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Meyer Meeting House Cemetery
Located between Hamlin & Mt. Zion, on a state road, Leb. Co., Pa.
, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
95 Listings

Name & Status.......Date of Birth.......Date of Death

Crouse, Mary***1846-01-17***1876-04-13
Fahler, Catherine (nee ??)***1815-05-23***1901-08-28
Fahler, Isaac (husb. of Catherine nee ??)***1810-01-06 1887-02-15
Fahler, Joseph (husb. of Mary A. (nee ??)***1839-04-24 1901-07-03
Fahler, Lucetta***1847-08-24***1894-01-17
Fahler, Mary A. (nee ??)***1845-09-21***1929-09-09
Fare, Catherine (nee Etter)***1811-05-19***1888-09-15
Fare, Henry (husb. of Catherine (nee Etter)***1821-05-15***1906-08-22

Fehr, Mary (daughter of Heinrich and Catherine Fehr)***1849-09-02***1873-10-02
Gerber, Benjamin (husb. of Leah (nee Etter)*** & Sarah (nee ??)***1817-09-15***1900-03-19
Gerber, Benjamin (son of Benjamin & Leah)***1852-12-10***1880-06-17
Gerber, Daniel (son of Benjamin & Leah)***1850-09-27***1853-09-24
Gerber, Israel (son of Benjamin & Leah)***1855-05-31***1870-02-24
Gerber, Leah (nee Etter)***1814-07-10***1880-01-09
Gerber, Sarah (nee ??)***1836-03-06***1892-12-11
Gibbel, Joseph (husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1834-05-17***1914-08-12
Gibbel, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1839-03-16***1932-04-03
Gibble, Elizabeth (nee Gettle)***1840-09-20***1868-12-16
Gibble, Elmer A. (husb. of Verda E. (nee ??)***1899-08-25 1987-09-05
Gibble, George (husb. of Elizabeth)***1833-08-09***1912-06-07
Gibble, Verda E. (nee ??)***1899-03-09***1999-02-27
Glick, George (husb. of Sarah (nee Renno)***1812-05-13***1884-08-09
Glick, Sarah (nee Renno)***1817-09-25***1896-10-21
Groh, Johannes (husb. of Barbara (nee ??)***1766-10-01***1850-04-05***Vet: - Rev. War.
Groh, Barbara (nee ??)***1771-10-03***1848-10-31
Groh, Elizabeth***1791-10-14***1869-04-07
Groh, Isaac (husb. of Maria Magdalena (nee ??)***1800-04-06***1842-12-27
Groh, Maria Magdalena (nee ??)***1799-09-02***1871-04-30
Groh, John (husb. of Catharina (nee ??)***1792-10-07***1857-01-07
Groh, Catharina (nee ??)***1797-03-??***1837-03-??
Groh, Jacob (husb. of Annie (nee Brubaker)***1798-12-18***1888-06-15
Groh, Annie (nee Brubaker)***1818-09-25***1907-03-03
Groh, Adam (husb. of Sarah (nee ??)***1835-12-20***1916-12-06
Groh, Sarah (nee ??)***1835-03-03***1892-02-23
Groy, Henry (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Long)***Died at age 73 years. (no dates)
Groy, Henry (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Long)***Died at age 72 years. (no dates)
Groy, Amelia-daughter of Henry & Eliz.)***Died at age 28 years. (no dates)
Groy, Jacob (husb. of Barbara (nee ??)***1782***1856-12-18
Groy, Barbara (nee ??)***1788-07-09***1873-09-06
Groy, Henry (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Basehore)***1836-07-12***1913-04-10
Groy, Elizabeth (nee Basehore)***1843-09-19***1922-04-01
Kiefer, Johannes (husb. of Barbara (nee ??)***1783-01-22***1870-06-14
Kiefer, Barbara (nee ??)***1796-03-11***1870-08-26
Kiefer, Peter (son of Johannes & Barbara)***1817-07-25***1842-11-20
Kiefer, Michael (son of Johannes & Barbara)***1822-23-11***1842-10-11
Klein, Catherine (nee Renno)***1810-02-02***1876-05-07
Klein, David, (husb. of Catherine (nee Renno)***1807-03-07***1877-12-07
Kline, Lydia (daughter of David & Kate)***1844-07-05***1907-03-28
Lutz, Jacob***1870-12-01***1889-10-03
Licht, Susana (nee Groh & wife of George Licht)***1804-05-19***1873-02-25
Lutz, Jacob (husb. of Magdalena (nee ??)***1841-04-21***1917-09-27
Lutz, Magdalena (nee ??)***1846-08-19***1916-01-16
Lutz, Peter P.***1873-10-01***1891-05-04
Mast, Salome (nee ?? & wife of Abraham Mast)***1785-07-06***1835-09-05
McLaughlin, Sarah M.***1877***1955
Meyer, Abraham (husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1793-08-05***1848-09-14
Meyer, Catherine (nee ??)***1832-09-06***1922-05-24
Meyer, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1799-01-25***1880-08-15
Meyer, Samuel (husb. of Annie Meyer Strohm (nee Gibble)***1857-05-21***1894-04-19
Meyer, Annie Meyer Strohm (nee Gibble)***1857-10-12***1927-03-27
Meyer, John L. (husb. of Catherine (nee ??)***1825-12-07***1922-05-24
Moore, Elias (grandfather of George L.)***1833-02-10***1865-01-25
Moore, George L. (husb. of Ursula (nee Landis)***1894-07-22***1982-12-17
Moore, Ursula (nee Landis)***1894-02-25 1963-09-10
Neucomet, Abraham (husb. of Catharina (nee ??)***1784-11-06***1855-09-11
Neucomet, Catharina (nee ??)***1790-06-26***1875-06-26
Phillippi, Catherina (nee Gibbel & wife of Georg Phillippi)***1842-03-21 1872-11-29
Phillippi, Elizabeth (nee Gibbel & wife of Johannes Phillippi)***1813-08-14 1867-06-12
Phillippy, Elizabeth (nee Gibble)***1836-01-12***1908-05-21
Phillippy, Peter (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Gibble)***1839-12-30***1919-11-11
Rhine, Anna Lizzie (nee Daub)***1882-09-27***1903-03-16
Rhine, Isabella (nee Fehler)***1857-09-07***1943-10-08
Rhine, Lillie***1883-02-24***1942-10-30
Rhine, Oscar W. (husb. of Anna Lizzie (nee Daub)***1880-08-20***1953-04-08
Rhine, William J. (husb. of Isabella (nee Fehler)***1855-09-23***1928-11-09
Scherk, Barbara (nee ?? & wife of Christian Scherk)***1782-03-05***1848-05-20
Sherk, Milton***1832-04-03***1865-02-14***Vet: Civil War - 7th. Pa. Reserves. He was captured at the "Battle of the Wilderness, May 6, 1864". He was a prisoner at Andersonville for seven months.
Sherk, Rudolph (husb. of Lizzie (nee ??)***1784-05-27***1859-04-15
Sherk, Lizzie (nee ??)***1789-01-03***1862-03-03
Simmons, Jacob***1867***1955
Strohm, Uriah***1854-08-04***1930-05-27
Weaver, John D. (husb. of Iva E. (nee Yordy)***1890-04-03***1960-10-22
Weaver, Iva E. (nee Yordy)***1903-03-04***????
Weaver, John D. (husb. of Iva E. (nee Yordy)***1890-04-03***1960-10-22
Witmeyer, Johannes (husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1805-04-24***1888-01-18
Witmeyer, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1801-03-034***????
Witmeyer, Elizabeth (daughter of Johannes & Elizabeth)***1832-01-18***1872-12-01
Witmeyer, Jacob***1835-11-16***1865-02-09
Witmeyer, Elizabeth (daughter of Jacob & Elizabeth)***1861-11-10***1876-02-03
Witmeyer, Susanna (daughter of Jacob & Elizabeth)***1869-03-27***????
Witmeyer, John (husb. of Maria (nee Gibbel)***1838-05-12***1926-11-28
Witmeyer, Maria (nee Gibbel)***1840-07-07***1872
Witmeyer, Rebecca***1865-04-06***1929-09-23
Witmeyer, Jacob (husb. of Ellen Abbie (nee ??)***1867-06-02***1947-02-25
Witmeyer, Ellen Abbie (nee ??)***1868-08-01***1903-12-25
Yiengst, Jonathon (husb. of Sarah (nee ??)***1833-11-09***1832-07-13
Yiengst, Sarah (nee ??)***1832-07-13***1886-01-12
Yordy, Daniel W. (husb. of Lizzie B. (nee Groh)***1857-11-03***1924-08-05
Yordy, Lizzie B. (nee Groh)***1865-01-14***1930-10-31
Yordy, Adam F.***1889-08-09***1959-07-23
Yordy, Paul***1904***1905

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