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Lebanon County Birth Records 1893-1906
Surnames beginning with the letter "F" - 712 Listings

712 Birth records kept by Lebanon County for years 1893 to 1906. This is from a ledger/record book at the Lebanon City/County Building (Courthouse). This listing is for names starting with the letter "F", and starts with FABER and ends with FURRY. Subsequent listings to follow later with a seperate letter. G, H, etc.
(CK note: The spelling in these ledgers leaves something to be desired, but use your own interpretation. They are exactly as listed in the records.)


Faber, John J.***1898-12-15***Lebanon***Mahlon & Josephine
Faber, male***1901-04-12***Lebanon***Mahlon & Josephine
Fackler, Elizabeth L.***1898-12-15***Annville***Enos A. & Annie K.
Fackler, Agnes Clara***1901-04-12***Palmyra***Enos & Annie
Fagan, Mary M.***1904-09-25***Campbelltown***Henry & Lizzie
Fahler, Robert W.***1903-07-02***Avon***Oscar & Minnie
Fahr, Solomon***1897-02-10***W. Lebanon Twp.***Henry & Jane
Fair, Leo O.***1897-06-27***Campbelltown***William & Jennie
Fair, Marian***1899-03-05***Campbelltown***Will & Jennie
Fairburn, William***1894-01-16***S. Annville Twp.***William & Ellen
Fake, Rachel***1894-07-26***Union Twp.***Levi & Malinda
Fake, male***1894-08-16***Union Twp.***Grant & Ellen
Fake, male***1895-05-16***Union Twp.***Solomon & Emma
Fake, Arthur F.***1895-10-03***E. Hanover Twp.***Simon & Louisa
Fake, Bertha May***1896-07-19***Union Twp.***Frank & Lizzie
Fake, Lewgretna***1896-11-30***Union Twp.***Grant & Agnes
Fake, female***1897-04-06***Union Twp.***Levi S. & Malinda
Fake, female***1897-10-26***Union Twp.***Harvey & Mary
Fake, Ralph***1898-02-15***Union Twp.***Grant & Agnes
Fake, Willie***1898-02-26***Union Twp.***Emanuel & Lizzie
Fake, Elsie May***1898-06-21***E. Hanover Twp***Simon & Louisa
Fake, male***1899-03-27***Union Twp.***Harvey & Mary
Fake, female***1899-03-29***Union Twp.***Grant & Agnes
Fake, female***1899-04-09***Union Twp.***Levi S. & Malinda
Fake, male***1901-03-02***Union Twp.***Harvey & Mary
Fake, female***1901-06-31***S. Annville Twp.***Clayton & Emma
Fake, Warren***1901-07-13***Union Twp.***Elmer & Annie
Fake, Florence***1903-02-04***Lickdale***Edward & Wilhemina
Fake, Harry***1903-03-15***S. Annville Twp.***Clayton E. & Emma M.
Fake, male***1904-12-11***Union Twp.***Edward A. & Mrs.
Fake, Hilda***1905-09-22***Union Twp.***Levi & Millie
Fake, John***1905-12-03***Union Twp.***Emanuel & Lydia
Fake, female***1906-11-25***Lickdale***Ed & Wilhemina
Fanus, Eliza E.***1894-01-19***Bird Coleman***Lee M. & Louisa
Fare, John***1893-07-29***W. Lebanon Twp.***Henry & Jane
Farling, John Hastings***1894-10-30***Gravel Hill***John & Mary
Farling, Martha***1896-03-31***N. Cornwall Twp.***Albert & Elizabeth
Farnsler, Harry Mervin***1903-07-20***Palmyra***Samuel E. & Kate
Farst, Abner***1900-10-04***Colebrook***Peter & Lizzie
Farst, male***1902-04-10***Lawn***Peter & Emma
Farst, Mary***1904-07-27***Palmyra***Peter & Lizzie
Fasnacht, Naoma***1893-02-22***Lebanon***A. J. & Jennie
Fasnacht, Adam***1893-06-13***Richland***Daniel & Mary
Fasnacht, Guy***1893-09-26***Lebanon***William & Lizzie
Fasnacht, William***1893-09-29***Campbelltown***Henry E. & Sarah
Fasnacht, Ammon***1893-10-07***Near Campbelltown***David & Frances
Fasnacht, Edward***1893-12-??***Lebanon***Andrew & Mary
Fasnacht, female***1894-08-15***Campbelltown***Henry & Rebecca
Fasnacht, Florence M.***1894-10-29***E. H. T.***Harry & Clara
Fasnacht, Esther M.***1894-12-14***Cornwall***Samuel & Ella N.
Fasnacht, Stella***1896-01-02***Bellegrove***Lenard & Ellen
Fasnacht, William A.***1896-06-06***Heidelberg Twp.***John & Mary
Fasnacht, Edna May***1896-07-20***Lebanon***John L. & Mary
Fasnacht, Walter***1896-10-14***Cornwall***Samuel F. & L. Ellen M.
Fasnacht, Hilda C.***1896-10-22***Lebanon***Grant & Jennie
Fasnacht, William***1896-10-26***Lebanon***William D. & Ella H.
Fasnacht, Bertha G.***1897-01-03***E. Hanover Twp.***Harry R. & Clara
Fasnacht, Ada S.***1897-02-24***Campbelltown***William S. & Sallie
Fasnacht, John A.***1897-06-07***Lebanon***John A. & Jennie A.
Fasnacht, Henry***1898-03-26***Avon***William & Della
Fasnacht, female***1898-05-07***Cornwall***Samuel & Ella
Fasnacht, male***1898-08-21***Palmyra***Harry & Lucinda
Fasnacht, Laura***1898-10-18***Richland***John & Mary
Fasnacht, male***1898-??-??***Palmyra***Harry & Lucinda
Fasnacht, Violet***1899-09-16***Campbelltown***Henry & Sarah
Fasnacht, Clarence***1900-01-12***Cornwall***Samuel M. & Ella
Fasnacht, female***1900-04-24***Union Twp.***William & Della
Fasnacht, Raymond W.***1900-06-23***E. Hanover Twp.***Harry R. & Clara
Fasnacht, Carl F.***1900-10-30***W. Lebanon Twp.***Bert & Bessie
Fasnacht, Martin***1901-05-06***Swatara Twp.***Elmer & Cora
Fasnacht, male***1901-05-10***Reinohlsville***Paul & Annie
Fasnacht, male***1901-07-15***Union Twp.***William G. & Della
Fasnacht, May***1901-08-24***S. Annville Twp.***Jacob C. & Lizzie
Fasnacht, William***1901-08-31***Lebanon***Grant & Jennie
Fasnacht, Ervin***1901-12-16***Richland***John & Mary
Fasnacht, Amanda E.***1902-04-18***Lebanon***John A. & Jennie
Fasnacht, Esther M.***1902-05-30***Palmyra***Harry & Lousanda
Fasnacht, Martha E.***1902-11-19***Campbelltown***William H. & Sarah
Fasnacht, John***1903-05-08***Lebanon***Grant & Jennie
Fasnacht, Catherine***1904-08-29***Richland***John & Mary L.
Fasnacht, Earl W.***1905-04-11***Lebanon***Thomas & Emily
Fasnacht, William S.***1905-06-19***S. Londonderry Twp.***William & Sarah
Fasnacht, Edith***1906-05-06***Bindnagles Church***Ezra & Cora
Fauber, female***1894-09-16***Lebanon***Abner & Ida
Fausnacht, female***1897-07-23***Campbelltown***Henry & Alice
Faust, male***1901-06-16***Lebanon***Elias & Anna
Feary, Raymond***1895-02-27***Lebanon***George & Edna
Feary, female***1899-05-10***Lebanon***George & Ada
Feaser, Robert***1895-01-25***Bunker Hill***George E. & Lizzie
Feaser, Earl***1899-03-06***N. Lebanon Twp.***John & Mary
Feaser, Harry***1902-08-17***Bunker Hill***George & Lizzie
Feather, Beulah***1897-08-21***Fredericksburg***Charles & Lizzie
Feather, Lilly C.***1901-11-25***Myerstown***A. B. & Sallie
Feather, Harry Allen***1906-08-20***W. Lebanon Twp.***J. B. & Rachel
Fedder, Pauline B.***1902-03-08***Luzerne County***Abram & Elizabeth
Fedder, Arline E.***1902-03-08***Luzerne County***Abram & Elizabeth
Fedor, Annie***1878-04-24***W. Lebanon Twp.***Joseph & Annie
Feeman, Annie L.***1894-12-03***N. Lebanon Twp.***Adam & Lydia
Feeman, Ruth M.***1897-01-22***Lebanon Ind. Dist.***Ephraim & Magdalena
Feeman, female***1897-11-23***Lebanon***Joe & Alice
Feeman, Beula***1899-02-19***Union Twp.***John & Sallie
Feeman, Keran Happuch***1899-06-05***Lebanon Ind. Boro***Ephraim & Maggie
Feeman, Abraham***1899-11-26***Lebanon***Monroe & Susan
Feeman, Eva M.***1904-05-24***Lebanon***Samuel & Anna
Feeman, Frank Seip***1900-10-05***Lebanon***Ephraim & Maggie
Feeman, Irvin***1901-04-14***Lebanon***Samuel & Annie
Feeman, Arthur L.***1901-10-05***Lebanon***John & Sallie
Feeman, Jenetta May***1901-10-24***Lebanon***Morris & Susan
Feeman, Emma I.***1902-01-12***Lebanon***Adam & Lydia
Feeman, Bertha***1902-02-15***Lebanon***Joseph & Alice
Feeman, Romaine D.***1904-04-13***Lebanon***Joseph & Alice
Feeman, Annie M.***1905-11-17***Lebanon***Morris & Susan
Fees, Ethel Eve***1893-08-15***Jonestown Boro***B. W. & Katie
Fees, Raymond J.***1895-01-15***S. Annville Twp.***Calvin & Ida
Fees, Elmer***1896-12-05***N. Cornwall Twp.***Robert & Sallie
Fees, Sarah***1900-05-13***Cornwall***Robert & Sallie
Fees, male***1901-04-03***N. Cornwall Twp.***Alvin H. & Ida
Feese, Esther***1906-09-27***Fredericksburrg***Jeremiah & Agnes
Feaser, Ray***1894-12-20***Reinohlsville***John & Mary
Feeser, male***1902-04-30***E. Hanover Twp.***John & Mary
Feeser, Mildred B.***1903-08-11***Lebanon***George F. & Lizzie M.
Feeser, Catherine M.***1904-02-20***Lebanon***George F. & Lizzie M.
Feeser, Byrl N.***1904-01-23***Lebanon***John & Eva
Feeser, Lydia M.***1905-??-??***Lebanon***George & Lydia
Fegan, Homer P.***1894-03-16***Annville***Joseph & Mary
Fegan, Robert B.***1894-06-21***Campbelltown***Henry & Lizzie
Fegan, Claude***1896-10-10***Annville***George E. & Ida
Fegan, female***1897-04-05***Campbelltown***Henry & Lizzie
Fegan, male***1897-05-19***Annville***John K. & Lizzie
Fegan, Elva M.***1899-01-04***Campbelltown***Henry, Jr. & Lizzie
Fegan, Simon Mark***1900-06-03***Heilmandale***Simon P. & Tacie A.
Fegan, George***1900-12-10***Annville***George H. & Ida B.
Fegan, W. K.***1901-02-18***Campbelltown***H. D. & Lizzie
Fegan, Mary Eliza***1902-07-20***Hill Church***Simon P. & Tacie A.
Fegan, Lizzie A.***1903-01-12***Campbelltown***Henry D. & Lizzie
Fegan, Myrtle R.***1904-10-27***Annville***John K. & Lizzie
Fegan, Lealon R.***1905-12-25***Annville***George H. & Ida
Feirstine, Robert B.***1898-02-24***Jackson Twp.***Jacob H. & lilly
Feirstine, Ernest***1906-09-16***Hebron***Stephen & Permilia
Felgner, Samuel***1900-04-02***Gravel Hill***Clinton & Effie
Felker, Violet M.***1902-05-06***Gravel Hill***Clinton & Afiah
Felker, Herbert B.***1906-02-22***Gravel Hill***Ezra & Katie
Felkner, female***1894-11-29***Gravel Hill***Clinton & Sophie
Feller, Hower Glenn***1894-05-14***Lebanon***Levi & Mary
Felty, Gertie***1893-08-26***Union Twp.***Rufus J. & Elizabeth
Felty, female***1894-10-11***Union Twp.***George & Annie
Felty, Arthur***1894-10-29***Lebanon***William & Clara
Felty, female***1894-11-29***Union Twp.***George W. & Annie
Felty, male***1895-02-26***Union Twp.***Sam Ditzler & Christianna Felty
Felty, female***1895-08-05***Union Twp.***J. R. & Lizzie
Felty, Virgie***1895-08-14***Union Twp.***Andrew & Sallie
Felty, Eva***1895-08-21***Union Twp.***Henry & Lizzie
Felty, Birdie***1896-12-16***Union Twp.***George & Annie
Felty, Claton M.***1897-07-11***Union Twp.***Henry & Tacie
Felty, Jennie***1898-02-20***Union Twp.***George & Annie
Felty, Charlotte***1898-05-21***Campbelltown***Elam & Lillian
Felty, Warren D.***1899-03-08***Union Twp.***J. R. & Elizabethj
Felty, Bertha M.***1899-09-24***N. Cornwall Twp.***William & Clara
Felty, Clarence C.***1901-09-03***Union Twp.***Henry & Lizza
Felty, Stella M.***1902-02-12***Lebanon***William & Clara
Felty, Grace H.***1902-10-26***Lebanon***Irwin G. & Sarah
Felty, Edgar***1902-11-15***Lebanon***Ellsworth & Ida
Felty, Hilda Mary***1902-12-11***Lebanon***Henry & Millie
Felty, Anna G.***1903-04-22***Jonestown***Charlie & Daisy Mabel
Felty, Irvin F.***1904-03-17***Lebanon***Irwin S. & Sarah
Felty, Irene***1904-04-06***Lebanon***Ellsworth & Ida
Felty, Walter***1905-02-05***Avon***Walter & Lilie
Felty, Warren D.***1905-09-06***Union Twp.***George & Annie
Felty, Mable M.***1905-10-11***Lebanon***Charles & Daisy
Felty, Ralph***1905-11-16***Union Twp.***William & Jennie
Ferguson, Mary***1898-07-12***Pelee Island, Ohio***David & Grace
Ferguson, male***1900-05-13***Annville***David & Grace
Fernsler, Edna N.***1895-04-22***Palmyra***Charles & Florence
Fernsler, Matthew M.***1896-01-05***Lebanon***Jacob & Alice
Fernsler, Bertha M.***1896-08-30***Palmyra***Samuel & Kate
Fernsler, Rosanna***1897-03-10***W. Lebanon Twp.***Jacob & Alice
Fernsler, Martha***1898-10-18***Annville***Isaac & Emma
Fernsler, Clarant S.***1900-06-27***S. Lebanon Twp.***Edwin D. & Annie M.
Fernsler, Virginia R.***1901-02-15***Lebanon***John W. & Ida
Fernsler, Harvey***1901-10-04***S. Lebanon Twp.***Edwin D. & Annie M.
Fernsler, Elroy***1901-10-07***Lebanon***Jacob & Lizzie
Fernsler, Paul Kettering***1902-11-07***S. Annville Twp.***Philip E. & Mary A.
Fernsler, Christian***1903-11-26***Midway***Ed & Annie
Fernsler, male***1904-04-27***Annville***John H. & Carrie
Fernsler, Ruth. K.***1904-06-05***Lebanon***Samuel D. & Kate
Fernsler, John H.***1905-08-13***Lebanon***John & Ida
Fernsler, Adam***1905-10-15***Midway***Edwin & Annie
Fernsler, Sarah***1905-11-30***Lebanon***Jacob & Katie
Fernsler, Irwin C.***1906-02-09***Palmyra***Samuel D. & Kate
Ferrence, George***1901-02-09***Rexmont***George & Mary
Ferrenty, female***1897-06-30***Rexmont***John & Mary
Ferry, Dorothy E.***1905-06-23***Harrisburg***George W. & Hattie
Ferst, male***1894-04-20***Lawn***Peter & Emma
Fertig, Catherine May***1901-04-03***Lebanon***L. & Emma
Fertig, Robert Arthur***1903-08-05***Lebanon***Robert & Allemina
Fessler, Lillie May***1895-06-09***W. Lebanon Twp.***Frank & Catherine
Fessler, Elsie***1897-08-14***W. Lebanon Twp.***Frank & Kate
Fessler, Minerva***1902-05-29***W. Lebanon Twp.***Frank & Catherine
Fetter, female***1894-12-30***Heidelberg Twp.***John & Amanda
Fetter, George***1895-03-14***Mountain***John & Amanda
Fetter, Effie Bertha***1895-06-01***Schaefferstown***George & Emma
Fetter, Edna Elsa***1896-04-04***Mountain***Jeremiah & Arbella
Fetter, Edward F.***1897***Mountain***John S. & Amanda
Fetter, Eugene C.***1898-10-18***Schaefferstown***John S. & Amanda
Fetter, Charles B.***1899-01-16***Jackson Twp.***Harry & Lizzie
Fetter, Kenneth***1899-12-26***Schaefferstown***John S. & Amanda
Fetter, Floyd***1901-03-11***Schaefferstown***John & Amanda
Fetter, Allen***1901-09-08***Millbach***Harry R. & Lizzie
Fetter, Lena***1904-04-11***Schaefferstown***John S. & Amanda
Fetter, F.***1904-06-10***Schaefferstown***Harry & Mrs.
Fetter, Paul Luther***1905-08-01***Schaefferstown***John S. & Amanda
Fetter, Luther U.***1906-03-31***Waldeck***Samuel & Lottie
Fetter, Howard***1906-04-20***Schaefferstown***Cyrus & Mrs.
Fetter, Dora***1906-08-08***Waldeck***Henry & Lizzie
Fetter, Esta***1906=12-10***Waldeck***Harry & Mrs.
Fetteroff, Helen***1903-11-30***Cleona***Charles & Minnie
Fetterolf, Allen C.***1902-06-25***S. Annville Twp.***Charles & Minnie
Fetters, unnamed m?/f?***1902-10-11***Schaefferstown***John & Amanda
Fetzer, Mystie V.***1897-12-15***Lebanon***Eugene & Amanda
Fetzer, Rodger Eugene***1905-01-16***Lebanon***William & Margie
Fiddler, Stella P.***1897-09-09***Myerstown***Mr. & Katie
Fiddler, Lloyd***1902-08-26***W. Lebanon Twp.***James & Ida
Fiddler, female***1904-05-07***Myerstown***William O. & Mabel
Fidler, female***1896-12-16***Newmanstown***James E. & Ida E.
Fidler, male***1900-11-26***Sheridan***James & Mrs.
Fidler, Will D.***1901-12-25***Sheridan***James & Ida
Field, Elsie Louisa***1894-05-11***N. Lebanon Twp.***Andrew & Mary
Field, Jacob***1894-09-05***N. Lebanon Twp.***Andrew & Mary
Field, Annie May***1896-01-06***N. Lebanon Twp.***Charles & Hattie
Field, Earl***1898-09-13***Ebenezer***Andrew & Mary
Field, Harry Daniel***1901-03-22***Ebenezer***Charlie & Cora
Field, Andrew G.***1901-12-16***Ebenezer***Andrew G. & Mary A.
Field, Howard R.***1902-07-05***Ebenezer***W. B. & Sadie S.
Field, Clara E.***1903-01-24***Ebenezer***Andrew G. & Mary
Field, Kate***1903-08-09***Ebenezer***C. & Cora
Field, Clarence L.***1903-08-24***Sand Hill***Robert & Lottie
Field, Minnie***1903-10-22***Furnace Hill***C. H. & Hattie
Field, Reily***1903-12-28***Ebenezer***Andrew & Mary
Field, Elsie May***1904-03-17***Krumstown***Isaac D. & Katie L.
Field, Viola***1904-05-30***Ebenezer***William & Sadie
Field, Ellen***1904-10-23***Richland***William O. & Cora
Field, Olive M.***1905-03-06***Krumstown***John & Christie
Field, Edna***1905-05-06***Krumstown***Isaac D. & Katie
Field, Arthur C.***1905-07-11***Sand Hill***Robert & Lottie
Field, Ada P.***1905-09-14***Ebenezer***William & Sadie
Field, Clarence***1905-11-02***Ebenezer***Andrew & Mary
Fields, Margie I.***1893-09-06***N. Cornwall Twp.***Reuben S. & Lizzie
Fields, male***1895-02-27***Reinohlsville***Jacob & Addie
Fields, Arthur W.***1896-03-03***Reinohlsville***Jacob & Addie
Fields, Adeline***1898-08-14***Sand Hill***Jacob & Addeline
Fields, Catherine***1899-04-01***Lebanon***John & Crist
Fields, Luella M.***1901-01-27***Bismarck***William & Tillie J.
Fields, Lewis Irwin***1901-10-15***Lebanon***Irwin & Kate
Fields, Mable B.***1903-01-30***W. Lebanon Twp.***Jacob & Addeline
Fields, Lloyd W.***1903-06-07***Lebanon***William & Matilda
Fields, John W.***1903-07-20***Lebanon***John & Christie
Fields, Pauline E.***1906-01-01***W. Lebanon Twp.***Charles E. & Hattie B.
Fies, Margie***1895-08-07***Lebanon***John & Tillie
Fies, Ruth Esther***1901-08-27***Lebanon***John & Lillie
Fies, Harvey B.***1897-07-23***N. Cornwall Twp.***Alvin & Ida
Fies, Herman***1898-03-02***N. Cornwall Twp.***Robert & Sallie
Fiess, Ralph E.***1904-02-29***N. Cornwall Twp.***Alvin E. & Ida
Fike, female***1901-05-30***Lebanon***David D. & Kate
Filbert, male***1897-05-25***Newmanstown***Earl & laura
Fillack, Michael***1906-09-27***Anthracite***Joseph & Regina
Fillock, Jennie***1897-07-25***Rexmont***Joseph & Ragenia
Filson, Roy R.***1904-05-23***Lebanon***Charles & May
Fink, Charles***1893-07-24***Lebanon***Ralph & Jannie
Fink, George***1894-11-01***Mt. Zion***George & Emma
Fink, Hower***1894-12-06***Annville***Charles & Lizzie
Fink, male***1896-02-20***Bellegrove***Charles & Lizzie
Fink, Elias***1896-06-05***Mt. Zion***George & Emma
Fink, Edith E.***1896-08-26***Lebanon***John W. & Sallie
Fink, Clafron(note spelling)***1897-05-08***Jackson Twp.***Harry C. & Clara
Fink, male***1897-08-26***S. Annville Twp.***David & Carrie
Fink, Esther***1897-12-27***Annville***Charles & Lizzie
Fink, Queen***1898-08-30***Lebanon***John W. & Sarah
Fink, Elmina***1898-12-27***Bethel Twp.***George & Emma
Fink, Cillia B.***1899-01-22***Bethel Twp.***Harry & Nora
Fink, William F.***1899-05-31***Annville***Jacob & Cora
Fink, Catherine***1900-08-11***Ehrhorn Row***Jacob & Cora
Fink, Elizabeth***1901-07-25***Greble***Harry & Nora
Fink, George***1902-02-26***Annville***William & Katie
Fink, William F.***1902-07-30***Annville***Charles & Rebecca
Fink, Cora***1902-12-24***Mt. Zion***George & Emma
Fink, Mabel May***1903-12-13***830 Cleveland Ave.***Jacob & Cora S.
Fink, female***1904-12-09***Mt. Zion***George & Emma
Fink, Forest H.***1905-08-04***Myerstown***Harry & Clara
Fink, Jacob***1905-08-21***N. Cornwall Twp.***Joseph & Katie
Fink, Charles***1906-01-13***Lebanon***Albert & Ola
Firestine, Mable M.***1894-08-05***Lebanon***John A. & Emma E.
Firestine, Daniel***1895-10-06***Jackson Twp.***John & Angelina
Firestine, F. E.***1896-01-20***Lebanon***John A. & Emma E.
Firestine, John***1896-10-21*** W. Myerstown***Jacob Henry & Lillie
Firestine, Harvey***1897-10-06***Myerstown***Elias & Lizzie
Firestine, Arthur L.***1898-01-18***Lebanon***John & Emma
Firestine, Angeline***1898-05-30***Jackson Twp.***John W. & Angelina
Firestine, Katie G.***1898-12-23***S. Lebanon Twp.***Stephen & Puemila
Firestine, Katie***1899-09-24***Myerstown***Irwin B. & Mary
Firestine, Lizzie***1899-10-27***Lebanon***John A. & Emma
Firestine, Milton***1899-11-06***W. Myerstown***Jacob E. & Lilly
Firestine, Harriet***1900-07-07***Myerstown***Eli & Lizzie
Firestine, male***1900-10-05***W. Lebanon Twp.***Benjamin & Amelia
Firestine, Fannie B.***1900-10-30***S. Lebanon Twp.***Steven & Permilla
Firestine, Steven***1903-01-24***Hebron***S. & M.
Firestine, female***1904-09-30***Reistville***Lizzie Firestine
Firestine, Samuel***1904-11-19***Hebron***Stephen & Mrs.
Firstone, Emma S.***1897-10-17***Springville***Stephen & Permilla
First, female***1897-04-18***Lawn***Peter & Emma
Fisher, Ada May***1893-12-06***Bethel Twp.***Elias W. & Kate
Fisher, Harry Raymond***1893-12-11***N. Lebanon Twp.***Harry & Charity
Fisher, Minnie***1894-01-19***Rexmont***Aaron & Henrietta
Fisher, Calvin M.***1894-06-12***Jacksonville***Franklin & Ida
Fisher, Thomas***1894-10-05***N. Lebanon Twp.***Harry & Charity
Fisher, Edna Martha***1895-02-22***Avon***Milton & Mary
Fisher, Mildred***1896-02-10***Myerstown***Erwin & Martha
Fisher, female***1896-02-21***Campbelltown***Milton & Minnie
Fisher, Wellington***1896-04-26***Avon***Milton & Mary
Fisher, male***1896-05-20***Olewines***Franklin & Ida
Fisher, Wayne***1896-06-02***Almshouse***Adam V. & Emma
Fisher, Mable***1896-10-08***N. Lebanon Twp.***Harry & Charity
Fisher, female***1896-10-22***Lebanon***?? Fisher & Lucy Roher
Fisher, male***1896-10-22***Lebanon***?? Fisher & Lucy Roher
Fisher, Charlotte J.***1896-12-16***Lebanon***W. D. & Charlotte
Fisher, Harvey***1897-11-15***Lebanon***Harvey & Elizabeth M.
Fisher, male***1897-11-19***Richland***Joe & Dora C.
Fisher, Mary I.***1898-03-19***Hebron***William & Sallie
Fisher, L. C.***1898-05-20***Jackson Twp.***Levi & Lilly
Fisher, Daisy***1898-08-21***E. Hanover Twp.***Peter & Malinda
Fisher, Rebecca J.***1898-09-27***Richland***John A. & Dora
Fisher, Grace I.***1899-01-06***S. Lebanon Twp.***Adam & Mamie
Fisher, Alice***1899-01-10***Jackson Twp.***Frank P. & Ida K.
Fisher, female***1899-05-01***Lebanon***Elijah & Clara
Fisher, Mary T.***1899-10-15***Richland***John & Dora
Fisher, Cyrus P.***10-07-01***Hebron***William H. & Sallie E.
Fisher, William***1900-12-01***Jackson Twp.***Frank & Ida K.
Fisher, Eva L.***1900-12-18***S. Lebanon Twp.***Adam W. & Malinda
Fisher, Darolth E.***1901-02-13***Lebanon***Garfield & Edith
Fisher, Helen E.***1901-03-13***Richland***John & Dora
Fisher, Robert C.***1902-01-11***Lebanon***Charles & Kate
Fisher, Harvey***1902-05-15***S. Lebanon Twp.***William & Sallie
Fisher, Pearl C.***1902-07-07***Lebanon***Garfield & Edith
Fisher, Annie M.***1902-09-30***Lebanon***Charles Fisher & Ida Sankin
Fisher, male***1903-11-06***Ono***Harry & Mary
Fisher, Irene***1906-01-04***Bellegrove***Harry W. & Mary
Fiske, Sarah May***1902-05-31***Lebanon***David & Kate
Fiesel, George***1893-10-24***Lebanon***Sylvester & Margaret
Fitterer, Beulah Mary***1894-06-05***S. Jackson Twp.***John & Mary
Fitterer, Harvey A.***1896-06-07***Fredericksburg***Joseph E. & Lizzie
Fitterer, Lucille May***1897-05-29***Fredericksburg***Joseph & Lizzie
Fitterer, Larance***1900-01-19***Lebanon***William & Sadie
Fitterer, Harvey J.***1904-05-12***Fredericksburg***Edward & Agnes
Fittery, Harry***1894-04-25***N. Cornwall Twp.***Henry & Lillie
Fittery, Earl***1898-02-20***N. Cornwall Twp.***Henry & Lillie
Fittery, Raymond***1892-11-05***N. Cornwall Twp.***Henry & Lillie
Fitting, Arthur A.***1893-01-11***Lebanon***Lincoln & Emma
Fitting, Myrtha May***1895-03-07***Reinohlsville***Grant & Kate
Fitting, Daniel F.***1895-04-10***Bunker Hill***Daniel & Kate
Fitting, George***1895-04-29***E. Hanover Twp.***Lincoln & Emma
Fitting, Edwin***1900-09-12***Hanover Twp.***Daniel & Kate
Fitting, Mamie***1901-03-24***N. Cornwall Twp.***Grant G. & Katie
Fitting, Ralph***1901-10-02***Lebanon***Lincoln & Emma
Fittinger, Charles***1897-05-04***Ono***Lincoln & Emma
Fitzgibbons, Raymond***1897-05-04***Lebanon***John & Margaret
Fizz, male***1897-11-10***Lebanon***Harry & Fevia
Fizz, William***1897-11-20***Lebanon***Harry & Phoebe
Fizz, Catherine E.***1890-10-01***Lebanon***Harry & Catherine
Flanagan, Joseph***1899-03-28***Lebanon***Charles & May
Flanagan, Harriett***1890-03-11***Union Twp.***William Flanagan & Katie Zimmermen
Flickinger, Beatrice***1905-09-02***Midway***Morris & Stella
Flickinger, female***1906-11-13***Campbelltown***Harry & Stella
Flocken, Annie May***1899-06-06***Lebanon***William R. & Lucy
Flocken, Eugrene E.**1903-04-05***Campbelltown***William & Lucy
Flocken, Elsie***1905-08-15***E. Reinohlsville***Walter & Sadie
Flolian, Katie C.***1904-02-14***Lebanon***Charles & Katie
Flory, Helen***1893-11-23***Colebrook***John & Katie
Flory, Clara***1894-06-11***Campbelltown***Joseph & Sarah
Flory, Benjamin***1894-11-25***Colebrook***John & Catherine
Flory, Charley***1894-12-11***Lawn***David & Ida
Flory, Mary A.***1896-07-30***Lawn***David & Ida
Flory, Katie Ann***1897-07-23***Campbelltown***Joseph & Sarah
Flory, Edna M.***1898-09-01***Lawn***David & Ida
Flory, Emma***1900-05-25***Colebrook***John & Katie
Flory, David Edwin***1900-12-03***Campbelltown***Joseph & Sarah
Flory, David***1901-06-17***Lawn***David B. & Ida
Flory, John***1901-06-17***Lawn***David B. & Ida
Flory, John***1902-06-06***Colebrook***John L. & Katie
Flory, Ida Mervie***1906-04-24***Lawn***D. B. & Ida
Flowers, Nora***1894-09-01***Bismarck***George & Mary Ann
Flowers, Emma Serena***1896-07-07***Bismarck***George & Mary Ann
Flowers, Ruth C.***1900-02-04***Palmyra***Harvey & Clara
Flowers, male***1900-10-??***Palmyra***Frank & Barbara
Flowers, Rose***1904-07-22***Lebanon***Harry & Eva
Flowers, Helen***1906-06-07***E. Hanover Twp.***Harvey & Mary
Floyd, Elsie***1904-10-01***Lebanon***Joseph & Susie
Folk, Gertrude M.***1898-04-10***(Not given)***Jonas & Amanda
Folmer, Ray***1895-05-14***Hebron***John & Emma
Folmer, Elsie mable***1895-12-23***Hebron***Allen & Martha
Folmer, Annie M.***1896-12-28***Fredericksburg***Harry & Jane
Folmer, Harry***1899-09-12***Lebanon***Walter & Mary
Folmer, George Allen***1899-11-13***Lebanon***Allen & Martha
Folmer, Russell R.***1901-05-29***Lebanon***Walter S. & Mary
Folmer, Catherine Lucy***1901-11-14***Lebanon***Philip & Maggie
Folmer, Ruth***1902-12-20***Lebanon***Walter & May
Folmer, John***1904-11-21***Avon***John V. & Jennie
Folmer, John E.***1905-11-21***Avon***John & Lizzie
Folmer, Philip***1906-03-08***Foilmers***Philip & Maggie
Folmer, Helen***1906-06-15***Avon***John & Jennie
Foltz, Charlotte***1894-06-04***Campbelltown***Frank C. & Alice
Foltz, Amelia***1894-11-30***N. Cornwall Twp.***William & Rosina
Foltz, Harry Theodore***1895-04-29***N. Cornwall Twp.***Joseph & Elizabeth
Foltz, George Raymond***1895-10-23***Lebanon***Jacob & Alice
Foltz, Jefferson M.***1896-06-14***N. Lebanon Twp.***Samuel & Emma
Foltz, male***1897-10-27***Campbelltown***T. C. & Alice
Foltz, Grace S.***1898-01-15***Lebanon***Jacob & Agnes
Foltz, female***1898-05-15***Ebenezer***Joseph & Elizabeth
Foltz, Ruth E.***1899-01-02***Lebanon***Jacob & Agnes
Foltz, Emma E.***1902-03-15***W. Maple Street***Samuel & Emma
Foltz, Eernest J.***1904-04-25***Lebanon***Thomas & Helen
Foltz, Beulah M.***1905-06-15***Anthracite***Jacob S. & Laura
Foorman, Daisy May***1894-04-19***E. Hanover Twp.***George & Sarah Jane
Foorman, female***1894-10-05***S. Annville Twp.***Abraham & Mary
Foorman, female***1894-11-24***Colebrook***Samuel & Mary
Foorman, male***1895-10-29***E. Hanover Twp.***George & Sarah
Foorman, male***1895-10-29***E. Hanover Twp.***George & Sarah
Foorman, Kate***1896-04-07***S. Annville Twp.***Abraham & Mary
Foorman, male***1898-05-09***Clear Springs***Albert & Mrs.
Foorman, George W.***1900-06-21***Fontana***Abraham & Mary
Forand, John***1898-06-09***Rexmont***John & Mary
Ford, William***1897-08-19***Lebanon***Edward & Maggie
Ford, Edward***1898-11-25***Lebanon***Edward & Ida
Ford, Lewy Alfred***1899-02-06***Lebanon***Edward & Maggie
Ford, Sallie***1900-08-13***Lebanon***Edward & Maggie J.
Ford, Marion Esther***1901-08-01***Lebanon***Edward & Sallie
Ford, Goldie***1901-09-21***S. Lebanon Twp.***Maria Ford
Ford, Joyce***1901-09-21***S. Lebanon Twp.***Maria Ford
Ford, Alfred***1902-06-25***W. Lebanon Twp.***Edward & Maggie
Ford, Clinton***1903-12-20***Lebanon***Edward F. & Maggie
Foreman, George Henry***1893-09-29***Colebrook***Albert & Annie
Foreman, Paul R.***1896-02-28***Colebrook***Samuel & Maggie
Foreman, female***1899-05-28***Lebanon***William & Mary
Forney, Sallie S.***1901-02-14***Jackson Twp.***Howard Forney & Kate Robison
Forney, Edith M.***1901-03-28***N. Cornwall Twp.***John B. & Mary
Forney, female***1902-11-29***Lebanon***Charles & Sallie
Forney, Clarence***1903-05-14***N. Cornwall Twp.***John B. & Mary
Forney, Myles***1903-11-29***Lebanon***Charles & Sallie
Forney, Cyrus J.***1905-10-15***Red School House***Harry & Lizzie
Fornwalt, Ralph Herbert***1894-08-28***Lebanon***Robert & Minnie
Fornwalt, Ellen P.***1897-11-27***Myerstown***Morris & Cora
Fornwalt, William***1899-04-17***Lebanon***Franklin & Tillie
Fornwalt, Ethel C.***1900-05-11***Cornwall***Ralph & Carrie
Fornwalt, Margaret***1901-08-11***N. Cornwall Twp.***Ralph & Carrie
Fornwalt, Russel S.***1902-11-27***Lebanon***Thomas & Emily
Fornwalt, Merl***1905-01-15***N. Cornwall Twp.***Ralph & Carrie
Fornwalt, Estina A.***1905-09-02***Myerstown***Morris & Cora
Forrest, Ellen May***18-01-26***Lawn***Charles & Mary M.
Forry, Nora***1893-11-08***Richland***John & Emma
Forry, Earl Adam***1893-11-15***Richland***Adam & Alice
Forry, Elsie May***1896-02-24***Richland***Adam & Alice
Forry, male***1896-08-10***Lebanon***William & Emma
Forry, Ira***1896-08-15***Schaefferstown***John & Emma
Forry, Leon***1898-06-22***Lebanon***William & Emma
Forry, Carolina***1898-10-24***Anville***Clayton & Clara
Forry, Catherine***1899-09-11***N. Cornwall Twp.***Harry T. & Jennie
Forry, Daniel***1902-02-14***Richland***Harry & Millie
Forry, Scott***1902-05-03***Lebanon***Scott & Katie
Forry, Ethel***1902-05-25***N. Cornwall Twp.***Harry & Jennie
Forry, Annie L.***1902-08-04***Lebanon***William & Emma
Forry, Stella May***1902-10-02***Lebanon***Aaron & Lillie
Forry, male***1902-12-06***Lebanon***William & Mary
Forry, Lizzie May***1904-05-23***Richland***Henry C. & Amelia
Forry, Irene***1904-09-18***Lebanon***Aaron & Lillie
Forry, Dorothy***1905-05-06***Lebanon***Clayton & Clara
Forster, Florence***1898-07-28***Lebanon***John & Sarah
Forster, Elizabeth***1900-07-10***Lebanon***John & Sarah
Fortna, Mark A.***1893-07-07***Hebron***George & Virgie
Fortna, Edith Rebecca***1893-10-03***Near Mountville***George M. & Mary Rebecca
Fortna, Sadie Maud***1893-12-11***N. Lebanon Twp.***John J. & Kate A.
Fortna, Mark***1894-01-23***Lebanon***David & Ida
Fortna, Jacob Light***1894-07-01***N. Lebanon Twp.***Frank & Elizabeth
Fortna, Harold***1894-11-22***Lebanon***Harry & Annie
Fortna, Margarret***1895-02-06***Lebanon***Levi & Sallie
Fortna, Ray J.***1895-03-07***Hebron***George & Regina
Fortna, Ira Light***1896-03-25***Lebanon***Adam S, & Beulah
Fortna, Ambrose***1896-08-06***Hebron***George & Regina
Fortna, female***1896-11-27***Ebenezer***David & Ida
Fortna, female***1896-12-04****Ebenezer***Frank J. & Lizzie
Fortna, Sadie A.***1896-12-16****Ebenezer***Samuel & Kate
Fortna, Anna A.***1898-06-12***Iron City Brewery***John & Kate
Fortna, Sarah Ann***1898-07-02***Iron City Brewery***Frank & Lizzie
Fortna, female***1898-11-04***Swatara Twp.***George J. & Rebecca
Fortna, Sarah E.***1899-10-05***Bunker Hill***Daniel W. & Lydia L.
Fortna, Raymond***1900-04-25***Ebenezer***Samuel & Rebecca
Fortna, George Luke***1901-09-21***Lebanon***George & Regina
Fortna, John R.***1901-10-13***Lebanon***Frank H. & Lizzie
Fortna, Reuben J.***1901-10-13***Lebanon***Frank H. & Lizzie
Fortna, Catherine M.***1905-03-05***Hebron***George & Mrs.
Fortna, Sylvia C.***1905-11-01***Lebanon***Adam S. & Buhla
Fortna, Clayton U.***1906-02-05***Jonestown***Daniel W. & Lydia
Fortay, Clarence H.***1895-04-01***Heilmandale***George & Mary
Foster, Oscar Raymond***1894-02-12***W. Lebanon Twp.***Martin & Lydia
Foster, Mable***1896-03-12***W. Lebanon Twp.***Martin & Lydia
Foster, Grace I.***1897-08-28***W. Lebanon Twp.***Martin & Lydia
Fox, Maud E.***1893-09-17***Near Campbelltown***Amos S. & Eva
Fox, Ellen***1893-09-27***Lebanon***Jacob & Malinda
Fox, Homer S.***1894-03-24***Annville***W. W. & Estella M.
Fox, Henry Peter***1894-05-23***Kutztown***Ezra & Emma
Fox, Mary Elizabeth***1894-06-15***Lebanon***Howard & Lizzie
Fox, Robert C.***1894-10-11***N. Lebanon Twp.***George & Annie
Fox, Lucius***1895-02-01***Campbelltown***Louis O. & Sarah
Fox, female***1895-04-20***W. Lebanon Twp.***Simon & Emma
Fox, Paul B.***1895-11-01***S. Annville Twp.***Jacob & Sallie
Fox, Helen***1895-12-13***Sheridan***John & Kate
Fox, John Andrew***1895-01-16***N. Lebanon Twp.***William I. & Lilly
Fox, Bertha May***1896-04-19***Lebanon***Henry & Cornelia
Fox, David***1896-07-19***Pleasant Hill***Samuel E. & Alice
Fox, male***1897-02-08***Sheridan***John & Kate
Fox, Eva M.***1897-02-20***Bethel Twp.***Ezra & Emma
Fox, John W.***1897-03-09***Lebanon Ind. District***George & Mary
Fox, stillborn***1897-03-14***Sheridan***Mr. & Annie
Fox, David***1897-06-05***N. Cornwall Twp.***David & Kate
Fox, Carrie***1897-10-05***Campbelltown***Amos & Eva
Fox, Minnie Mary***1898-=02-09***Fredericksburg***Levi & Lizzie
Fox, Albert M.***1898-06-19***Lebanon***Charles & Clara
Fox, Laura M.***1899-01-09***N. Cornwall Twp.***David & Kate
Fox, William McK***1899-04-16***Lebanon***William S. & Lillie
Fox, Tama B.***1899-08-15***Jackson Twp.***Ezra & Emma S.
Fox, Lizzie***1899-09-17***Campbelltown***Amos & Eva
Fox, Elva J.***1899-10-15***Palmyra***William & Lizzie
Fox, Levi B.***1900-01-11***Fredericksburg***Levi & Lizzie
Fox, Richard E.***1900-03-06***Lebanon***Henry W. & Cordelia
Fox, Ruth may***1900-05-04***Lebanon***J. A. & Sallie
Fox, H. S.***1900-08-05***Lebanon***Charles & Clara
Fox, Esther N.***1901-04-13***Lebanon***Harry & Tillie
Fox, Ralph W.***1901-12-03***N. Cornwall Twp.***Samuel E. & Alice
Fox, Herman K.***1901-12-27***Campbelltown***Amos & Eva
Fox, male***1902-01-25***Mountain***John & Emma
Fox, Miles W.***1902-07-09***N. Jackson Twp.***Ezra & Emma S.
Fox, Catherine A.***1902-07-29***Lebanon***S. P. & Bertha
Fox, Clara Elizabeth***1902-09-21***W. Lebanon Twp.***Charles M. & Clara
Fox, female***1902-11-29***Lebanon(Maple Street)***Harry & Ethel
Fox, Maud***1903-02-24***Lebanon***Charles & Lizzie
Fox, William C.***1903-03-12***Palmyra***William & Lizzie
Fox, Ester R.***1903-06-18***Sherksville***Levi & Lizzie
Fox, Blanche Susan***1903-09-01***Lebanon***William & Lillie
Fox, Pauline Ruth***1903-12-01***Lebanon Ind. District***Irvin & lillie
Fox, Ruth May***1904-01-03***Lebanon***Harry & Effie
Fox, Leroy***1904-06-02***Bismarck***John & Hattie
Fox, Charles Leroy***1904-06-27***Lebanon***Charles & Alice
Fox, Elmer Milton***1904-10-30***Lebanon***Henry W. & Cornelia
Fox, Mable E.***1905-08-06***W. Lebanon Twp.***Charles & Clara E.
Fox, Rosie Elizabeth***1905-09-30***Lebanon***John & Annie
Fox, Stella***1905-10-06***Sand Hill***John & Edith
Fox, Annie M.***1905-10-30***Lebanon***Henry W. & Cornelia
Fox, Roy A.***1905-11-09***Palmyra***Levi B. & Anna
Fox, Un-named***1905-??-??***Jonestown***Ezra & Mrs.
Frank, Ruth C.***1903-10-07***Lebanon***Emanuel & Annie
Frank, Howard W.***1893-10-04***Richland***William & Annie W.
Frank, Miles Forrest***1894-07-29***Annville***William Frank & Lizzie Condran
Frank, Thomas***1894-08-19***Richland***Thomas & (Mother not given)
Frank, Irene***1897-04-18***Richland***Thomas L. & Clara Zearfoss
Frank, Sarah J.***1899-10-08***Richland***Thomas L. & Clara
Frank, Ethel R.***1900-08-05***Lebanon***E. & Anna
Frank, Gladys May***1901-12-16***Lebanon***William & Mary
Frank, Hilda M.***1903-06-22***Richland***William R. & Annie
Frank, Ruth. C.***1903-10-07***Lebanon***Emanuel & Annie
Frantz, Frederick***1893-04-11***Lebanon***Daniel A. & Grace E.
Frantz, Paul D.***1893-06-04***N. Lebanon Twp.***Abram & Lizzie
Frantz, Bertha N.***1893-08-096***W. Lebanon Twp.***Harry & Sallie
Frantz, Ellen C.***1893-11-05***Lebanon***Milton & Susan
Frantz, Gutelius Susan***1895-05-13***Lebanon***Daniel A. & Grace E.
Frantz, William***1895-04-04***Lebanon***William & Kate
Frantz, Daniel M.***1895-10-10***Jackson Twp.***Daniel M. & Annie
Frantz, Annie May***1896-01-14***Lebanon***Milton & Susan
Frantz, Mary***1896-04-14***Cornwall***Frank & Julia
Frantz, Mary I.***1896-07-04***Myerstown***Charles P. & Annie
Frantz, Maud A.***1897-01-15***Reinohlsville***Abraham & Lizzie
Frantz, Milton C.***1897-12-18***Lebanon***Milton C. & Susan
Frantz, Ruth May***1898-03-08***Lebanon***John K. & Jane I.
Frantz, Walter R.***1899-01-19***Myerstown***Charles & Annie
Frantz, Florence***1899-10-28***Lebanon***Milton C. & Susan
Frantz, Nettie J.***1899-12-05***W. Lebanon Twp.***Howard & Lillie
Frantz, male***1900-04-05***Lebanon***S. H. & Mary
Frantz, John Edmund***1900-05-23***Kimmerlings***Abraham & Lizzie
Frantz, Lester P.***1901-12-30***Myerstown***Tilton H. & Molley
Frantz, Beatrice M.***1902-02-08***W. Lebanon Twp.***Howard & Lillie
Frantz, Jacob***1903-08-16***Myerstown***Tilton H. & Mary
Frantz, Charlie***1904-01-12***W. Lebanon Twp.***Alvin & Lucy
Frantz, Paul***1904-01-26***Newmanstown***George & Sallie
Frantz, Elvirda***1904-01-29***W. Myerstown***Harry & Tacie
Frantz, Verna***1906-02-26***Newmanstown***George & Sallie
Frantz, Beulah M.***1906-03-25***Avon Dale***A. B. & Lizzie
Frantz, Mary I.***1906-05-31***N. Jackson Twp.***Tilton K. & Mary
Frantz, Harvey***1906-09-24***Berks County***Harvey & Daisy
Frazier, Patrick Henry***1893-03-16***Lebanon***John & Katie
Frazier, Francis***1902-09-01***Lebanon***John & Katie
Frederick, Lewis***1894-08-09***Steelstown***Lewis & Kate
Frederick, Ester Naomi***1895-01-31***N. Cornwall Twp.***George & Jane Isabel
Frederick, Caroline G.***1896-12-30***Lebanon***George & Jane
Frederick, Irene***1898-06-03***Lebanon***George & Jane
Frederick, George***1899-10-09***Lebanon***George & Jane
Frederick, Fannie C.***1902-07-13***Lebanon***George & Jane
Frederick, Walter M.***1905-03-08***N. Cornwall Twp.***Daniel & Louisa
Frederick, Dorothy***1906-05-31***N. Cornwall Twp.***Daniel & Louisa
Freed, Joe Thomas***1905-09-31***Palmyra***Irwin R. & Emma
Freeman, male***1902-01-31***Meckville***Levi & Lydia
Freeman, Carrie***1903-12-22***Lebanon***Walter & Carrie
Freeman, Levi***1905-09-25***Lebanon***Levi H. & Lydia
Freimoyer, Elsie***1893-07-04***R Ville***Z. & Mary
Freshley, Harry Allen***1893-01-21***Lebanon***M. S. & Lousia
Freshley, Silas A.***1902-09-20***Lebanon***John F. & Sallie
Freshley, Paul Allen***1903-02-07***W. Lebanon Twp.***George & Alice
Freylinghauser, Sallie***1895-04-20***Hebron***George & Mary
Freylinghouser, Catherine A.***1901-12-12***Jonestown***John P. & Lizzie
Frick, Christ***1894-12-30***N. Lebanon Twp.***Christ & Augusta
Frick, Cresi***1896-10-05***N. Lebanon Twp.***Christ & Augusta
Frick, Edwin J.***1901-12-18***Lebanon***Mr. & Aug. C.
Friend, ***1895-04-30***Myerstown***Frank & Cora
Friend, ***1895-09-18***W. Myerstown***Robert & Emma
Friend, ***1897-06-28***Myerstown***Robert & Emma
Friend, ***1897-12-25***Town***Frank & Cora
Friend, ***1899-02-15***Lebanon***Stanton & Mary
Friend, ***1902-05-07***Myerstown***Robert & Emma
Friend, ***1905-10-28***Myerstown***Robert & Emma
Frienor, male***1905-10-28***Myerstown***Robert & Emma
Frisby, Mildred G.***1902-10-16***Palmyra***William Frisby & Kate Runkel
Fritz, Artie***1894-12-30***Lebanon***Thomas & Ida
Fritz, Harvey***1901-02-18***Springville***Ervin & Emma
Fritz, Harry J.***1902-02-18***Weavertown***Irvin & Emma
Fritz, Robert F.***1905-01-04***Hebron***Thomas & Mary
Fritz, C.***1904-11-14***Lebanon***William & Clara
Fritz, Leroy***1905-06-11***Hebron***Thomas & Mary
Fritz, Paul L.***1905-10-11***E. Lebanon Twp.***Albert & Hattie
Fritz, Lavenia***1906-08-30***Lebanon***William & Clara
Frost, Charles***1895-08-05***Lebanon***Frederick & Alice
Frost, Paul***1898-06-27***Lebanon***Fred & Alice
Fry, Sarah***1893-09-21***Annville***Eden & Clara
Fry, John***1894-04-27***Campbelltown***John & Lucinda
Fry, Eizabeth E.***1894-08-15***Lebanon***Aaron & Annie
Fry, George A.***1895-12-19***Hebron***John & Christy
Fry, Charles***1898-07-10***Annville***Eden & Clara
Fry, Herman***1898-07-22***Lebanon Ind. District***Harry & Annie
Fry, Paul***1900-02-27***N. Annville Twp.***Eden & Clara
Fry, Fannie Louisa***1901-06-16***Annville***Eden M. & Clara
Fry, Lucena L.***1902-06-30***Annville***Eden M. & Clara
Fry, Blanche M.***1903-04-30***Campbelltown***Ed. & Sarah
Fry, Barbara M.***1903-07-22***Lawn***Andrew M. & Annie L.
Fry, Elmer Lincoln***190***Annville***Bolton & Mary
Fry, Minnie A.***1905-01-23***Lebanon***John & Minnie
Fry, Foster P.***1905-07-07***Lebanon***Irwin & Bessie
Fry, Willetta***1906-07-20***Avon***Harry & Florence
Frymeyer, Elsie***1893-07-04***R Ville***Z. & Mary
Frymeyer, Annie***1895-03-14***N. Lebanon Twp.***Zack E. & Mary
Frymeyer, Ethel***1900-06-24***Lebanon***Zacharias & Mary
Fuhman, female***1903-10-30***N. Lebanon Twp.***
Fuhrman, Grant***1894-12-09***Bismarck***John & Anna
Fuhrman, Minerva***1897-08-19***Swatara Twp.***Wallace & Lizzie
Fuhrman, Asher Krall***1898-07-23***Cleona***Henry & Lizzie
Fuhrman, Henry***1899-09-24***N. Lebanon Twp.***Wallace & Lizzie
Fullmer, male***1897-11-05***Lebanon***Walter & Mame
Fulmer, Barbara May***1894-08-26***Fredericksburg***J. W. & Laura
Fulmer, Walter S.***1901-05-29***Lebanon***Walter S. & Mary
Fulmer, Ralph***1904-07-17***Lebanon***Walter & Mary
Fulmer, Charles***1905-04-05***Lebanon***Charles & Leida
Fultz, Agnes***1902-11-02***Anthracite***Jacob & Agnes
Fultz, Laura***1902-11-02***Anthracite***Jacob & Agnes
Funck, female***1894-04-28***Lebanon***Ralph & Jennie
Funck, Sadie***1894-07-05***N. Cornwall Twp.***Mart & Sarah
Funck, female***1896-04-29***Lebanon***Ralph & Jennie
Funck, Joseph***1896-08-20***S. Annville Twp.***Aaron & Fannie
Funck, Sarah S.***1896-09-18***N. Lebanon Twp.***Daniel & Fannie
Funck, Carrie***1897-03-13***S. Annville Twp.***Joseph & Kate
Funck, male***1897-10-02***Palmyra***Christian & Alice
Funck, Stella***1897-11-11***Cleona***Daniel E. & Vhreana
Funck, Mable***1897-11-22***Ono***John & Rebecca
Funck, Reba May***1899-09-22***E. Hanover Twp.***John S. & Rebecca
Funck, Joseph D.***1900-03-11***S. Annville Twp.***Joseph S. & Catherina
Funck, John Henry***1900-08-04***E. Hanover Twp.***John S. & Rebecca
Funck, male***1900-11-28***Annville***John & Mary
Funck, Milton***1901-02-23***Gravel Hill***Christ & Mrs.
Funck, Joseph***1901-03-11***S. Lebanon Twp.***Joseph S. & Kate
Funck, Ethel G.**1903-01-18***Lebanon***C. B.. & Olive
Funck, Edwin L.***1903-05-17***Annville***Henry S. & Eva
Funck, James H.***1903-08-20***Gravel Hill***Aaron & Fannie
Funck, male***1905-06-07***Avon***Albert & Viiola
Funk, Joseph***1893-09-22***Lebanon***Joseph Funck & Minerva Sheffy
Funk,Allen D. ***1894-01-09***Cornwall***John & Rebecca
Funk, Harry***1895-12-09***Fairview***Cyrus & Cora
Funk, Mary***1898-01-24***Annville***John & Mary
Funk, Clayton**1898-05-09***Annville***Joseph & Kate
Funk, Cuther***1901-09-11***Cleona***Cyrus & Cora
Funk, Ida Mary***1902-02-28***Cleona***Samuel K. & Rosa
Funk, Harvey***1902-08-18***N. Cornwall Twp.***Joseph & Kate
Funk, John A.***1903-02-20***N. Cornwall Twp.***William & Gertie
Funk, Bertha***1903-04-25***S. Annville Twp.***John & Mary
Funk, Minnie***1903-12-13***N. Cornwall Twp.***Joseph & Kate
Funk, Lizzie***1904-02-22***N. Cornwall Twp.***Albert & Ola
Funk, Marguretta L.***1904-05-30***Cleona***Samuel & Rosa
Funk, Sidya***1905-02-13***Cleona***Jacob & Agnes
Funk, Margaret L.***1905-05-30***Cleona***Samuel & Rosie
Furman, Amelia***1895-05-12***Bunker Hill***Wallace & Lizzie
Furman, Charles C.***1902-09-14***N. Jackson Twp.***Cornelius & Sallie
Furry, female***1897-03-11***S. Mountain***Samuel & Elmira
Furry, female***1903-10-14***Newmanstown***Lloyd Furry & Emma Himmelberger

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