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Light's Meeting House Cemetery
South of Fredericksburg, Bethel Twp.
, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
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Kohl, Frederick (husb. of Christine (nee Light)***1823-05-10***1901-07-04
Kohl, Christine (nee Light - daughter of Jacob Light)***1828-01-18***1864-12-25
Leib, Maria Anna (daughter of Jacob & Anna)***1842-01-??***1851-12-02
Licht, Heinrich***1751-10-17***1822-10-20***Vet. - Rev. War.
Licht, Johannes (son of Heinrich & Maria)***1781-07-22***1848-07-08
Licht, Jacob (son of Heinrich & Maria)***1786-08-27***d.o.d. not listed.
Licht, Christina (wife of Jacob)***1786-12-12***1863-09-23
Licht, Barbara***1791-07-10***1872-08-13
Licht, Johannes (husb.of Maria(nee Donnerin)***1750-04-04***1829-12-01*** Rev. War
Licht, Maria (nee Donnerin)***1755-012-01***1810-02-11
Licht, Henrich B. (husb.of Magdalen Barbara (nee Kreider)***1809-06-05***1858-10-11
Licht, Magdalen B. (nee Kreider-dau. of Abraham & Cathar.)***1813-01-08*** 1844-12-11
Licht, Jacob (husb. of Maria (nee Fischer)***1777-08-06***1848-01-11
Licht, Maria (nee Fischer)***1780-11-11***1851-06-24
Licht, Martin (husb. of Eizabeth (nee Gingrich)***1783-07-17***1839-05-18
Licht, Eizabeth (nee Gingrich)***1790-09-26***1861-12-13
Light, Joseph (son of Henry Light)***1800-05-11***1858-02-17
Light, Fanny (wife of Joseph LIght)***1814-06-23***1887-11-2
Light, Elizabeth (daughter of Henry & Mary)***1782-09-01***1859-10-29
Light, John B. (husb. of Leah (nee Lutz)***1815-07-29***1890-07-27
Light, Leah (daughter of Samuel & Hannah Lutz)***1826-07--02***1881-08-08
Light, Henry (husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1775-09-17***1858-12-19
Light, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1782-04-10***1809-04-11
Light, Catharina (nee ?? - wife # 2 of Henry Light)***1775-09-17***1858-12-19
Light, George Light, Rev. (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Wenger)***1807-07-02***1890-03-15
Light, Elizabeth (nee Wenger)***1818-02-02***1840-09-14
Light, Magdalena - daughter of Henry & Catharine)***1819-04-04***1845-05-01
Light, Martha (nee Imhoff & wife of Moses)***1830-08-24***1889-07-13
Light, Abraham (husb. of Catharina (nee Huber)***1791-03-01***1869-06-11
Light, Catharina (nee Huber)***1814***1893-04-11
Light, Mary***1811-07-19***1865-12-26
Light, Jacob B. (husb. of Nancy (nee Hoke)***1810-11-20***1873-02-03
Light, Nancy (daughter of Michael & Anna Hoke)***1813-12-22***1902-03-28
Light, Rose (daughter of Jacob & Nancy)***1857-01-27***1864-12-07
Light, Ezra H. (husb. of Catharine (nee Wolf)***1844-09-13***1911-02-10
Light, Catharine (daughter of Heinrich & Catharine Wolf)***1845-03-15***1867-11-24
Light, Israel***1835-02-09***1920-03-23
Light, Magdalene***1834-01-23***1892-05-23
Light, Lizzie***1861-04-06***1918-11-11
Lutz, George (husb. of Catharine (nee Miller)***1803-09-22***1887-02-09
Lutz, Catharine (nee Miller)***1809-11-16***1888-10-10
Scholl, Priscilla***1829***1918
Tice, Mary Ann (nee Sholl & wife of David H. Tice)***1800-02-14***1898-04-08
Umberger, Isabella S. H. (daughter of Jacob & Louisa)***1851-03-15***1869-10-26
Wolf, Heinrich (husb. of Catharina (nee ??)***1810-03-21***1876-11-21
Wolf, Catharina (nee ??)***1813-03-26***1867-10-21
Wolf, Elisa (child of Heinrich & Catharina)***1837-09-16***1841-03-28
Wolf, Heinrich (child of Heinrich & Catharina)***1840-05-25***1844-04-01
Wolf, Catharina (child of Heinrich & Catharina)***1841-05-02***1844-04-13
Wolf, Elizabeth (daughter of Heinrich & Catharina)***1846-11-09***1867-11-04
Wolf, Anna (child of Heinrich & Catharina)***1850-02-07***1852-04-25
Wolf, Adam (son of Heinrich & Catharina)***1853-07-29***1873-02-22
Wolf, Annie (daughter of Heinrich & Catharina)***1856-07-12***1911-041-01
Yeagley, Frank H.***1878-11-12***1878-11-14

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