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Kochenderfer, N. Leb. Twp. Cemetery
N. Lebanon Twp. Pennsylvania
As of November 13, 2008
90 Listings

A note from Charles Kindt, manager of this website:

Kochenderfer Cemetery is located in N. Lebanon Twp., Lebanon Co., Pa.

Numbers behind a surname indicate that these are part of the same family, or are buried in the same plot or general area.

This is a tombstone reading project being a work in progress by my wife, Rosalie C. Kindt and myself, Charles E. Kindt. This is not complete & contains only those names which are inclusive in my personal family genealogy programs, with a few exceptions.

Name & Status.......Date of Birth.......Date of Death.......Age at Death(Y-M-D)

Start of 90 new listings added as of 13 November, 2008.

Barlett, Leah Eby(nee Ulrich)***1895-02-25***1937-02-??
Barlett, Mary E.(nee Ream)***1903***1957
Barlett, Paul Wilson (husb.of Mary E.(nee Ream)***1897-03-27***1957
Barlett, Roy T.(husb.of Leah E.(nee Ulrich)***1892-10-02***1955-01-06
Binkley, Daniel(husb.of Mary I.)***1906***1956
Binkley, Mary I.(nee Kleiser)***1912***??
Bohr, Raymond S.(son of Simon M.& Ellen Nena)***1924-01-05***1986-03-??
Boltz, Mary (nee Kochenderfer & wife of David)***1821-04-20***1898-04-17
Dewalt, Elijah (husb. of Ida M.(nee Irwin)***1862-04-08***1928-05-03
Dewalt, Ida M.(nee Irwin)***1870-08-03***1924-06-05
Ditzler, Arthur J.(husb.of Ada M.(nee Kercher)***1910-04-08*** 2001-09-12
Donmoyer, Earl H.(relative of Harry Rhoade)***1909***1993-04-22
Donmoyer, Maude E.(nee Lash)***1897-09-07***1999-02-07
Donmoyer, Ralph L.(husb. of Maude E.(nee Lash)***1895-10-10***1965-03-13
Ebur, Paul E.(husb. of Ruth. E.(nee Gettle)***1925-08-16***???
Ebur, Ruth. E.(nee Gettle) 1927-09-16***???
Fields, Bertha K.(nee Gettle)***1907-05-13***1979-10-27
Fields, Phyllis L.(daughter of Reilly & Bertha)***1933***1938
Fields, Reilly (husb.of Bertha K.)***1903-12-28***1964-01-06
Gerberich, Gasena L.(nee Weible)***1890***1949
Gerberich, John E.(husb.of Gasena L.***1883***1956
Gettle1, Beulah (nee Hernley & wife of George J.)***c.1896***??
Gettle1, Allen L.(husb.of Carrie M.***1889-12-06***1979-06-16
Gettle1, Allen S.(son of Paul & Maude)***1915-01-03***1915-01-03
Gettle1, Carrie Mabel(nee Sholly)***1890-12-05***1950-09-19
Gettle1, Claude (husb of Ruth A.)***1917-10-20***??
Gettle1, Dana May (son of Paul & Maude)***1919-01-14***1919-02-18
Gettle1, Franklin W.(husb.of Gertrude E.)***1893-01-18***1970-07-?
Gettle1, George J.(son of Jacob & Ida)***1896***1920-07-10
Gettle1, Gertrude E.(nee Bunderman)***1895-01-20***1975-02-??
Gettle1, Ida J.***1874***1949
Gettle1, Jacob F.(son of Frank & Gertrude)***1914***1931
Gettle1, Jacob W. (husb.of Ida J.)***1868***1944
Gettle1, Lester L.(son of Paul & Maude)***1915-11-16***1916-07-07
Gettle1, Maude E.(nee Smith)***1895-11-18***1963-07-26
Gettle1, Paul Henry (husb.of Maude E.)***1894-02-10***1965-10-31
Gettle1, Ruth A.(nee Achenbach)***1920-09-04***???
Gingrich, Clara (nee Boltz)***1892-07-02***1964-05-04
Gingrich, Howard B.(husb. of Clara (nee Boltz)***1890-11-24***1950-07-28
Hartman, C. E.(nee Brightbill)***1876-08-18***1947-03-03
Hartman, Percy E.***1895-01-20***1969-12-??
Heverling, Claude A.(husb.of Lillian E.(nee Boltz)***1885-08-26***1960-04-30
Heverling, Lillian E.(nee Boltz)***1885-06-16***1958-02-19
Himmelberger, Richard W.***1886-05-23***1918-10-22
Irwin, Martha***1866-08-19***1934-04-29
Irwin, Mary***1904***1992-06-21
Keller1, Adam (husb.of Margaret)***1870-04-06***1935-08-11
Keller1, Margaret (MOTHER OF ALBERT KELLER OF WILKIN ST., LEBANON, PA.*** 1871-10-17***1950-02-15
Keller2, Helen I.***1925***1978
Keller2, James H.(husb.of Helen I.)***1925***1989
Keller3, Earla***1923-10-16***1947-01-28
Keller3, Roy E.***1926-11-19***1970-02-20
Keller4, Harvey (husb.of Stella)***1895-03-31***1953-05-03
Keller4, Stella***1904-11-30***1978-02-01
Keller5, Amy R.***1884-10-06***1949-05-18
Keller5, Charles F.(husb.of Amy R.)***1876-06-16***1952-09-10
Keller6, Harry D.***1910-07-18***1990-09-10
Kreiser, L. June (nee Rank)***1906***1997
Light, Adam B.(husb. of Elizabeth K.(nee Boltz)***1844-09-06***1905-04-27
Light, Elizabeth K.(nee Boltz)***1845-06-05***1905-04-27
Light, Esther M. (nee Gettle1)***1915-11-12***2000-06-18
Light, Gettle J. Jr. (son of Gettle & Esther)***1956***1956
Light, Gettle John (husb.of Esther M.)***1915-06-24***1985-10-08
Light, Gettle John Jr.***1956***1956
Light, Helen I.(nee Foltz***1887-04-03***1964-01-13
Light, Oliver G.(husb. of Helen I.(nee Foltz)***1882-02-01***1957-02-03
Light, Phyllis June***1935***1935
Light, Phyllis June (daugh.of Gettle & Esther)***1935***1935
Light, Rosa B.(daugh.of Adam B.& Elizabeth K.)***1873-10-16***1908-04-17
McKinney1, John D.***1902-12-14***1983-06-12
McKinney1, Sterling J. (son of John D.)***1931-07-06***1932-05-17
McKinney2, Samuel M. (husb.of Sarah F.)***1905-01-02***1972-02-??
McKinney2, Sarah F.***1909-03-03***1985-07-??
Mease, Clarence N. (husb.of Sarah Gensemer & Florence H.)***1900-05-05***1973-09-04
Mease, Emma (nee Allwein)***1904***1945-01-28
Mease, Sarah (nee Gensemer)***1872-03-03***1940-12-26
Mease1, Klaus (husb.of Sarah F.)***1900-05-05***1973-09-04
Mease1, Sarah F.***1900-11-28***1965-11-29
Mease2, Charles J. (husb.of Sadie S.)***1876-09-24***1955-11-26
Mease3, Annie May (mother of: Clarence)***1872-03-03***1940-12-26
Mease3, Clarence (husb.of Sarah & Florence)***1900-05-05***1973-09-04
Mease3, Sarah (nee Gensemer)***1900-11-28***1965-11-29
Rhoade, Beatrice M. (nee Clouser)***1910-07-07***1989-12-03
Rhoade, Robert W. (son of Walter & Beatrice)***1929-03-31***1935-12-25
Rhoade, Walter H. (husb.of Beatrice)***1909-01-19***1988-10-11
Schaeffer, Elsie***1899-06-04***1971-06-??
Schell1, John H. (husb.of Mabel E.)***1884***1959
Schell1, Mabel E.***1894***1968
Schell2, Andrew E. (husb.of Verna E.)***1894-08-01***1975-11-12
Schell2, Clayton J.***1928-04-14***1979-04-13
Schell2, Verna E.***1904-05-24***1983-06-27
Schell3, Harry (husb.of Lizzie)***1886-12-13***1957-07-11
Schell3, Lizzie***1883-05-11***1960-07-22
Sherman, Aaron B. (husb.of Bertha C.)***1891-09-10***1971-09-09
Sherman, Bertha C. (nee Gettle1)***1898-11-24***1972-04-21
Sherman, Verna C. (nee Gettle & wife of Aaron B.)***1898-11-24***1972-04-21
Trafford, , Sadie S. (nee Mease)***1875-10-19***1938-12-07
Yocum, Blair (husb. of Ethel M. (nee Gettle)***1919-01-07***2002-08-20
Yocum, Ethel M. (nee Gettle)***1923-11-10***1998-04-29
End of 90 new listings added as of 13 November, 2008.

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