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Midway Church of the Brethren Cemetery
South Lebanon Twp.
., Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
123 Listings

A note from Charles Kindt, manager of this website:

The dates on this site are reasonably correct, but are subject to human error. If anyone challenges any dates or data, I will gladly review and make corrections if necessary. This is a partial listing, as it pertains to my family programs. The total of this listing is 123 people.

Numbers behind a surname indicate that these are part of the same family, or are buried in the same plot or general area.

Name & Status.......Date of Birth.......Date of Death.......Age at Death(Y-M-D)

Bachman, Walter M. (husb. of Anna H. (nee ??)***1889-01-05***1967-05-13
Bachman, Anna H. (nee ??)***1892-07-03***1972-08-16
Bachman, Luke H. (husb. of Martha W.. (nee ??)***1923-02-17***1996-06-08
Bachman, Martha W.. (nee ??)***1921-10-31***1999-07-11
Binkley, Franklin Y. (husb. of Ruth M. (nee ??)***1910-05-06***1987-07-26
Bleistein, Howard(husb. of Edith(nee Miller)***1895-03-20***1996-02-11***Vet: - U. S. Army - WW 1
Bleistein, Edith (nee Miller)***1898-03-18***1982-03-02
Boltz, Harry C. (husb. of Mildred R. (Nee Gibble)***1920-07-17***1992-10-04
Boltz, Mildred R. (Nee Gibble)***1920-06-01***1989-01-25
Brandt, Irma T. (nee Tice & wife Herman A.)***1923-12-26***1998-03-27
Craun. John F. (husb. of Clara B. (nee ??)***1888-10-24***1944-07-07
Craun. Clara B. (nee ??)***1890-12-13***1969-08-11
Craun. John L. (husb. of Mabel R. (nee Daub)***1908-11-13***1956-02-27
Donmoyer, Galen (husb. of Suzanna (nee Francis)***1916-01-21***1991-09-03
Donough, Henry I. (prob. husb. of Carrie M. (nee ??)***1905***1966
Donough, Carrie M. (nee ??)***1905***1973
Donough, Betty J.***1942***2008
Donough, Henry R. (husb. of Mary I. (nee ??)***1934-06-30***1998-10-11
Donough, Mary I. (nee ??)***1933-12-01***1987-08-20
Donough, Paul R. (husb. of Mae K. (nee Mase)***1928-08-31***2004-04-16
Dubble, Harvey (husb. of Katie (nee Wenger)***1891***1989
Dubble, Katie (nee Wenger)***1890***1969
Eby, Rufus K. (husb. of Hannah M. (nee Gibble)***1904-08-29***1989-06-22***84Y - 9M - 23D
Gibble, John D. (husb. Lizzie L. (nee Stoever)***1865-11-24***1950-01-15
Gibble, Lizzie L. (nee Stoever)***1867-12-30***1941-07-17
Gibble, Allen H.***1894***1932***Vet: WW 1
Gibble, Abraham H. (husb. of Mary J. (nee ??)***1875-09-02***1922-12-24
Gibble, Mary J. (nee ??)***1878-06-25***1953-02-02
Gibble, Allen H. (husb. of Sarah A. (nee Hoke)***1871-12-27***1925-08-12***53Y - 7M -15D
Gibble, Sarah A. (nee Hoke)***1867-01-07***1932-08-07***65Y - 7M -00D
Gibble, Aaron H. (husb. of Emma J. (nee ??)***1874-03-26***1949-02-18
Gibble, Emma J. (nee ??)***1876-02-04***1948-03-02
Gibble, Elias P. (husb. of Sadie V. (nee Wilhelm)***1882-01-16***1946-05-19
Gibble, Sadie V. (nee Wilhelm)***1882-06-18***1970-10-25
Gibble, Marlin J,***1923-02-23***1994-07-15
Gibble, Helen E. Nee Springborn)***1923-11-21***1973-09-09
Gibble, Larry L,***1950-11-23***1970-10-14
Gibble, Verna M. Nee Bowman)***1908-09-29***1958-12-31
Gibble, Warren R. (husb. of Beatrice F. (nee Moyer)***1923-03-29***1974-06-19
Gibble, Leah G.. (Nee ??)***1907***1983
Gibble, Raymond P. (husb. of Gertrude G. Nee ??)***1899***1973
Gibble, Gertrude G. Nee ??)***1900***1947
Gibble, Sarah D.. ( Nee Breidenstine)***1875-08-13***1950-04-07***74Y - 7M - 24D
Gibble, Meyer J.***1873-10-22***1961-02-10***87Y - 3M - 18D
Gibble, Henry A. (husb. of Sallie C. (nee ??)***1900-07-21***1979-02-22
Gibble, Sallie C. (nee ??)***1899-06-03***1968-12-06
Gibble, Ammon (husb. of Clara (nee Edris)***1878***1963
Gibble, Clara (nee Edris)***1880***1956
Gibble, Ammon H. (husb. of Mary K. (nee Hartman)***1898-12-19***1954-06-26
Gibble, Mary K. (nee Hartman)***1902-09-10***1979-11-14
Gibble, Ammon H. (husb. of Mary K. (nee Hartman)***1898-12-19***1954-06-26
Gibble, (prob. son of Ammon H. & Mary K.)***1927-09-13***1929-03-30
Gibble, Abraham G. (husb. of Rebecca (nee ??)***1848-11-27***1925-04-05***76Y - 4M - 8D
Gibble, Rebecca (nee ??)***1850-12-29***1919-11-05***68Y - 10M - 6D
Gibble, Abraham S. (husb. of Catherine S. (nee ??)***1894-10-30***1972-12-13
Gibble, Catherine S. (nee ??)***1893-11-25***1982-02-02
Gingrich, Herman A. (husb. of Elva S. (nee ??)***1901-03-29***1991-07-15
Gingrich, Elva S. (nee ??)***1900-09-14***1978-12-22
Gingrich, Amos L. (husb. of Caroline G.. (nee ??)***1877-11-20***1951-09-18
Gingrich, Caroline G.. (nee ??)***1872-02-28***1953-11-29
Hartman, Paul S. (husb. of A. Naomi (nee ??)***1913***1951
Hartman, A. Naomi (nee ??)***1913***2004
Hollinger, Miles (husb. of Mable (Nee ??)***1904***1973
Hollinger, Mable (Nee ??)***1904***1974
Hoover, Harvey C. (husb. of Stella May (nee ??)***1898-11-03***1980-11-28
Hummel, J. E. D. (husb. of Lydia (nee??)***1857-01-01***1933-07-27
Hummel, Lydia (nee??)***1862-01-25***1916-03-15
Hummel, Dawson E.***1900***1964
Hoover, Stella May (nee ??)***1898-09-06***1980-02-13
Keener, Rebecca Gibble (nee Preis)***1894***1964
Kettering, Allen B. (husb. of Verdie L. (nee ??)***1882-05-05***1964-07-29
Kettering, Verdie L. (nee ??)***1879-07-18***1969-05-23
Kettering, Mary M. (nee Engle & wife of Isaac B.)***1878-12-12***1932-07-26
Kreider, Irvin K. (husb. of Lizzie (nee Krall)***1895-06-16***1982-06-06
Kreider, Lizzie (nee Krall)***1896-11-21***1966-10-26
Kreider, Elsie M.. (nee Weaver)***1910-08-10***1992-12-25
Kreider, Jonas (husb. of Susan B. (nee Kettering)***1877-12-17***1958-01-02
Kreider, Susan B. (nee Kettering)***1880-07-28***1958-02-25
Kreider, Elizabeth B. (daughter of Jonas & Susan B.***1907-09-02***1984-12-20
Kreider, Mary H.. (daughter of Jonas & Susan B.***1910-08-09***1996-01-06
Kreiser, John H.***1896-03-08***1933-03-24
Light, Jeremiah B. (husb. of Elizabeth E. (nee Kreider)***1828-09-26***1905-05-01***76Y - 7M - 5D
Light, Elizabeth E. (nee Kreider)***1833-10-22***1919-06-11***85Y - 7M - 19D
Light, Jacob W. (husb. of Maria K. (nee Hoke)***1860-10-20***1952-11-02
Light, Maria K. (nee Hoke)***1860-10-20***1923-02-18
Maulfair, Chester S. (husb. of Edna I. (nee ??)***1897***1972
Maulfair, Edna I. (nee ??)***1899***1993
Miller, John A. (husb. of Mildred A. (nee Dubble)***1906***1995
Miller, Albert M. (prob. husb. of Elizabeth M. (nee Brown)***1884-02-27***1950-12-25
Miller, Elizabeth M. (nee Brown)***1886-10-03***1936-07-24
Miller, Leroy G.***1907-05-11***1996-11-12
Newman, Norman N, (Poss. husb. of Edna D.)***1902-09-09***1969-05-19
Newman, Edna D. (nee ??)***1905-05-12***1937-01-29
Newman, George (husb. of Amanda (nee??)***1875-08-01***1963-01-29
Newman, Amanda (nee??)***1878-01-27***1947-08-19
Newman, Theodore W. (husb. of Ruth M. (nee??)***1905-09-15***1992-05-04
Newman, Ruth M. (nee??)***1910-10-28***1999-09-11
Patches, Henry W. (husb. of Hilda B. (nee Gibble)***1897-02-09***1968-11-11
Patches, Hilda B. (nee Gibble)***1897-01-02***1972-10-29
Patches, Irma***1933-08-28***1935-07-15
Patches, Isaac W. (husb. of Katie Z. (nee ??)***1904-03-06***1985-08-28
Patches, Katie Z. (nee ??)***1904-09-09***1982-11-02
Patches, Arlene M. (nee Brubaker wife of Luke I.)***1937-01-07***1990-09-06
Patches, Howard W. (husb. of Martha H. (nee Cassel)***1908-10-19***1980-09-15
Patches, Martha H. (nee Cassel)***1910-03-11***1998-12-08
Risser, Isaac B. (husb. of Katie E. (nee Patches)***1883-10-20***1962-08-26
Risser, Katie E. (nee Patches)***1883-01-14***1964-05-18
Risser, Glenn W.. (husb. of Ruth Ann (nee Zartman)***1941-04-11***1998-05-03
Risser, Alma H. (wife of Raymond P.)***1920-04-07***2000-05-18
Risser, Howard P. (husb. of Alma G. (nee Ginder)***1908-10-12***1984-02-05
Risser, Alma G. (nee Ginder)***1910-10-30***1971-05-28
Sanger, J. Rex (husb. of Verna D. (nee ??)***1918-02-05***1973-01-12
Sanger, Rev. Perry H. (husb. of Lydia M.. (nee Lehman)***1881-03-22***1973-07-08
Sanger, Lydia M.. (nee Lehman)***1879-04-22***1957-09-16
Sanger, Robert I. (husb. of Stella V. (nee Lebo)***1928-09-16***2008-04-11
Sanger, Stella V. (nee Lebo)***1931-07-03***2008-04-16
Shearer, Harvey B. (husb. of Gertie H. (nee Light)***1878-07-21***1924-10-15***46Y - 2M - 24D
Shearer, Gertie H. (nee Light)***1881-01-06***1945-08-29***64Y - 7M - 17D
Swope, Garfield E. (husb. of Emma P. (nee Risser)***1901-01-17***1967-10-01***Vet: U.S.Army - WW 2
Swope, Emma P. (nee Risser)***1910-04-15***1993-12-17
Wentling, Marlin J. (husb. of Dorothy P. (nee ??)***1912-08-27***1973-07-22
Yordy, A. Lester (husb. of Grace A. (nee Dubble)***1918***1985
Yordy, Grace A. (nee Dubble)***1920***1991

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