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Hill Church Cemetery
N. Annville Township
., Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
155 Listings

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The dates on this site are reasonably correct, but are subject to human error. If anyone challenges any dates or data, I will gladly review and make corrections if necessary. This is a partial listing, as it pertains to my family programs. The total of this listing is 155 people.

Numbers behind a surname indicate that these are part of the same family, or are buried in the same plot or general area.

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Albert, J. Roscoe (husb. of F. Catherine (nee Heilman)***1898-02-12***1972-01-??
Albert, F. Catherine (nee Heilman)***1896***1970
Beamesderfer, Frances***1848-01-30***1920-10-27
Bickel, Catharina (nee Boltz & wife of Rudolph)***1757-08-14***1809-09-05
Biely, John Y. (husb. of Lydia (nee ??)***1829-10-07***1908-05-26
Biely, Lydia (nee ??)***1847-01-09***1904-09-19
Biely, John***1801-08-11***1871-10-08
Biely, Catharine***1821-08-12***1884-04-03
Bixler, Ralph F.***1912-01-02***1967-04-17
Black, George M. (husb. of Amanda (nee Henning)***1833-03-22***1908-07-18
Black, Amanda (nee Henning)***1837-04-11***1914-06-07
Black, William L. (husb. of Catharine (nee ??)***1790-04-03***1870-09-11
Black, Catharine (nee ??)***1799-01-30***1853-06-23
Bohr, Alverta M. (nee Zeller)***1898-04-01***1979-05-03
Bohr, Elias (husb. of Magdalena nee Daub)***1825-07-20***1891-01-05
Bohr, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1798-06-06***1861-02-08
Bohr, Henry (husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1791-09-30***1860-05-23
Bohr, Johann Nicholas***1758-10-11***1829-08-07
Bohr, John (husb. of Lydia nee Hess)***1800-12-27***1861-05-05
Bohr, Lydia (nee Hess)***1805***188-12-28
Bohr, Magdalena***1798***1876
Bohr, Magdalena (nee Daub)***1835-02-23***1910-11-28
Bohr1, Harvey A. (son of Jeremiah)***1866-01-13***1889-11-04
Bohr1, Jeremiah (husb.of Sophia Nee McGill)***1829-01-28***1903-04-19
Bohr1, Sarah (Daughter of Jeremiah)***1857-09-23***1925-10-18
Bohr1, Sophia (nee McGill)***1829-05-22***1908-09-10
Bohr2, David (son of John P.)***1889-03-01***1907-01-12
Bohr2, Fannie (nee Killian)***1867-08-16***1946-05-17
Bohr2, John F. (son of John J. & Alverta)***1921-06-23***1997-04-20
Bohr2, John J. (son: J.P.& husb.of Alverta)***1900-07-19***1983-09-08
Bohr2, John P. (husb.of Fannie nee Killian)***1863-07-11***1937-04-05
Boltz, Amos R. (husb. of Mary M. nee Fegan)***1860-05-20***1890-03-03
Boltz, Mary M. (nee Fegan)***1858-08-01***1934-01-09
Boltz, Catherina***1736***1794-10-05
Boltz, Julia May Ann (nee Briody)***1928-09-10***2008-10-11
Fisher, John***1852-09-16***1915-11-14
Fisher, Charlotte (nee Emrich & wife of John)***1850-03-22***1936-07-09
Fisher, Salome L.***1876-12-17***1936-04-22
Fisher, John (husb. of Fietta (nee Bender)***1814-11-17***1867-02-04
Fisher, Fietta (nee Bender)***1819-07-10***1861-12-28
Fisher, William L. (husb. of Sarah M. (nee ??)***1851***1897
Fisher, Sarah M. (nee ??)***1851***1908
Fisher, Henrietta***1849-07-18***1933-01-23
Focht, Joseph (husb. of Susan (nee Lantz)***1819-02-22***1910-07-10
Focht, Susan (nee Lantz)***1818-09-02***1860-12-16
Focht, John (husb. of Catharine (nee ??)***1790-05-30***1858-03-23
Focht, Catharine (nee ??)***1787-12-20***1855-01-01
Frantz, Joseph, U. (husb. of Mabel H. (nee Hernly)***1891-04-10***1968-06-??
Frantz, Mabel H. (nee Hernly)***1894***1959
Frantz, Lydia A. (nee Umberger & wife of Isaac H. - daughter of Joseph & Barbara) *** 1857-01-22***1925-05-08
Fulmer, David (husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1801-09-03***1862-03-07
Fulmer, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1797-05-12***1861-11-08
Funck, John (husb. of Mary (nee Book)***1868-03-27***1936-12-10
Funck, Mary (nee Book)***1865-09-24***1937-11-12
Funck, Johnny Book (son of John & Mary)***1887-04-04***1887-09-18
Funck, Harry Book (son of John & Mary & husb. of Sarah nee Smith)*** 1888-07-25 *** 1910-01-29
Funck, Bruce H. (son of Harry & Sarah)***1909-12-28***1915-06-01
Funck, Irvin Book (son of John & Mary)***1895-06-13***1973-09-06
Funck, Levi (husb. of Mary Ann (nee Stoever)***1841-10-15***1920-05-09
Funck, Mary Ann (nee Stoever)***1840-03-05***1881-06-22
Meyer, William H. (husb. of Lillie S. (nee ??)***1865-10-28***1937-07-24
Meyer, Lillie S. (nee ??)***1870-10-21***1953-02-08
Miller, Albert D. (husb. of Alice (nee Heilman)***1874-04-22***1954-08-21
Miller, Alice (nee Heilman)***1873-09-07***1946-02-15
Miller, John D. (husb. of Lizzie L. (nee Sprecher)***1869-07-28***1936-03-13
Miller, Lizzie L. (nee Sprecher)***1868-03-07***1954-01-28
Miller, Priscilla (nee ?? & wife of Peter)***1818-03-31***1900-03-09
Minberger, Jonas (husb. of Anna Maria (nee Boltz)***1765***1845
Minberger, Anna Maria (nee Boltz)***1767-08-31***1841-05-06
Motzer, Susan***1820-08-12***1879-06-17
Nye, Margaret (nee Quickley & wife of William)***1807***1885
Nye, Nancy ( daughter of William & Marg.)***1829***1868
Perry, John***1905***1971***Vet: - WW 2
Perry, Marion (nee Heilman)***1912-10-18***2007-01-30
Parson, Amanda E.***1854-09-02***1925-01-09
Rupp, John B.***1858-12-06***1881-08-21
Sander, Amanda E. (nee Fisher & wife of Joseph)***1852***1883-03-28
Sattazahn, Charles (husb. of Sarah A. (nee Walmer)***1862-10-26***1950-03-26
Sattazahn, Sarah A. (nee Walmer)***1852-11-27***1978-03-02
Sattazahn, Franklin (husb. of Catharime (nee ??)***1842-08-02***1892-12-15
Sattazahn, Catharime (nee ??)***1845-03-06***1907-09-10
Sattazahn, Levi***1871-02-05***1889-11-30
Saylor, Gardner T.***1909***1966***Vet: - WW 2
Schaeffer, Lizzie M.***1883-01-12***1913-09-30
Schnebely, Heinrich (husb. of Anna (nee ??)***1768***1846
Schnebely, Anna (nee ??)***1768***1846
Schnebely, Heinrick (husb.of Magdalena (nee??)***1794-05-18***1862-03-12***Vet: W: 1812
Schnebely, Magdalena (nee??)***1810-05-30***1855-06-28
Schnebely, Susannah***1781-10-18***1834-01-20
Wengert, Samuel Kreider (husb. of Ada R. (nee Horst)***1901-02-03***1980-10-19
Wengert, Ada R. (nee Horst)***1900-11-07***1975-01-21
Whiskeyman, Elias B. (husb. of Catharine (nee ??)***1836-09-21***1899-06-06
Whiskeyman, Catharine (nee ??)***1838-10-27***1915-12-08
Whiskeyman, Ada G. (daughter of Elias & Cath.)***1879-07-15***1901-07-30
Whiskeyman, Deborah (wife of John Henry Snavely)***1867***1956
White, Jacob E. (husb. of Sadie E. (nee Etchberger)***1878-03-27***1948-05-31
White, Sadie E. (nee Etchberger)***1880-12-23***1937-03-24
White, J. Lester (son of Jacob & Sadie E.)***1900-08-26***1979-01-18
Wieland, Boyd O. (husb. of Kate M. (nee ??)***1897-01-19***1971-10-24
Wieland, Kate M. (nee ??)***1900-06-01***1977-08-23
Wolfe, Ray S. (husb. of Sylvia (nee ??)***1907***1964
Wolfe, Sylvia (nee ??)***1912-07-28***1995-06-05
Wolfe, Minerva (nee Schell & wife of Ray H.)***1927-10-25***1982-10-05
Xander, Joseph (husb. of Lydia (nee Darkes)***1819-01-01***1871-01-27
Xander, Lydia (nee Darkes)***1817-10-25***1876-06-11
Yeagley, Thomas T. (husb. of Barbara (nee ??)***1827-05-07***1885-09-10
Yeagley, Barbara (nee ??)***1817-04-17***1889-04-13
Yeagley, Monroe (husb. of Lizzie A. (nee ??)***ca. 1850***1877-11-26
Yeagley, Lizzie A. (nee ??)***1855-01-09***1880-09-27
Yiengst, Heinrich L. 'Henry' (husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1818-10-12***1886-12-24*** (Heinrich/Henry also had: wife # 1 - Anna Maria (nee Boltz) & # wife 2 - Maria (nee Shaud).
Yiengst, Elizabeth (nee ?? - spouse # 3)***1826-01-18***1895-03-03
Yiengst, Daniel Adam (husb. of Mary Ann (nee Moyer)***1858-09-12***1928-03-27
Yiengst, Mary Ann (nee Moyer)***1857-05-06***1946-11-09
Yiengst, Henry M. (husb. of Gertrude May (nee Bates)***1894-12-05***1952-12-11
Yiengst, Gertrude May (nee Bates)***1889-04-20***1989-03-07
End of 115 new listings as of 18 October 2010.

START OF 116 NEW LISTINGS as of 13 Nov. 2008

Albright, John D.***1902-04-13***1986-12-07
Alexander, Spiro (husb. of Mary A. (nee Kreider)***1897-04-13***1974-10-26
Alexander, Mary A. (nee Kreider)***1901-10-08***1989-09-07
Bixler, Ralph E. (husb. of Sarah E. (nee ??)***1912-01-02***1967-04-17
Bixler, Sarah E. (nee ??)***1914-09-15***2002-08-05
Bohr, John F.***1921-06-23***1997-04-20
Bohr, John J.***1900-07-19***1983-09-08
Bohr, Alverta M. (nee Zeller)***1898-04-01***1979-05-03
Boyer, John (husb. of Lucetta (nee ??)***1831-09-17***1882-09-13***50Y - 11M - 28D
Boyer, Lucetta (nee ??)***1832-12-06***1923-05-28***90Y - 05M - 22D
Brandt, Ira H. (husb. of Sue K. (nee Killian)***1879-06-05***1953-01-26
Brandt, Sue K. (nee Killian)***1881-09-17***1954-03-05
Burg, P. James***1906***1952
Donmoyer, Lizzie C.***1862-08-12***1933-09-19***71Y - 01M - 07D
Emrich, Jacob (husb. of Eliza (nee Lantz)***1823-02-06***1898-01-14***74Y - 11M - 08D
Emrich, Eliza (nee Lantz)***1821-10-21***1904-04-14***82Y - 09M - 23D
Felty, Samuel L. (husb. of May I. (nee Tobias)***1917-02-12***1995-07-18
Felty, May I. (nee Tobias)***1920-05-04***1996-08-25
Fisher, John (husb. of Fietta (nee Bender)***1814-11-17***1867-02-04***52Y - 02M - 17D
Fisher, Fietta (nee Bender)***1819-07-10***1867-12-28***48Y - 05M - 18D
Focht, Joseph (husb. of Susan (nee Lantz(***1819-02-22***1910-07-10***91Y - 01M - 18D
Focht, Susan (nee Lantz(***1818-09-02***1860-12-16***42Y - 03M - 11D
Gingrich, Solomon***1823-12-26***1886-07-24***62Y - 06M - 28D
Haines, William***1854***1899
Haines, Caroline***1852***1909
Heckendorn, Jacob***1813-03-05***1867-11-19***54Y - 08M - 14D
Heilman, Charles A. (husb. of Lydia A. (nee ??)***1858***1931
Heilman, Lydia A. (nee ??)***1856***1904
Heilman, William (husb. of Fannie (nee ??)***1876***1968
Heilman, Henry***1779-08-19***1867-11-11***88Y - 02M - 22D
Heilman, Fannie (nee ??)***1885***1981
Heilman, Rev. Uria Henry, D. D. (husb. of Emma (nee Meily)***1838-03-02***1932-12-14
Heilman, Emma (nee Meily)***1845-01-09***1931-05-15
Heisey, Ralph A. (husb. of Alice I. (nee ??)***1908-11-08***1987-01-25
Heisey, Alice I. (nee ??)***1907-12-26***1994-01-21
Helm, John (prob. husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1821-02-22***1883-03-05***62Y - 00M - 13D
Helm, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1832-07-15***1915-07-13***82Y - 11M - 28D
Hipple, Susan (nee Schell & wife of John)***1821-09-30***1906-03-24***84Y - 05M - 24D
Hoke, Joseph K. ((husb. of Sallie I. (nee Killian)***1867-06-20***1932-03-05
Hoke, Sallie I. (nee Killian)***1869-07-16***1924-02-21
Houser, Harry E. ( husb. of Elizabeth A. (nee ??)***1880-11-14***1969-08-05
Houser, Elizabeth A. (nee ??)***1886-01-07***1935-03-29
Hughes, Harry H. (husb. of Mary K. (nee ??)***1890***1968
Hughes, Mary K. (nee ??)***1887***1949
Hughes, Karl R.***1914-09-18***1966-10-24
Karch, Mary J.***1836-07-11***1890-11-12***54Y - 04M - 01D
Karch, George H.***1834***1908
Keller, John (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Yingst)***1791-12-20***1880-02-16***88Y - 01M - 26D
Keller, Elizabeth (nee Yingst)***1801-02-15***1868-05-10***67Y - 02M - 25D
Keller, Jacob J. (husb. of Mary L. (nee Miller)***1882-08-30***1932-08-21
Keller, Mary L. (nee Miller)***1868-09-13***1936-02-14
Keller, Lydia***1891-02-24***1966-07-20
Kramer, Charles***1870-07-07***1896-07-16***26Y - 09D
Kreider, John (husb. of Rebecca (nee Kettering)***1839-11-08***1898-11-01***58Y - 11M - 23D
Kreider, Rebecca (nee Kettering)***1842-02-08***1919-03-26***77Y - 01M - 17D
Light, Jacob H. (husb. of Mary A.. (nee ??)***1859-01-27***1904-05-07***45Y - 03M - 18D
Light, Mary A.. (nee ??)***1854-07-30***1838-11-18***84Y - 03M - 13D
Light, Jacob H. (husb. of Viola R. (nee Blouch)***1902-09-06***1991-03-05
Light, Viola R. (nee Blouch)***1905-03-31***3004-03-06
Light, Light, Urias (husb. of Mary (nee Reider)***1835-11-21***1908-05-11***72Y - 05M - 20D
Light, Light, Mary (nee Reider)***1836-01-26***1886-02-24***50Y - 28D
Long, Henry L.*** (husb. of Mary A. (nee ??)1842-03-11***1909-01-01***66Y - 09M - 20D
Meier, William H. (husb. of Lillie S. (nee ??)***1865-10-28***1937-07-24
Meier, Lillie S. (nee ??)***1870-10-21***1953-02-08
Parson, Amanda E.***1854***1925-01-09
Reddinger, John W. (husb. of Charlotte E. (nee ??)***1886-02-20***1973-01-05
Reddinger, Charlotte E. (nee ??)***1890-12-16***1955-02-17
Reddinger, John G. (husb. of Mary E. (nee Yeiser)***1912-10-02***2007-01-21
Reddinger, Mary E. (nee Yeiser)***1920-07-08***1999-06-14
Rupp, John B.***1858-12-06***1881-06-21***22Y - 08 - 15D
Rupp, Levi ***1830-01-24***1899-01-28***68Y - 11M - 29D
Schell, Irvin H. (husb. of M. Hilda (nee ??)***1907-01-01***1984-02-13
Schell, M. Hilda (nee ??)***1907-11-03***2007-09-08
Schoomaker, M. J. (Jim) (husb. of Iva E. (nee ??)***1912-02-06***1990-10-04***Vet: U.S.Navy - WW2
Schoomaker, Iva E. (nee ??)***1912-26-06***2001-01-07
Shade, Thomas W (husb. of Mary A. (nee Brubaker).***1918-09-11***2000-09-25***Vet: - U.S.Army - M.Sgt. - WW2
Sheetz, Reuben M.***1880-02-19***1936-11-25
Smith, Jacob***1838***1913-12-24
Smith, Kate***1843***1925-06-30
Smith, Lydia***1852***1931-01-10
Sprecher, Alvin L. (husb. of Carrie M. (nee ??)***1881***1956
Sprecher, Carrie M. (nee ??)***1889***1962
Sprecher, Frederick (husb. of Susanna (nee Sechrist)***1809-12-27***1880-05-25***70Y - 04M - 28D
Sprecher, Susanna (nee Sechrist)***1817-08-04***1902-09-27***85Y - 01M - 16D
Sprecher, Lloyd D.***1927-06-06***1991-10-01
Stely, Harvey M.***1866-07-09***1890-07-19
Stely, Emma C. (wife of Harvey Stely & William Stare)***1863-12-03***1942-07-15
Stober, Edward H. (husb. of Violet A. (nee Brubaker)***1914-11-24***1996-05-09
Stober, Violet A. (nee Brubaker)***1919-10-09***1980-11-22
Stoever, John Caspar, Rev. (husb. of Maria Catharine (nee ??)***1707-12-21***1779-05-13***Ev. Lutheran Minister
Stoever, Maria Catharine (nee ??)***1715-05-14***1795-10-07
Strouphar, John J. (husb. of Mildred R. (nee Houser)***1907-05-14***1991-03-10
Tobias, William S. (hhusb. of Catherine B. (nee ??)***1824-08-21***1896-12-27***72Y - 04M - 06D
Tobias, Catherine B. (nee ??)***1837-05-27***1890-05-15***72Y - 04M - 06D
Umberger, Jonathon***1829-07-10***1893-10-27***64Y - 03M - 17D
Umberger, Mary E. (nee ?? & wife of Jonas)***1845-11-13***1914-03-06
Whiskeyman, Elias B.***1936-09-21***1899-06-06***62Y - 08M - 15D
Whiskeyman, Catherine***1838-10-27***1915-12-08***77Y - 01M - 11D
Whiskeyman, Ada C.***1879-07-15***1901-07-30***22Y - 15D
Wolfe, Ray S. (husb. of Sylvia (nee ??)***1907***1964
Wolfe, Sylvia (nee ??)***1912***1995
Yeagley, Thomas T. (husb. of Barbara (nee ??)***1827-05-07***1885-09-10***58Y - 01M - 03D
Yeagley, Barbara (nee ??)***1817-04-17***1889-04-12***71Y - 11M - 26D
Yiengst, Daniel A. (husb. of Mary A. (nee Moyer)***1858-09-12***1928-03-27
Yiengst, Mary A. (nee Moyer)***1857-05-06***1946-11-09
Yingst, Cyrus*** (husb. of Lydia (nee Boger)1827-03-23***1900-05-19***73Y - 01M - 20D
Yingst, Lydia (nee Boger)1830-07-06***1892-09-02***62Y - 01M - 26D
Yingst, Zachariah***1855***1934
Yingst, George W.***1845-11-14***1894-09-10***48Y - 09M - 27D
Zerbe, Isaac (husb. of Emma (nee ??)***1841-04-30***1905-02-21***52Y - 11M - 09D
Zerbe, Emma (nee ??)***1846-07-10***1922-08-10***76Y - 1M
Zerbe, Jacob (prob. husb. of Emma R.(nee ??)***1873-03-23***1917-10-21
Zerbe, Emma R.(nee ??)***1887-10-16***1930-06-03
Zerbe, Henry C. (husb. of Elizabeth R. (nee Gingrich)***1867-01-08***1930-11-28
Zerbe, Elizabeth R. (nee Gingrich)***1869-08-21***1938-02-24
THE FOLLOWING LIST OF LUTHERAN PASTORS HAVE SERVED THE HILL EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CONGREGATION**********John Casper Stoever***1733 to 1779 - Frederick T. Melsheimer***1779 to 1794 - John George Lochman***1794 to 1815 - William G. Ernst***1815 to 1836 - Jonathon Ruthrauff ***1836 to 1849 - Augustus C. Wedwkind***1850 to 1860 - Christian A. Fetzer***1860 to 1863 - George P. Weaver***1863 to 1864 - Jefferson M. Deitzler***1865 to 1890 - William H. Lewars***1890 to 1897 - Morris F. Good***1897 to 1901 - E. H. Gerhart***1901 to 1907 - Paul D. Witman***1907 to 1918 - J. H. L. Trout***1918 to 1920 - Ulysses E. Apple***1920 to 1936 - W. Edward McHale***1937 to 1942 - Harry T. Richwine***1942 to 1955 - Philip S. Lambdin***1956 to 1959 - John R. Strevig***1960 to 1961 - Charles A. Chamberlin***1961 to 1964 - Robert B. Harnish***1965 to 1969 - John A. W. Kirsch***1971 to 1976 - John H. Bennetch***1976 to 1988 - John D. Merkel***1988 to 1990 - Claude I. Fry***1992 to 2001 - Rodey W. Lilley***2003 until the present time.
END OF 116 NEW LISTINGS as of 13 Nov. 2008


Bohr, Elias (husb. of Magdalene (nee Daub)***1825-07-20***1891-01-05
Bohr, Magdalene (nee Daub)***1835-02-23***1910-11-28-01-05
Bohr, Henry (husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1791-09-30***1860-05-23
Bohr, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1798-06-06***1861-02-08
Bohr, Jeremiah (husb. of Sophia (nee McGill)***1829-01-28***1903-04-19
Bohr, Sophia (nee McGill)***1829-05-22***1908-09-10
Bohr, Sarah***(daughter of Jeremiah & Sophia)***1857-09-23***1925-10-18
Bohr, Harvey A.***(son of Jeremiah & Sophia)***1866-01-14***1889-11-04
Bohr, Johan Nicholas***1758-10-11***1829-08-07***Vet: Revolutionary War
Bohr, John (husb. of Lydia (nee Hess)***1800-12-27***1861-05-05
Bohr, Lydia (nee Hess)***1805***1888-12-28
Bohr, Anna Maria***1797-01-02***1876-03-30
Bohr, Magdelena***1798***1876
Bohr, John P. (husb. of Fannie M. (nee Killian)***1863-07-11***1937-04-05
Bohr, Fannie M. (nee Killian)***1857-08-16***1943-05-17
Bohr, David (son of John P. & Fannie M.)***1889-03-01***1907-01-12
Bohr, Alverta M.(nee Zeller & poss. wife of David)***1898-04-01***1979-05-35
Boltz, Amos R. (husb. of Mary M. (nee ??)***1860-05-20***1890-03-03
Boltz, Mary M. (nee ??)***1858-08-01***1934-01-09
Boltz, Catherina***1736***1794-10-05
Motzer, Susan A.***1820-08-12***1879-06-17
Nye, Margret (nee Quickley & wife of William)***1807-02-29***1885
Nye, Nancy (daughter of William & Margret)***1829***1868
Rupp, Catherine***1768-09-03***1835-03-10
Rupp, George S.***1837-12-14***1891-12-28***Vet: Civil War
Rupp, Samuel (husb. of Anna Mary (nee ??)***1803-05-14***1875-01-07
Rupp, Anna Mary (nee ??)***1810-04-22***1870-09-17
Rupp, Johannes***1762-10-01***1814-12-14***Vet: Revolutionary War
Rupp, Johannes***1728-07-06***1801-12-11
Rupp, Margreta***1732-12-02***1822-02-20
Rupp, John (husb. of Anna Maria (nee Beard)***1792-09-20***1856-02-21
Rupp, Anna Maria (nee Beard)***1801-10-04***1886-09-01
Rupp, Levi (husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1824-03-20***1876-12-07
Rupp, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1830-01-24***1899-01-23
Sattazahn, Charles (husb. of Sarah A. (nee Walmer)***1862-10-26***1950-03-26
Sattazahn, Sarah A. (nee Walmer)***1852-11-27***1928-03-02
Sattazahn, Franklin (husb. of Catherine (nee ??)***1842-08-02***1892-12-15
Sattazahn, Catherine (nee ??)***1845-03-06***1907-09-10
Sattazahn, Levi***1871-02-05***1889-11-30

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