08-07***1930-09-19
Himmelberger4, Bessie Mae(dau.of Benjam.&Lyd)***1881-12-16***1882-08-23
Himmelberger4, Homer (son of Benjamin & Lydia)***1894-04-11***1903-02-22
Himmelberger4, Lydia l. (nee Smith)***1857-05-27***1921-03-20
Kauffman, Abraham L. (husb.of Annie E.)***1863-07-04***1933-03-19
Kauffman, Fannie E.(nee Boltz & dau: John & Kate)***1866-11-17***??--??--??
Koster, Blanche M. (nee Rhodes)***1917***1961
Reed, Jacob D. (husb.of Katie L.)***1870-11-26***1970-08-08
Reed, Katie L. (nee Showers)***1871-08-23***1962-12-19
Rhodes, Bertha M. (nee Batdorf)***1893***1937
Rhodes, George H. (husb.of Bertha M. )***1890***1963
Tucker, Annie (nee Copenhaver)***1860***1941
Tucker, Harry H.(son:Annie & husb.of Miriam)***1894-06-05***1944-10-23
Tucker, Lillie May (daughter of Annie)***1890-03-05***1902-09-22***12 - 06 - 17
Tucker, Lottie M. (daughter of Annie)***1892-03-30***1946-08-19
Tucker, Miriam C. (nee White)*** 1902-06-21***1992-03-10
Witmeyer, Carrie May (nee Himmelberger)***1886-05-28***1970-02-16
Witmeyer, Harry George(husb.-Carrie May nee Himmelbrg)***1885-02-13***1940-07-27

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