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Laureldale Cemetery
Laureldale, Berks County, Pennsylvania
18 Listings

A note from Charles Kindt, manager of this website:

The dates on this site are reasonably correct, but are subject to human error. If anyone challenges any dates or data, I will gladly review and make corrections if necessary. This is a partial listing, as it pertains to my family programs. The total of this listing is 18 entries.

Fake, Grant (husb. of Ellen Agnes nee Mease)***1870-02-14***1938-03-04
Fake, Ellen Agnes (nee Mease)***circa 1870***??
Fake, Harvey (husb. of Mary Ann (nee Klinger)***1875-03-20***954-11-18
Fake, Mary Ann (nee klinger)***1874-08-11***1948-12-11
Fizz, John (husb. of: Fay S. (nee Weidenmyer)***1922-11-07***1997-12-25
Fizz, William (1st.husb.of Ruth (nee Himmelberger)***1897-01-15***1963-01-??
Hartranft, Henry T. (husb.of Viola (nee Himmelberger)***1899-10-03***1975-02-??
Hartranft, Viola (nee Himmelberger)***1899-05-15***1964-07-14
Himmelberger, Blanche (nee Brown)***1886-10-20***1975-06-??
Himmelberger, Elizabeth Jane (nee Mitchell)***1877***1940-05-06
Himmelberger, George H. (husb. of Fanny Martha (nee Fox)***1899-06-07***1970-05-30
Himmelberger, Fanny Martha (nee Fox)***1913-11-21***2007-11-04
Himmelberger, John Henry (husb. of Elizabeth Jane (nee Mitchell)***1878-10-16***1955-04-14
Himmelberger, Pearl (daughter of John & Eliz. & twin of Mearl)***1904-08-10***1905-01-11
Himmelberger, William David (husb.of Blanche (nee Brown)***1889-07-24***1970-01-??
Simpson, Mearl (nee Himmelberger & twin of Pearl)***1904-08-10***1939
Stichter, George (1st.husb.of Mearl (nee Himmelberger)***circa1898***??
Simpson, William (2nd.husb.of Mearl (nee Himmelberger)***circa1900***??

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