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Klopp Union Cemetery
, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
607 Listings

A note from Charles Kindt, manager of this website:

This is not a complete listing , but only as it pertains to my family programs and is listed therein, and is a total of 607 listings. This visit, accompanied by my wife, Rosalie. These visits were on March 18,where we reached a total of 224 on the side of the road where the churches are located. On April 5, 2009 we reached a totalod 383 listings, these being on the opposite side of the road from the church locations.
All of these listings are from digipics taken on the aformentioned dates. (note the visits are listed in seperate groupings below.)

Name & Status.......Date of Birth.......Date of Death.......Age at Death(Y-M-D)

Start of 224 new listings added 18 March, 2009.

Albert, Jacob (husb. of Maria (nee Moyer)***1825-01-15***1897-11-08***72 - 09 - 23
Albert, Maria (nee Moyer)***1839-03-24***1917-11-15***78 - 07 - 21
Bensing, Peter F. (husb. of Leah (nee Meyor)***1826-04-24***1893-10-12***67 - 05 - 18
Bensing, Leah (nee Meyor)***1832-07-04***1889-12-13***57 - 05 - 09
Berger, Daniel K. (husb. of Caroline (nee ??)***1831-12-29***1907-02-06***75 - 01 - 07
Berger, Caroline (nee ??)***1839-09-25***1893-08-23***63 - 11 - 00
Billman, John H. (husb. of Hannah A. (nee Wolf)***1864-03-04***1944-01-21***79 - 10 - 17
Billman, Hannah A. (nee Wolf)***1867-05-27***1946-02-27***78 - 09 - 00
Bollinger, Harvey H. (husb. of Lillian E. (nee ??)***1893-03-11***1985-02-15
Bollinger, Lillian E. (nee ??)***1883-06-12***1967-06-05
Boltz, Benjamin (husb. of Lydia (nee ??)***1818-02-07***1895-02-11***77 - 00 - 04
Boltz, Lydia (nee ??)***1822-03-27***1894-12-28***72 - 08 - 26
Boltz, Jeremiah (husb. of Amanda (nee ??)***1845-08-27***1914-07-03***68 - 10 - 28
Boltz, Amanda (nee ??)***1864-11-21***1936-01-17***81 - 01 - 26
Boltz, Simon P. (husb. of Isabella F. (nee ??)***1854-07-25***1917-05-16
Boltz, Isabella F. (nee ??)***1860-02-14***1938-05-02
Boyer, Caroline (nee Billman)***1893-11-06***1914-12-11
Brandt, Roy D. (husb. of Stella M. (nee ??)***1900-09-13***1978-01-01
Brandt, Stella M. (nee ??)***1903-04-10***1985-12-05
Brown, Norman W. (husb. of Jennie T. (nee Wolfe)***1914-10-20***1997-03-26
Brown, Jennie T. (nee Wolfe)***1918-04-08***1988-05-24
Brown, Hannah S. (nee ?? & wife of Oscar A. Brown)***1907***1964
Brown, Morris P.***1856-02-29***1938-12-29
Brown, Amanda (nee Newcommet)***1856-08-16***1896-12-06
Clark, Cora E.***1878-09-16***1954-12-11
Conrad, Elias (husb. of Lovina (nee ??)***1825-03-04***1896-04-18
Conrad, Lovina (nee ??)***1819-08-28***1884-10-06
Darcas, Ephraim (husb. of Amanda E. (nee ??)***1847-01-20***1955-11-21
Darcas, Amanda E. (nee ??)***1850-07-07***1920-04-09
Darcas, Edward B.***1874-01-20***1955-11-21
Darcas, George E.***1876-03-29***1950-01-12
Darcas, Samuel***1883-12-17***1909-08-12***25 - 07 - 25
Daub, Johann (husb. of Catharina (nee Mermilo)***1733-11-26***ca. 1905***......(Notation on stone)Johann was born in Eiserfeld near Siegen, Germany, the son of Johan Henrich and Anna Christina (Schuerfelder) Daub. He married Anna Catharina in January 1756 and had 9 children with her. Arrived aboard the ship Richmond in Philadelphia on 5 October 1763. They lived near Mt. Zion,Lebanon County, Pa......(CK note: This monument was dedicated by the DAUB family reunion.
Daub, Catharina (nee Mermilo)***1723***unknown
Daub, Serenus (husb. of Sarah (nee Peiffer)***1861-01-28***1898-06-01***37 - 04 - 03
Daub, Sarah (nee Peiffer)***1854-08-17***1925-01-22***70 - 05 - 05
Daub, William (husb. of Sarah A. (nee ??)***1834-02-05***1906-12-30***72 - 10 - 25
Daub, Sarah A. (nee ??)***1837-04-23***1924-01-25***86 - 09 - 02
Daub, Peter (husb. of Christiana (nee ??)***1830-04-08***1908-04-22***78 - 00 - 14
Daub, Christiana (nee ??)***1847-12-25***1923-02-28***75 - 02 - 03
Deck, John (husb. of Susanna (nee Groff)***1830-08-25***1901-06-05***70 - 09 - 10
Deck, Susanna (nee Groff)***1834-04-04***1898-10-01***64 - 05 - 27
Deck, Jacob W. (husb. of Lillie I. (nee ??)***1872-11-21***1940-05-14
Deck, Lillie I. (nee ??)***1873-07-14***1904-08-07
Deck, Jonathan (husb. of Louisa (nee Steinbach)***1841-05-22***1914-03-12***72 - 01 - 21
Deck, Louisa (nee Steinbach-daugh.of Sam. & Cath.)***1840-12-04***1890-01-28***49 - 01 - 24
Deck, Hiram (husb. of Susanna (nee Dubbs)***1861-09-22***1925-12-09
Deck, Susanna (nee Dubbs)***1855-01-20***1935-02-20
Dubbs, Caroline (nee ?? & wife of John Dubbs)***1827-04-05***1902-11-25***75 - 07 - 20
Dubbs, Cyrus (husb. of Mary A. (nee Strack)***1850-01-17***1935-07-11
Dubbs, Mary A. (nee Strack)***1850-01-17***1935-07-11
Dubbs, Reily S. (husb. of Cora C.. (nee Miller)***1885-05-18***1969-04-16
Dubbs, Cora C.. (nee Miller)***1882-10-14***1956-11-24
Edris, Edward (husb. of Mary H. (nee ??)***1856***1927
Edris, Mary H. (nee ??)***1856***1925
Edris, Percival B. (husb. of Caroline (nee Winter(s)***1837-03-19***1898-10-05***61 - 06 - 16
Edris, Caroline (nee Winter(s)***1838-09-09***1908-06-09***69 - 09 - 00
Edris, Peter (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Batdorf)***1802-04-18***1881-02-16***78 - 09 - 28
Edris, Elizabeth (nee Batdorf)***1796-03-04***1881-02-13***84 - 11 - 09
Edris, Morris (husb. of Elizabeth H. (nee ??)***1858-01-06***1944-01-05
Edris, Elizabeth H. (nee ??)***1860-12-24***1940-03-18
Edris, Israel (husb. of Susanna A. (nee Olewine)***1839-03-18***1896-01-08
Edris, Susanna A. (nee Olewine)***1848-02-25***1933-06-26
Edris, Jonathan (husb. of Amanda R.. (nee ??)***1854-01-30***1919-01-18
Edris, Amanda R.. (nee ??)***1857-06-12***1927-04-26
Eisenhauer, John H. (husb. of Lovina R. (nee Walborn)***1859-04-15***1922-07-19***63 - 03 - 04
Eisenhauer, Lovina R. (nee Walborn)***1847-08-28***1927-02-11***79 - 05 - 13
Eisenhower, David***1833-10-05***1909-11-05***76 - 01 - 00
Eisenhower, Anna Maria (nee Brendel)***1835-03-05***1871-10-29***36 - 07 - 24
Eisenhower, Maria (nee Smith)***1854-07-09***1890-02-14***35 - 07 - 12
Eisenhower, Aaron E.***1881-12-30***1940-02-02
Feeman, David (husb. of Lidya (nee Gerhart)***1816***1901
Feeman, Lidya (nee Gerhart)***1830***1910
Freeman, Peter (husb. of Rebecca (nee ??)***1825-08-22***1903-04-09***77 - 07 - 17
Freeman, Rebecca (nee ??)***1826-06-26***1910-11-17***84 - 04 - 21
Fieman, Franklin S. (husb. of Catharina L. (nee Forry)***1858-03-15***1944-02-23
Fieman, Catharina L. (nee Forry)***1861-03-26***1945-01-12
Gerhart, J. L. (husb. of Leah (nee Urich)***1827-06-17***1889-08-31***62 - 02 - 14
Gerhart, Leah (nee Urich)***1831-09-25***1909-03-26***77 - 06 - 01
Gerhart, Cyrus***1844-04-02***1905-06-13
Gerhart, Rebecca***1846-12-23***1918-09-23
Gerhart, Wilson E.***1866-07-11***1930-04-15
Gerloff, Cathrina***1818***1896
Graybill, Jacob L. (husb. of Carrie E. (nee ??)***1884***1924
Graybill, Carrie E. (nee ??)***1881***1979
Grogan, Oliver D.***1907-06-06***1947-01-14***Vet: WW 2
Gundrum, Eva Klick (nee Hower)***1887-11-10***1961-08-13
Hartman, Isaac (husb. of Anna M. (nee ??)***1814-09-28***1891-10-31***77 01 03
Hartman, Anna M. (nee ??)***1812-04-10***1892-08-01***80 08 21
Heberling, Rebeccs (nee Banner & wife of Peter)***1809-05-25***1921-07-02***82 - 01 - 08
Hauer, George D. (husb. of Lillie M. (nee ??)***1881-10-16***1956-09-06
Hauer, Gertie E. (nee Snyder - 1st. wife of Geo. D.)***1885-01-03***1905-08-25***20 - 07 - 22
Hauer, Lillie M. (nee ??)***1888-10-15***1978-07-24
Hauer, J. Adam (husb. of Sophia (nee Dubbs)***1857-09-05***1947-03-21
Hauer, Sophia (nee Dubbs)***1861-08-06***1929-12-28
Hower, Ephraim (husb. of Amanda D. (nee Albert)***1857-10-17***1937-01-29***79 - 03 - 12
Hower, Amanda D. (nee Albert)***1859-11-15***1928-03-12***68 - 03 - 27
Hower, Robert T. (husb. of Mamie M. (nee ??)***1890-11-05***1918-12-05
Hower, Mamie M. (nee ??)***1892-03-24***1974-08-27
Hower, Alfred B. (husb. of Euphemia A. (nee ??)***1872-05-12***1941-01-06
Hower, Euphemia A. (nee ??)***1871-10-25***1929-09-12
Hower, Levi (husb. of Catharine (nee ??)***1834-12-05***1917-01-04***82 - 00 - 29
Hower, Catharine (nee ??)***1835-01-17***1917-05-15***82 - 03 - 28

Hower, William (husb. of Cecilia J. (nee Schmeltzer)***1866-09-19***1926-03-30***59 - 06 - 11
Hower, Cecilia J. (nee Schmeltzer)***1866-02-16***1920-04-01***54 - 01 - 15
Schmeltzer, Tyrus(husb.of Barbara Ann(nee Gundrum)***1840-04-30***1915-12-05***75 - 07 - 05
Schmeltzer, Barbara Ann (nee Gundrum)***1844-10-11***1923-03-25***78 - 05 - 14

Klahr, Percival (husb. of Susanna (nee Bohr)***1859-10-16***1910-02-12***50 - 03 - 26
Klahr, Susanna (nee Bohr)***1853-03-20***1932-12-02***79 - 08 - 12
Kline, Irwin S.***1884-04-18***1966-10-17
Kline, Mattie E.***1891-04-23***1971-05-27
Kline, Walter F.***1911-05-16***1956-01-18
Kline, Blanche D.***1911-02-13***1995-03-05
Kline, Harry W. (husb. of Thama V. (nee ??)***1886***1934
Kline, Thama V. (nee ??)***1881***1964
Leedom, Harvey (husb. of Kate R. (nee Bixler)***1868-04-14***1930-11-02***62 - 06 - 18
Leedom, Kate R. (nee Bixler)***1872-11-18***1899-11-15***26 - 11 - 08
Lentz, Lydia (nee ?? & wife of Jacob Lentz)***1832-06-26***1887-04-04***51 - 09 - 08
Lentz, Susanna (nee Edris & wife of John Lentz)***1825-03-13***1911-12-27
Loser, isabella (nee Edris)***1864-03-29***1942-06-02
Lutz, Henry K. (husb. of Malinda (nee ??)***1831-01-15***1912-11-17
Lutz, Malinda (nee ??)***1838-11-02***1923-11-26
Meck, D. Albert (husb. of Lizzie (nee Merkey)***1864-01-01***1938-03-29***74 - 02 - 23
Meck, Lizzie (nee Merkey)***1867-01-27***1936-04-04***69 - 02 - 07
Melito, Angelo J.***1918-06-13***1981-11-04***Vet: Capt.-Army & AF - WW 2, Korea & Vietnam
Melito, Aldo R.***1956-06-25***1992-09-15***Choreographer
Merkey, Abraham M. (husb. of Mary A. (nee Merkey)***1841-09-26***1909-03-27***67 - 06 - 01
Merkey, Mary A. (nee Merkey)***1841-04-02***1918-11-17***77 - 07 - 15
Merkey, George C.***1880-12-17***1964-02-02
Miller, Jonathon (husb. of Susanna (nee ??)***1829-04-19***1898-06-01***69 - 02 - 12
Miller, Susanna (nee ??)***1844-07-10***1939-03-20***94 - 08 - 10
Miller, Jonathan (husb. of Hannah (nee ??)***1831-12-15***1905-04-16***73 - 04 - 01
Miller, Alfred (husb. of Kate (nee ??)***1860-10-14***1920-09-21***59 - 10 - 07
Miller, Kate (nee ??)***1869-01-23***1924-03-27***65 - 02 - 04
Miller, George W.***1864-04-10***1950-04-23
Miller, Elizabeth***1853-09-23***1932-02-09
Miller, George G. (husb. of Malinda (nee ??)***1825-02-23***1895-08-11***70 - 05 - 13
Miller, Malinda (nee ??)***1831-06-21***1889-11-20***58 - 01 - 23
Miller, Isaac W. (husb. of Annie C. (nee ??)***1885-04-28***1954-05-04
Miller, Annie C. (nee ??)***1883-02-28***1974-03-16
Moyer, Jonathan D. (husb. of Susan (nee Hartman)***1841-07-13***1881-01-09***39 - 05 - 27
Moyer, Susan (nee Hartman)***1841-01-06***1925-04-06***84 - 03 - 00
Moyer, Jonathan B. (husb. of E. Lizzie (nee ??)***1869***1950
Moyer, E. Lizzie (nee ??)***1873***1959Moyer, Reily***1896-01-24***1912-12-12***16 - 10 - 18
Olewine, William (husb. of Mary (nee Kershner)***1824-05-13***1902-04-10
Olewine, Mary (nee Kershner)***1824-01-24***1876-09-16
Patschet, William (husb. of Rebecca (nee ??)***1818-06-05***1885-01-21
Patschet, Rebecca (nee ??)***1817-11-04***1898-02-13

Peiffer, Peter***1832***1893
Peiffer, Sarah (nee Boltz)***1840***1890
Boltz, Elizabeth***1825***1892
Peiffer, Levi S. (husb. of Rebecca M. (nee Bensing)***1856-07-21***1936-12-21
Peiffer, Rebecca M. (nee Bensing)***1861-07-11***1929-10-04
Peiffer, George L.***1870-01-18***1895-02-26***25 - 01 - 18

Reedy, Maggie E. (nee ??)***1902-09-13***1972-09-02
Sattazahn, Emma S.***1863-05-07***1930-20-24
Schaeffer, John E. (husb. of Lovina (nee Miller)***1822-08-08***1900-01-21***78 - 09 - 29
Schaeffer, Lovina (nee Miller)***1824-01-12***1902-07-24***78 - 07 - 12
Schaeffer, Willoughby (husb. of Rebecca E. (nee ??)***1851-11-20***1922-07-21
Schaeffer, Rebecca E. (nee ??)***1858-08-25***1915-01-05
Schlappich, Luther W. (husb. of Helen M. (nee Dubbs)***1916-10-08***1974-05-23
Schlappich, Helen M. (nee Dubbs)***1917-04-14***2007-01-27
Schucker, Clarence R. (husb. of Lizzie L. (nee ??)***1899-03-27***1988-12-29
Schucker, Lizzie L. (nee ??)***1901-01-13***1969-04-12
Schwartz, Barbara (nee ?? & wife of William)***1819-08-02***1891-09-09***72 - 01 - 07
Shaak, Harvey, C. (husb. of Kate L. (nee ??)***1872-03-16***1971-08-26
Shaak, Kate L. (nee ??)***1878-04-26***1943-11-09
Smith, Jacob (husb. of Mary (nee Batdorf)***1812-07-28***1885-11-15***73 - 03 - 17
Smith, Mary (nee Batdorf)***1816-06-12***1902-11-05***88 - 04 - 23
Smith, Clinton***1881-09-12***1902-10-20***21 - 01 - 08
Sourwine, Anson J.***1874-09-17***1927-10-12
Spannuth, Aquilla A. (husb. of Kate E. (nee ??)***1867-07-06***1950-12-28
Spannuth, Kate E. (nee ??)***1859-08-24***1931-07-06
Spannuth, George E. (husb. of Margaret A. (nee ??)***1903-07-19***1990-08-15
Spitler, John (husb. of Christina (nee ??)***1809-09-20***1864-11-29
Spitler, Christina (nee ??)***1806-11-22***1886-07-08
Spitler, Charles C. (husb. of Emma A. (nee ??)***1867-11-07***1939-09-13
Spitler, Emma A. (nee ??)***1866-04-27***1937-07-27
Spitler, Stanley F. (husb. of Sallie L. (nee ??)***1871***1948
Spitler, Sallie L. (nee ??)***1876***1927
Spitler, William (husb. of Sophia (nee ??)***1830-09-28***1901-07-16***70 - 092 - 18
Spitler, Sophia (nee ??)***1825-07-19***1906-10-03***81 - 02 - 14
Spitler, Mary A. (daughter of Wm. & Sophia)***1865-03-25***1934-08-22
Spitler, John H. (son of Wm. & Sophia)***1855-08-24***1924-08-23
Spitler, John L. (husb. of Lizzie (nee??)***1874***1907
Spitler, Lizzie (nee??)***1871***1966
Strack, Michael (husb. of Catharine (nee Walborn)***1819-03-12***1893-10-05***74 - 06 - 23
Strack, Catharine (nee Walborn)***1818-05-03***1895-06-27***77 - 01 - 24
Swope, Maria Ann (nee Lesh & wife of Levi)***1830-09-09***1891-02-23***83 - 05 - 28
Tice, Levi (husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1817-04-13***1899-12-18***82 - 08 - 05
Tice, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1824-11-08***1907-03-12***82 - 04 - 04
Tice, David H.***1856-05-04***1921-08-02
Vandevere, Ray S., Rev. (husb. of Verna G. (nee Deck)***1896-11-07***1972-05-26***Vet: WW 2
Vandevere, Verna G. (nee Deck)***1893-10-25***1950-03-01
Weaver, Henry***1832-01-10***1912-07-15
Werner, Henry (husb. of Saloma (nee??)***1806-02-`0***1890-11-15
Werner, Saloma (nee??)***1804-03-04***1890-03-15
Werner, Henry R. (husb. of Elizabeth D. (nee??)***1834-12-01***1914-04-16
Werner, Elizabeth D. (nee??)***1837-11-13***1911-10-03
Wise, John (husb. of Mary (nee Keller)***1817-05-11***1903-10-16***86 - 05 - 05
Wise, Mary (nee Keller)***1817-02-09***1903-01-20***85 - 11 - 11
Wise, Uriah (husb. of Redozy (nee ??)***1842***1895
Wise, Redozy (nee ??)***1847***1929
Wolfe, Oscar M. (husb. of Bessie M. (nee ??)***1895-09-03***1970-06-17
Wolfe, Bessie M. (nee ??)***1895-09-20***1969-12-18
Wolf, Isaac (husb. of Amanda (nee Brownmiller)***1846-09-24***1923-03-12***76 - 05 - 18
Wolf, Amanda (nee Brownmiller)***1846-11-11***1926-11-30***82 - 00 - 19
Wolf, Henry K. (husb. of Sarah K. (nee ???)***1840-02-06***1909-03-12***69 - 01 - 06
Wolf, Sarah K. (nee ???)***1844-07-05***1914-03-06***68 - 08 - 21
Yeingst, Kate (nee Raudenbach)***1845-01-25***1910-01-26***55 - 00 - 01
Yiengst, Miles W. (husb. of Alice C. (nee Moore)***1890-05-12***1970-09-11
Yiengst, Alice C. (nee Moore)***1889-03-10***1969-06-02
Yiengst, Thomas L. (husb. of Mary A. (nee Deck)***1847-06-09***1928-03-29
Yiengst, Mary A. (nee Deck)***1850-09-25***1913-05-18
Yengst. John H.***1834-09-25***1910-01-19***75 - 03 - 24***Vet: - Civil War

******Zeller, Levi (husband of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1826-05-03***1888-06-10
Zeller, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1828-05-23***1908-01-18
Kreiser, Sarah A.(prob. daughter of Levi & Eliz.)***1849-01-07***1869-01-10(on same stone)
Kreiser, Charles (prob. son of Sarah A.)1866-05-31***1870-01-05***(on same stone)
Zeller, Samuel D.***1867-11-19***1935-07-20***(on same stone)
Book, Lizzie R.(prob. daughter of Levi & Eliz.)***1860-11-27***1882-03-18***(on same stone)
Zeller, Emma M.(prob. daughter of Levi & Eliz.)***1856-01-05***1873-06-10***(on same stone)

End of 224 new listings added 18 March, 2009.

Start of 383 new listings added 5 April, 2009.

Artz, Andrea (nee Salada)***1911***1948
Batdorf, Wilson (husb. of Alice (nee ??)***1871-07-01***1929-10-27
Batdorf, Alice (nee ??)***1870-10-01***1950-10-10
Batdorf, Clinton (husb. of Lydia E. (nee ??)***1876***1906
Batdorf, Lydia E. (nee ??)***1873***1946
Batdorf, Paul (husb. of Laura L. (nee ??)***1894***1967
Batdorf, Laura L. (nee ??)***1900***1984
Baum, William E. (husb. of Ella N. (nee ??)***1873-06-28***1940-11-10
Baum, Ella N. (nee ??)***1883-02-16***1944-11-01
Behney, Lori A. (nee Bicksler & wife of Randy L.)***1962-08-24***1985-11-11
Behney, Guy A. (husb. of Joann E. (nee Sheidy)***1943-08-08***1986-05-02
Bensing, Robert L.***1887***1966
Bensing, Elias***1857-08-19***1929-10-10
Bensing, Anna M. (nee Stover)***1859-06-30***1950-05-07
Bensing, Adam (husb. of Catharine (nee Rauch)***1853-01-14***1925-09-11
Bensing, Catharine (nee Rauch)***1855-11-25***1933-08-24
Bensing, Isaac (husb. of Emma (nee Spannuth)***1856-04-15***1934-08-31
Bensing, Emma (nee Spannuth)***1855-10-07***1924-10-14
Bensing, Harvey E. (husb. of Mary R. (nee Brandt)***1883-08-06***1966-11-08
Bensing, Mary R. (nee Brandt)***1887-02-13***1964-10-04
Bensing, Peter J. (husb. of Elsie M. (nee ??)***1910-02-04***1977-05-04
Bensing, Elsie M. (nee ??)***1911-11-18***1988-05-14
Billman, Emanuel H.***1891-12-13***1983-04-23
Billman, Mary E.***1908-06-06***2006-03-30
Binkley, Paul G. (husb. of Anna J. (nee Marks)***1901-02-16***1952-12-29
Binkley, Anna J. (nee Marks(***1903-07-26***1980-01-21
Bixler, William B. (husb. of Amelia C. (nee ??)***1840-04-22***1917-10-09***77 - 05 - 17
Bixler, Amelia C. (nee ??)***1846-02-04***1917-10-05***71 - 08 - 01
Bixler, Emma G.***1891-07-04***1907-09-29***16 - 02 - 25
Blouch, Pauline M.***1908-09-18***2002-02-12
Blouch, Mary***1896-05-28***1984-09-09
Brightbill, Lloyd E. (husb. of Elizabeth G. (nee ??)***1897-02-13***1985-05-25
Brightbill, Elizabeth G. (nee ??)***1899-10-10***1980-10-09
Bross, Harry P. (husb. of Mae J. (nee Gundrum)***1897-01-16***1979-06-30
Bross, Mae J. (nee Gundrum)***1905-05-19***1978-11-10
Bross, Samuel M. (husb. of Naomi R. (nee ??)***1897-08-12***1970-05-21
Bross, Naomi R. (nee ??)***1900-04-16***1986-09-05
Bross, Mary***1900-04-18***1929-05-12
Bross, Daniel (husb. of Lizzie (nee ??)***1893***1969
Bross, Daniel (husb. of Lizzie (nee ??)***1894***1943
Brown, Laura G. (nee Bensing)***1907-03-10***1955-03-04
Brown, William P. (husb. of Ella Mae (nee ??)***1876***1946
Brown, Ella Mae (nee ??)***1873***1934
Brown, Ralph B. (husb. of Verna A. (nee Gundrum)***1902-05-30***1990-01-01
Brown, Verna A. (nee Gundrum)***1910-03-26***1974-04-18
Brubaker, Larry R. (husb. of Lucille (nee Pyle)***1932-09-12***2003-09-27
Buch, Howard W. (husb. of Mae (nee Swope)***1930-10-19***1994-07-21
Buckmiller, Frederick A. (husb. of Pauline E. (nee ??)***1893-01-20***1966-03-24
Buckmiller, Pauline E. (nee ??)***1921-02-03***2004-05-05
Carl, John F. (husb. of Ida J. (nee ??)***1875***1954
Carl, Ida J. (nee ??)***1884***1972
Conrad, Charles M.***1909-06-25***1923-03-07
Darcas, Victor (husb. of Ellen Susan (nee ??)***1894-04-07***1957-08-09
Darcas, Ellen Susan (nee ??)***1897-01-30***1951-01-23
Deck, Landis S. (husb. of Ella K. (nee Blatt)***1914***1933
Deck, Ella K. (nee Blatt)***1919***1982
Deck, Ray F. (husb. of Maggie E. (nee ??)***1899***1965
Deck, Maggie E. (nee ??)***1905***1998
Deck, Jonathan D. (husb. of Annie G. (nee ??)***1885-02-12***1924-12-17
Deck, Annie G. (nee ??)***1885-02-28***1918-10-27
Deck, Herman (husb. of Helen I. (nee ??)***1910***1978
Deck, Helen I. (nee ??)***1913***2003
Deitzler, Robert P.. (husb. of Emma (nee Fink)***1896-01-23***1955-11-28
Deitzler, Emma (nee Fink)***1892-10-20***1924-11-28
Demmy, John (husb. of Ellizabeth (nee ??)***1859-08-15***1925-09-30
Demmy, Ellizabeth (nee ??)***1856-03-11***1914-07-10
Demmy, Calvin (husb. of Cora S. (nee Dubbs)***1880-08-30***1958-06-02
Demmy, Cora S. (nee Dubbs)***1884-03-06***1967-12-10
Dewees, Warren L.***1927-09-16***1945-08-30
Dewees, Levi E.***1888-04-04***1938-04-30***50 - 00 - 26
Dieffenbach, Peter (husb. of Caroline (nee ??)***1855-07-16***1941-11-02
Dieffenbach, Caroline (nee ??)***1852-10-10***1932-10-27
Dieffenbach, Davis***1891-12-08***1960-07-20
Dieffenbach, Manbeck***???***1984
Dieffenbach, Helen A.***1907***1994
Dieffenbach, Pierce***1883***1956
Dieffenbach,Lizzie E. (nee Darcas)***1886***1983
Ditzler, Harry D. (husb. of Emma K. (nee Marks)***1873-08-15***1951-01-21
Ditzler, Emma K. (nee Marks)***1874-09-11***1950-02-01
Dobbie, Herbert L.***1906***1995
Dobbie, Naomi Z..***1910***1983
Donkel, Stanton H. (husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1864-09-06***1934-03-09
Donkel, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1865-09-12***1932-03-13
Donley, Robert W. (husb. of Mary L. (nee ??)***1921-12-31***1989-12-05
Dorsey, Frank E.***1950-11-24***2002-12-09
Dubbs, Earl R. (husb. of Pearl I. (nee ??)***1906-12-20***1980-10-14
Dubbs, Edward (husb. of Delia E. (nee Wolf)***1886-06-15***1942-11-25
Dubbs, Delia E. (nee Wolf)***1889-09-21***1940-12-18
Dubbs, Sterling L. (husb. of Beulah C. (nee ??)***1919-09-12***1993-03-11
Dubbs, Beulah C. (nee ??)***1922-11-09***2008-06-29
Dubbs, Morris (husb. of Mary A. (nee ??)***1880-11-06***1963-11-05
Dubbs, Mary A. (nee ??)***1885-12-29***1954-01-08
Dubbs, Edwin (husb. of Joanna R. (nee ??)***1864-02-13***1940-09-13
Dubbs, Joanna R. (nee ??)***1858-05-18***1936-12-06
Dubbs, Harry A. (husb. of Lovina (nee ??)***1888-02-16***1916-12-09
Dubbs, Lovina (nee ??)***1887-01-09***1916-02-01
Dubbs, Ralph W. (husb. of Cora S. (nee ??)***1886-03-01***1967-08-18
Dubbs, Cora S. (nee ??)***1884-09-07***1956-12-05
Dubbs, Paul J. (husb. of Mary J. (nee Bomberger)***1891-10-03***1969-02-26
Dubbs, Mary J. (nee Bomberger)***1897-09-01***1987-11-02
Ebersole, Clarence E. (husb. of Mary S. (nee ??)***1896-06-11***1956-10-12
Ebersole, Mary S. (nee ??)***1900-02-23***1980-05-22
Edris, Harry N. (husb. of Ruth H. (nee Ebersole)***1914-06-30***1993-11-29
Edris, Ruth H. (nee Ebersole)***1921-02-02***2008-07-05
Edris, John H. (husb. of Mary R. (nee ??)***1882-10-17***1945-09-20
Edris, Mary R. (nee ??)***1884-07-02***1974-07-12
Edris, John H. (husb. of Luella G. (nee ??)***1904***1979
Edris, Luella G. (nee ??)***1910***1987
Einfalt, Bertwin***1934***1983
Eisenhauer, Elizabeth***1832-03-29***1916-03-13
Feeman, Aaron A. (husb. of Sarah A. (nee ??)***1857-06-02***1910-10-12
Feeman, Sarah A. (nee ??)***1863-08-10***1941-02-08
Fenstermaker, Earl***1896***1968
Fogle, Charles E. (husb. of Gertrude P. (nee ??)***1875***1958
Fogle, Gertrude P. (nee ??)***1893***1965
Frantz, Josiah H.***1854-10-24***1929-05-22
Frantz, Mary M..***1866-01-08***1942-08-07
Frantz, Milton D.***1890***1972
Frantz, Carrie***1893***1971
Frantz, Allen A.***1893***1967
Frantz, Hannah M.***1895***1959
Gassert, Carson (husb. of Salennis (nee ??)***1888-06-30***1957-04-16
Gassert, Salennis (nee ??)***1887-07-07***1955-04-29
Gassert, Guy C. (husb. of Alice M. (nee Bower)***1926-12-13***2004-03-28
Gassert, Alice M. (nee Bower)***1935-11-26***1995-01-03
Gassert, Lowell M. (husb. of Mabel (nee Brown)***1900-04-14***1990-04-04
Gassert, Mabel (nee Brown)***1902-01-28***2001-01-29
Gassert, Albert A.***1876-07-31***1930-10-03***54 - 02 - 05
Gassert, Pierce***1884***1968
Gassert, Hattie H. (nee Darcas - wife of Albert Gassert)***1879-02-25***1922-09-12
Gassert, John A. (husb. of A. Blanche (nee ??)***1911-01-05***1993-01-02
Gassert, A. Blanche (nee ??)***1910-01-31***2007-12-05
Gerhart, Sterling G. (husb. of Mildred M. (nee Reedy)***1912***1973
Gerhart, Mildred M. (nee Reedy)***1914***1997
Grim, Charles L. (husb. of Carrie A. (nee ??)***1914***1955
Grim, Carrie A. (nee ??)***1908***1982
Gundrum, Samuel (husb. of Julia A. (nee Lehr)***1879-07-04***1960-04-02
Gundrum, Julia A. (nee Lehr)***1881-11-18***1953-07-25
Gundrum, Roy S.***1903-07-20***1963-04-26
Gundrum, John D. (husb. of Mabel (nee Reedy)***1884-04-16***1956-05-20
Gundrum, Mabel (nee Reedy)***1889-06-20***1960-02-15
Harman, Joseph E.***1910-02-18***1977-09-13
Heberling, James C.***1884***1943***Vet: WW 1 & WW 2
Heffelfinger, George (husb. of Flora (nee ??)***1905***1977
Heffelfinger, Flora (nee ??)***1912***1988
Heffelfinger, Cleo J.***1951-04-14***1999-1`2-22
Hertzog, Joseph P. (husb. of Shirley A. (nee ??)***1938-09-19***2007-03-29
Hertzog, Shirley A. (nee ??)***1936-05-29***1986-06-25-03-29
Hiller, Donald H. (husb. of Carol R. (nee ??)***1935-03-16***2000-03-05
Hiller, Carol R. (nee ??)***1942-09-21***2001-09-04
Houtz, John H. (husb. of Katie A. (nee ??)***1898-07-07***1977-09-11
Houtz, Katie A. (nee ??)***1898-06-03***1978-09-19
Keefer, John H., Sr.***1912-02-04***1971-08-11
Killinger, William S. (husb. of Alice S. (nee ??)***1879-12-13***1941-08-13
Killinger, Alice S. (nee ??)***1881-12-23***1960-01-01
Koehler, David (husb. of Verna L. (nee ??)***1899***1952
Koehler, Verna L. (nee ??)***1903***1991
Klahr, Morris D. (husb. of Ida V. (nee Haag)***1881-01-02***1960-06-20
Klahr, Ida V. (nee Haag)***1884-11-15***1980-08-17
Klahr, Henry L.***1917-02-07***1940-10-14
Klahr, Allen D. (husb. of Stella I. (nee Edris)***1907-11-21***1996-12-01
Klahr, Stella I. (nee Edris)***1908-03-30***1999-11-21
Kline, Levi S. (husb. of Emma E. (nee Newcomet)***1856-09-19***1915-02-14
Kline, Emma E. (nee Newcomet)***1857-11-28***1941-06-07
Kramer, John M. (husb. of Pauline M. (nee ??)***1909***1991
Kramer, Pauline M. (nee ??)***1917***1965
Krause, Mary C. (nee Wolfe)***1910-08-16***1997-02-09
Krill, Jacob (husb. of Lizzie R.. nee ??)***1861-09-06***1928-07-20
Krill, Lizzie R.. nee ??)***1871-06-20***1944-02-21
Krill, John (husb. of Beulah E. nee ??)***1896-01-08***1972-09-05
Bennethum, Dorothy (nee Krill)***1918***1959
Feelt, Samuel (husb. of Rebecca (nee Krill)***1868-06-21***1911-10-21***43 - 04 - 00
Feelt, Rebecca (nee Krill)***1864-09-15***1908-09-14***43 - 11 - 29
Krill, Beulah E. nee ??)***1898-09-26***1982-01-18
Krill, William (husb. of Mary nee ??)***1871-04-09***1910-08-01
Krill, Mary nee ??)***1876-07-17***1928-01-21
Krill, Miles W. (husb. of Kathryn A. (nee ??)***1908***1974
Krill, Kathryn A. (nee ??)***1911***1998
Krill, Charles (husb. of Stella (nee ??)***1888-03-10***1958-01-04
Krill, Stella (nee ??)***1890-09-06***1947-02-21
Krill, Guy H. (husb. of Geraldine M. (nee ??)***1921-04-25***1999-05-25
Krill, Geraldine M. (nee ??)***1930-01-14***2005-06-11
Krill, William J.***1952-12-11***1998-09-14
Laub, Richard A.***1934***1971
Lengel, Emanuel (husb. of Henrietta P. nee Eisenhauer)***1851-04-04***1925-04-13
Lengel, Henrietta P. nee Eisenhauer)***1850-06-26***1932-02-16
Lentz, Martin D. (husb. of Mary A. (nee ??)***1897-07-24***1983-02-07
Lentz, Mary A. (nee ??)***1893-03-10***1984-08-05
Light, Gertrude M. (nee Swope)***1901-02-20***1990-12-11
Light, William H.***1903-12-70***1978-01-20
Light, William H.***1943-02-21***1959-10-10
Light, Robert W.***1928-10-18***1928-12-14
Long, Harry L. (husb. of Minnie C. (nee ??)***1898-10-28***1970-12-29
Long, Minnie C. (nee ??)***1900-06-04***1954-01-31
Long, Robert W. (son of Harry L. & Minnie C.)***1938-07-31***1955-06-22
Long, George H.. (husb. of Alice E. (nee ??)***1925-07-14***1954-11-08
Manbeck, Lee W.***1908***1984
Marks, Harrison H. (husb. of Sara A. (nee Patschit)***1810-10-13***1907-02-12***66 - 08 - 29
Marks, Sara A. (nee Patschit)***1811-07-11***1927-02-07***85 - 06 - 26
Marks, Alvin T. (husb. of Alvenia L. (nee Zerbe)***1882-06-13***1966-04-14
Marks, Alvenia L. (nee Zerbe)***1888-12-26***1967-12-14
Marks, Earl I.***1900-01-07***1970-10-17
Marks, Rebecca M. (nee Brown)***1899-08-21***1983-10-20
Marks, Edna (nee Reedy)***1903-05-05***1945-12-06
Meck, Charles F.***1871***1911
Meck, Amanda E.***1860***1936
Miley, Amos B. (husb. of Florence M. (nee ??)***1912-06-25***1993-12-03
Miley, Florence M. (nee ??)***1915-07-13***2007-02-05
Miller, George D.***1899***1961***Vet: WW 2
Miller, Peter (husb. of Emma (nee Houtz)***1858-05-26***1941-02-11
Miller, Emma (nee Houtz)***1860-02-01***1947-06-23
Miller, Pierce R. (son of Peter & Emma)***1894-10-24***1930-10-12
Miller, Cornelius (husb. of Anna Kate (nee ??)***1866-03-05***1913-10-04
Miller, Anna Kate (nee ??)***1870-06-18***????
Miller, Diann J.***1942-10-14***1942-11-12
Miller, Ronald P.***1937-09-23***1938-05-31
Miller, Lortta M.***1932-06-13***1932-11-17
Miller, Paul (husb. of Carrie I. (nee ??)***1891-05-07***1918-12-14
Miller, Carrie I. (nee ??)***1896-01-21***1969-08-08
Minch, Anna***1880-09-11***1956-01-03
Moore, William J. (husb. of Beverly A. (nee ??)***1936-09-26***1993-07-02
Moore, Earl J. (husb. of Laura J.. (nee Gassert)***1897-01-07***1971-03-06
Moore, Laura J.. (nee Gassert)***1903-01-16***1984-07-30
Moyer, Levi B. (husb. of Sarah J. (nee ??)***1865-11-06***1942-10-30
Moyer, Sarah J. (nee ??)***1867-05-26***1930***63 - 05 - 03
Moore, Paul E. (husb. of Irene B. (nee Sharp)***1906***1965
Moore, Irene B. (nee Sharp)***1911***2008
Newcomet, Rebecca***1859-12-05***1911-04-17***51 - 04 - 11
Peiffer, Charles C. (husb. of Jennie R. (nee ??)***1868***1940
Peiffer, Jennie R. (nee ??)***1875***1955
Peiffer, Schuyler A. (husb. of Sadie A. (nee ??)***1908-04-04***1975-11-13
Peiffer, Sadie A. (nee ??)***1911-09-24***2001-11-08
Peiffer, Roy***1897-04-18***1934-11-20
Peiffer, Charles A. (husb. of Laura Jane (nee Edris)***1877-07-19***1965-10-27
Peiffer, Laura Jane (nee Edris)***1879-05-23***1923-10-17
Peiffer, Charles D.***1901-10-22***1942-12-01
Peiffer, George W.***1891***1955
Peiffer, Edna L..***1909***2000
Peiffer, Daniel (husb. of Anna M. (nee Hummel)***1853-06-13***1930-12-08***77 - 05 - 25
Peiffer, Anna M. (nee Hummel)***1859-07-16***1911-05-20***51 - 10 - 04
Peiffer, James O. (husb. of Kate F. (nee ??)***1879-01-15***1940-04-16
Peiffer, Kate F. (nee ??)***1884-01-06***1921-10-14
Peiffer, Mary***1918-01-07***1979-02-25
Peiffer, Wilson (husb. of Laura J. (nee ??)***1868-03-16***1965-02-07
Peiffer, Laura J. (nee ??)***1876-03-03**1955-06-27
Peiffer, Harvey A. (husb. of Mary E. (nee Klahr)***1883-01-12***1928-05-17
Peiffer, Mary E. (nee Klahr)***1885-07-18***1962-11-26
Peiffer, Eulan H. (husb. of Miriam R.. (nee ??)***1913-02-05***1993-07-08
Peiffer, Miriam R.. (nee ??)***1912-10-27***1997-04-27
Phillippy, John (husb. of S. Jane (nee Marks)***1864-03-24***1932-07-27***68 - 04 - 03
Phillippy, S. Jane (nee Marks)***1865-11-30***1933-10-28***67 - 10 - 28
Phillippy, Harry P. (husb. of Carrie M. (nee ??)***1891-01-04***1967-05-18
Phillippy, Carrie M. (nee ??)***1905-01-05***1966-06-05
Phillippy, Harold J. (husb. of Matilda S. (nee Heck)***1937-11-22***1987-06-05
Porter. John C. (husb. of Elizabeth K. (nee ??)***1881***1947
Porter. Elizabeth K. (nee ??)***1885***1970
Reed, Robert (husb. of Carrie M. (nee ??)***1892-09-22***1966-11-10
Reed, Carrie M. (nee ??)***1889-07-27***1967-08-06
Reed, Chester B. (husb. of Ethel M. (nee ??)***1918-10-04***2002-04-06
Reed, Ethel M. (nee ??)***1921-09-03***2008-03-02
Reedy, Claude (husb. of Florence (nee ??)***1894-02-13***1956-12-17
Reedy, Florence (nee ??)***1892-06-05***1966-04-08
Rhine, Harry I. (husb. of Dorothy M. (nee Behney)***1906-03-08***1988-07-30
Rhine, Dorothy M. (nee Behney)***1912-12-02***1996-12-19
Rittel, Robert H. (husb. of Eva F. (nee ??)***1896-07-26***1972-05-17
Rittel, Eva F. (nee ??)***1900-07-09***1972-11-02
Rittel, Mark L. (husb. of Helen L. (nee Koehler)***1923-09-13***1996-11-02
Schlappich, Paul W.***1892-06-09***1984-09-26
Shaak, Arlene G. (nee ?? & wife of Norman W.)***1923-07-02***2004-08-17
Sharpe, Elmer C.***1885***1929***Vet: U. S. Army - Prob. WW 1
Sharpe, Lester D. (husb. of Emma A. (nee ??)***1908-12-31***2003-11-30
Sharpe, Emma A. (nee ??)***1913-01-03***2007-01-13
Sharp, Eugene L. (husb. of Shirley A. (nee Stohler)***1932-01-19***2008-06-28
Sharp, Shirley A. (nee Stohler)***1936-12-03***1996-07-18
Sharp, Franklin (husb. of Maggie (nee ??)***1861***1939
Sharp, Maggie (nee ??)***1867***1934
Sharp, Maggie***1900***1992
Sharp, John H. (husb. of Polly M. (nee Blouch)***1888-12-21***1970-11-30
Sharp, Polly M. (nee Blouch)***1891-02-09***1979-05-04
Shay, Kenneth L. (husb. Betty P. (nee Wolfe)***1927-08-24***1987-02-28
Sholly, Wesley D. (husb. of Mamie M. (nee Swope)****1891-06-26***1962-01-23
Sholly, Mamie M. (nee Swope)****1895-09-06***1972-06-28
Sholly, Violet J.***1916-03-23***1994-02-17
Smith, Thomas W. (husb. of Maria S. (nee ??)***1848-04-16***1924-05-02***78 - 00 - 16
Smith, Maria S. (nee ??)***1845-01-12***1913-09-04***68 - 07 - 22
Snyder, Harvey E. (husb. of Bessie E. (nee ??)***1911-05-12***1978-01-25
Snyder, Bessie E. (nee ??)***1910-12-14***1985-03-13
Snyder, John A. (husb. of Anna Mae (nee Koehler)***1926-02-12***1992-07-02***Vet: US Army WW 2
Sparks, Esther A. (nee Brown***1906-12-02***1997-12-15
Spannuth, Morris E.***1868-05-04***1917-10-12
Spannuth, Elizabeth (nee Edris)***1861-09-28***1944-08-31
Spannuth, Isaac W.***1898-11-19***1975-05-07
Spitler, Harvey (husb. of Lydia (nee Bensing)***1884***1945
Spitler, Lydia (nee Bensing)***1888***1926
Spitler, Robert H. (husb. of Lydia (nee Bensing)***1906***1960
Spitler, Clarence L. (husb. of Emma E. (nee Wagner)***1918-05-23***2006-11-25***Vet:Army-WW 2
Spitler, Emma E. (nee Wagner)***1916-08-20***2001-10-24
Stahley, Richard R. (husb. of Eva F. (nee ??)***1921-07-24***1984-12-31
Starry, Thomas G. (husb. of Carrie M./ (nee ??)***1913-09-29***1985-01-27
Stohler, Paul J. (husb. of Stella G. (nee Batdorf)***1898***1955
Stohler, Stella G.. (nee Batdorf)***1895***1986
Strauss, Albert J. (husb. of Alice A. (nee ??)***1902***1982
Strauss, Alice A. (nee ??)***1910***2000
Swope, Jerry L. (husb. of Lillie I. (nee Grimes)***1898-11-27***1973-06-10
Swope, Lillie I. (nee Grimes)***1900-01-07***1966-12-28
Swope, Guy J.***1892-12-26***1969-07-25***Member of Congress******Governor of Puerto Rico******Vet: - Captain, U. S. Navy - W W 2
Swope, Mayme C. (nee Gerberich)***1885-12-29***1948-05-06
Swope, Pierce,E., D. D. (husb. of Carrie M. (nee ??)***1884-08-15***1968-12-09
Swope, Carrie M. (nee ??)***1885-12-29***1972-12-18
Swope, Lester P.***1906-07-27***1922-07-21
Walborn, Mary J. (nee Swope)***1912-08-27***1936-05-01
Swope, Paul, Sr. (husb. of Verna M. (nee Krill)***1887-03-02***1974-04-21
Swope, Verna M. (nee Krill)***1894-10-02***1970-03-13
Swope, Helen Y.***1914-05-07***1999-01-07
Umbenhen, Henry***1845-10-05***1909-02-27***63 - 04 - 22
Umbenhen, Amanda (nee Basehore)***1848-11-05***1930-11-10***82 - 00 - 05
Umbenhen, Harvey B.***1877-05-17***1918-10-19
Van Dyke, Andrew (husb. of Emma E. (nee ??)***1913-05-25***2000-02-21
Van Dyke, Emma E. (nee ??)***1915-04-16***1991-12-11
Walborn, Harold W. (husb. of Bessie I. (nee ??)***1922-01-08***1966-02-08***Vet: WW 2
Walborn, Bessie I. (nee ??)***1924-01-18***2003-11-19Weiant, Samuel W.***1893-08-11***1913-11-19***(notation on stone - IN MEMORY OF SUNNYSIDE SUNDAY SCHOOL )
Wilhelm, George H. (husb. of Hattie M. (nee ??)***1890-11-02***1944-12-08
Wilhelm, Hattie M. (nee ??)***1891-05-07***1967-12-15
Witters, George A.***1919-05-21***1991-12-28
Yerger, Katie M.***1899-02-16***1981-10-12***(FYI - Witters & Yerger on same stone)
Walker, Hiram L. (husb. of Pauline M. (nee Doyle)***1905-02-14***1981-10-30***Vet:Korea-Army
Walker, Pauline M. (nee Doyle)***1921-12-22***1991-11-13
Wilhelm, Ellen N. (nee Wolf & wife of Paul G.)***1893-06-29***1915-04-17***21 - 09 - 08
Williams, Glenn S. (husb. of Verna M. (nee Gassert)***1918-04-01***2004-06-18
Williams, Verna M. (nee Gassert)***1918-06-28***2007-05-28
Wolf, Levi W.***1867***1927
Wolf, Hannah C.***1863***1944
Wolf, Irwin J.***1887***1939
Wolf, Herbert W.***1900***1968
Wolf, Rufus H. (husb. of Estella (nee Groff)***1899-05-26***1973-02-20
Wolf, Estella (nee Groff)***1900-09-06***1948-01-03
Wolf, Margaret P. (nee Gussler)***1901***1984
Wolf, Willoughby (husb. of Kate A. (nee ??)***1875-03-20***1946-09-27
Wolf, Kate A. (nee ??)***1879-01-12***1917-08-16
Wolf, Emanuel M. (husb. of Lizzie F. (nee ??)***1864-11-27***1931-01-15
Wolf, Lizzie F. (nee ??)***1865-09-14***1948-07-04
Wolf, Mellie B. (nee Frantz)***1895-10-03***1918-07-05
Wolf, Wallace (husb. of Maggie (nee Zeller)***1872-03-20***1963-12-23
Wolf, Maggie (nee Zeller)***1872-08-10***1962-12-04
Wolfe, John A. (husb. of Ada B. (nee ??)***1907***1973
Wolfe, Ada B. (nee ??)***1902***1995
Wolfe, Peter B. (husb. of Ida M. (nee Bashore)***1902***1975
Wolfe, Ida M. (nee Bashore)***1902***1975
Wolfe, Ernest F. (husb. of Florence I. (nee ??)***1910-03-17***2001-03-29
Wolfe, Florence I. (nee ??)***1910-06-02***1990-11-14
Wolfe, George W. (husb. of Agnes M. (nee ??)***1903-04-02***1979-11-08
Wolfe, Agnes M. (nee ??)***1894-06-06***1974-12-13
Wolfe, Lloyd E. (husb. of Violet M. (nee ??)***1890-09-05***1961-01-14
Wolfe, Violet M. (nee ??)***1891-09-28***1956-11-03
Wolfe, Harry (husb. of Polly B. (nee ??)***1880-08-08***1944-03-05
Wolfe, Polly B. (nee ??)***1881-09-09***1940-10-22
Wolfe, Edgar M. (husb. of Emily E. (nee Klopp)***1905-05-04***1999-10-27
Wolfe, Emily E. (nee Klopp)***1905-02-27***1972-12-21
Wolfe, Harold E.***1924-02-01***1944-10-17***Vet: US Army - WW 2
Wolfe, Marlin G.***1940-07-29***1953-07-28
Yarnall, Madison J. (husb. of Laura M. (nee Klahr)***1911-01-04***1962-11-08
Yarnall, Laura M. (nee Klahr)***1906-08-16***1994-04-04
Yerger, Adam K. (husb. of Agnes M. (nee ??)***1872-11-23***1954-10-13
Yerger, Agnes M. (nee ??)***1877-03-10***1969-02-06
Yerger, Paul M.***1908-05-28***1983-04-28
Yerger, Mabel R.***1902-05-04***1974-05-12
Yiengst, Calvin M. (husb. of Sallie E. (nee Sholly)***1883-03-22***1946-01-10
Yiengst, Sallie E. (nee Sholly)***1884-03-11***1972-01-12
Yiengst, Elva N. (nee Frantz)***1888***1974
Yiengst, Ira W. (husb. of Elsie E. (nee Gassert)***1912-10-17***1992-01-16
Yiengst, Carl E.***1938-02-09***2004-07-10
Yiengst, Ricky L.***1968-05-25***1992-01-06
Zerbe, Wallace C.***1879***1919
Zerbe, Laura J,.***1878***1967
Zerbe, George (husb. of Mayetta (nee Donmoyer)***1846-04-27***1915-12-13***68 - 10 - 16
Zerbe, Mayetta (nee Donmoyer)***1847-05-17***1933-09-06***86 - 03 - 19
Zohn, Leroy G. (husb. of Laura J. (nee Dubbs)***1921-06-25***1986-11-23***Vet: Army - WW 2
Zohn, Laura J. (nee Dubbs)***1913-09-16***1991-09-27

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