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Mount Annville Cemetery
N. Annville Twp. Twp.
ownship., Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
184 Listings

A note from Charles Kindt, manager of this website:

The dates on this site are reasonably correct, but are subject to human error. If anyone challenges any dates or data, I will gladly review and make corrections if necessary. This is a partial listing, as it pertains to my family programs. The total of this listing is 184 people.

Numbers behind a surname indicate that these are part of the same family, or are buried in the same plot or general area.

Name & Status.......Date of Birth.......Date of Death.......Age at Death(Y-M-D)

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Fegan, Henry H. (husb. of Nancy (nee ??)***1839-11-21***1904-10-08***Vet: - G. A. R.
Fegan, Nancy (nee ??)***1839-10-09***1899-09-27
Fegan, William G.***1874***1902
Fegan, Mary M.***1868***1955
Fegan, Henry D. (husb. of Lizzie W. (nee Buch)***1869-10-30***1949-07-20
Fegan, Lizzie W. (nee Buch)***1876***1943
Fegan, Harry S. (husb. of Ellen K. (nee Light)***1874-10-20***1957-11-21
Fegan, Ellen K. (nee Light)***1875-02-14***1946-10-19
Fernsler, Abraham (husb. of Magdalena (nee ??)***1802-12-28***1883-01-02
Fernsler, Magdalena (nee ??)***1806-04-02***1884-07-26
Fernsler, Philip Elmer (husb. of Mary Ann (nee Kettering)***1877-03-07***1946-09-20
Fernsler, Mary Ann (nee Kettering)***1879-02-24***1953-04-17
Fernsler, Henry E.***1834-02-09***1880-12-06
Fies, John A. (husb. of Margaret A. (nee Gassert)***1799-03-12***1877-01-30
Fies, Margaret A. (nee Gassert)***1798-12-11***1868-09-23
Fies, Reuben (husb. of Lavinia (nee ??)***1849-01-03***1898-11-25
Fies, Lavinia (nee ??)***1854-01-07***1913-02-21
Fishburn, Lewis (husb. of Mary (nee Soliday)***1829-06-15***1887-01-25
Fishburn, Mary (nee Soliday)***1830-09-05***1902-09-28
Fishburn, Benjamin B., Dr.***1873-07-17***1918-05-27
Fishburn, Susan E.***1851-02-17***1925-09-29
Fisher, Henry (husb. of Susan Elizabeth (nee Meily)***1793-03-31***1875-12-07
Fisher, Susan Elizabeth (nee Meily)***1797-05-31***1873-08-30
Fisher, Henry E. (husb. of Leah E. (nee Ebersole)***1844-11-16***1898-01-31***Vet: G.A.R.
Fisher, Leah E. (nee Ebersole)***1848-04-081927-05-19***1898-01-31
Fisher, Peter H. (husb. of Malinda (nee ??)***1857-01-14***1898-01-31
Fisher, Malinda (nee ??)***1857-05-18***1938-09-10
Wagner, Harry M. (husb. of Ella M. (nee ??)***1872-04-02***1939-04-21
Wagner, Ella M. (nee ??)***1874-03-04***1971-07-16
Wagner, Lester H.***1900-08-02***1969-05-??***Vet: - WW 1
Wagner, Frank D. (husb. of Lizzie G. (nee ??)***1865-12-13-04-02***1931-01-16
Wagner, Lizzie G. (nee ??)***1868-10-28***1932-01-19
Wagner, Louisa Ann***1870-09-03***1937-07-29
Walborn, Michael (husb. of Mary (nee ??)***1833-03-23***1904-11-07
Walborn, Mary (nee ??)***1840-11-19***1911-08-17
Wallace, John Henderson (husb. of Ella K. (nee Brightbill)***1879-06-28***1952-11-22
Wallace, Ella K. (nee Brightbill)***1876-02-13***1963-11-22
Waltz, John George (husb. of Caroline (nee Brewer)***1845-09-26***1919-03-18***G. A. R.
Waltz, Caroline (nee Brewer)***1850-03-04***1935-04-02
Waltz, Raymond J. (husb. of Jennie R. (nee Henning)***1869-03-31***1918-12-07
Waltz, Jennie R. (nee Henning)***1876-10-05***1938-04-16
Wanner, Henry (husb. of Martha B. (nee Henry)***1885-05-28***1957-03-24
Wanner, Martha B. (nee Henry)***1889-04-20***1982-08-15
Watson, William C. (husb. of Florence (nee Reigert)***1869-12-13***1941-03-03
Watson, ***Florence (nee Reigert)***1871-12-07***1940-09-10
Wengert, Oscar Peter (husb. of Sallie Minerva (nee ??)***1878-03-31***1939-06-04
Wengert, Sallie Minerva (nee ??)***1879-03-19***1966-01-12
Wentling, Levi (husb. of Sarah E. (nee Faust)***1859-10-17***1923-09-29
Wentling, Sarah E. (nee Faust)***1862-07-12***1913-07-14

End of 50 new listings as of 18 October, 2010.

Start of 76 new listings as of August 10, 2010.

Aunspach, Daniel***1863***1927
Aunspach, Elmira E.***1865***1939
Aunspach, William D.***1860-02-26***1928-10-21
Aunspach, Sarah***1850-06-19***1949-02-20
Aunspach, Paul H.***1898***1956
Aunspach, Raymond W. ((husb. of Catharine R. (nee Sanders)***1886***1971
Aunspach, Catharine R. (nee Sanders)***1894***1957
Bodenhorn, Aaron Henry (husb. of Emma Louise (nee Forney)***1855***1931
Bodenhorn, Emma Louise (nee Forney)***1856***1932
Bodenhorn, Lloyd Aaron***1896***1961
Bodenhorn, Benveneda V.***1891***1972
Boltz, John R.***1853-10-01***1923-11-11
Boltz, E. Adeline***1857-10-12***1927-12-17
Boltz, Joseph W.***1884***1943***Vet: WW 1
Boltz, Annie J.***1888***1964
Boltz, Mary G. (nee Stober - wife of Jos. W.)***1884-08-06***1909-08-28
Boltz, William H.***1864-09-24***1941-12-01
Boltz, Sarah E.***1896-04-04***1902-10-19
Boltz, Alice M. (nee Rupp)***1868-10-27***1939-11-25
Boltz, Horace L.***1878***1968
Boltz, Kathryn J. (nee Zern)***1881***1964
Boltz, Eva J.***1903***1960
Boltz, William (husb. of Lizzie (nee Long)***1853-12-29***1936-06-28
Boltz, Lizzie (nee Long)***1859-01-03***1935-04-16
Boltz, William A.***1880***1966
Boltz, Martha M.***1888***1972
Boltz, Catharine (nee Boughter - wife of Wm. A.)***1880-10-22***1906-11-22
Nye, Leonard (husb. of Anna Dorothy (nee ??)***1797-03-30***1876-06-13
Nye, Anna Dorothy (nee ??)***1799-09-25***1883-06-14
Nye, William G. (husb. of Mary A. (nee Lenig)***1822-02-15***1902-07-30
Nye, Mary A. (nee Lenig)***1829-02-23***1894-01-05
Nye, Sarah***1844-04-09***1893-01-29
Nye, John G. (husb. of Lizzie V. (nee Kreider)***1861-08-15***1947-10-27
Nye, Lizzie V. (nee Kreider)***1867-08-24***1940-09-13
Nye, Victor K. (husb. of Katherine (nee Patton)***1892***1972
Nye, Katherine (nee Patton)***1893***????
Nye, Alverta***1894***1901
Nye, Florence I.***1891***????
Nye, Quebe E.***1906***????
Nye, William G.***1862-03-04***1921-10-03
Nye, Emma (nee Fox)***1866-04-11***1919-09-01
Reed, Aaron B. (husb. of Caroline E. (nrr Heilman)***1854***1931
Reed, Caroline E. (nrr Heilman)***1854***1938
Reigle, Veronica***1837-11-13***1896-09-14
Reinbold, Frank B. (husb. of Agnes I. (nee Hess)***1870***1955
Reinbold, Agnes I. (nee Hess)***1876***1963
Reinhard, John K.***1944-09-10***1901-09-05***Vet: Pa. Vols - G. A. R.
Reinhard, Sarah***1822-11-02***1886-11-30
Reinhard, Aaron (husb. of Mary (nee Unger)***1854-06-27***1912-01-07
Reinhard, Mary (nee Unger)***1871-03-02***1936-12-29
Renn, U. S. G., Rev.***1864***1912
Renn, Lillie L.***1863***1938
Reppert, Mary E. (nee Funck)***1894***1950
Riddle, John R. (husb. of Emma L. (nee Heilman)***1874***1922
Riddle, Emma L. (nee Heilman)***1869***1941
Rupp, Gideon (husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1831-02-07***1908-05-26
Rupp, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1834-03-02***1910-04-29
Rupp, U. S. Grant, Rev., D. D.***1865-08-28***1941-02-09
Rupp, Mary (nee Sheeleigh)***1864-12-14***1933-10-29
Rupp, Lincoln (husb. of Annie M. (nee Boltz)***1866***1925
Rupp, Annie M. (nee Boltz)***1865***1946
Streicher, Michael (husb. of Sarah (nee Yingst)***1819***1897
Streicher, Sarah (nee Yingst)***1827***1905
Streicher, Robert J. (husb. of Emma E. (nee Eckert)***1877***1962
Streicher, Emma E. (nee Eckert)***1881***1972
Stroh, Daniel (husb. of Mary Ann (nee ??)***1812-08-07***1873-06-15
Stroh, Mary Ann (nee ??)***1811-10-02***1890-09-10
Stroh, John (husb. of Lucetta (nee Carmany)***1816-05-07***1890-08-12
Stroh, Lucetta (nee Carmany)***No Dates - Stone broken
Stroh, Joseph J. (husb. of Clara (nee Hull)***1856-05-30***1922-01-27
Stroh, Clara (nee Hull)***1858-09-09***1914-07-22
Stroh, William M.***1847-05-04***1924-09-19
Stroh, Sybilla Spang***1821-04-07***1912-03-13
Stroh, Ella S.***1879***1957
Strup, Henry***1861-12-19***1919-11-25
Struphar, Jacob G. (husb. of Katie (nee Imboden)***1875***1940
Struphar, Katie (nee Imboden)***1875***1957

End of 76 new listings.

Start of 58 original listings.

Binkley, Carol G.***1951***1979
Binkley, Carol L.(daughter of Larry & Carol)***1973***1979
Binkley, Earl (husb. of Elsie)***1893-09-12***1960-06-07
Binkley, Elsie (nee Reinbold)***1896-03-29***1967-02-05
Binkley, Hilda A. (daughter of Larry & Carol)***1974***1979
Binkley, Julie A. (daughter of Larry & Carol) ***1970***1979
Blantz, Charles E.***1895-01-22***1914-06-10
Blantz, Edna Viola (daughter of Frank & Katie)***1913-10-05***1916-07-27
Blantz, Ernest R. (husb.of Lizzie E.)***1897-09-02***1929-03-02
Blantz, Frank (husb.of katie E.)***1870-04-17***1956-09-19
Blantz, Howard F.***1900-09-01***1965-12-21
Blantz, Katie (daughter of Mathias & Sarah)***1882-11-16***1952-03-16
Blantz, Katie E. (nee Minnich)***1876-09-02***1957-02-21
Blantz, Lizzie E.***1898-12-28***1982-02-16
Blantz, Mathias (husb.of Sarah D.)***1847-04-21***1926-10-24
Blantz, Norman V. (husb.of Edna M.)***1910-04-19***1953-08-24
Blantz, Sarah D.***1848-11-30***1923-04-23
Blantz, Sarah Helena (dau. of Franklin & Katherine)***1912-02-17***1957-07-01
Bohr, John G.***1941-10-20***1942-03-10
Boltz, Charles L. (husb. of Beulah nee George)***1899***1965-09-15
Boltz, David (husb. of Joyce J. (nee Blackburn)***1926-06-22***2001-03-07
Boltz, Harold W. (husb. of Betty Jean (nee Honafius)***1922***1971-01-26
Bordlemay, Emma (nee Ruhl - 2nd. wife of George)***1878-08-04***1923-05-24
Bordlemay, George W. (husb.of Emma#1 & Nola#2)***1874-02-03***1945-03-11
Bordlemay, Nola (nee Horst - 2nd. wife of George)***1896-12-16***1975-09-25
Forker, Robert E., Sr. (son of William & Sarah K.)***1929***1978
Forker, Sarah K. (nee ???)***1894***1972
Forker, William, Sr. (husb.of Sarah K.)***1892***1984
Gettle, Catherine (nee Bordlemay-dau.Geo.& Emma)***1900***1985
Gettle, George (son of Leroy & Bertha)***1927-05-11***1927-09-19
Gettle, Leroy E. (son of Leroy & Bertha Blantz Gettle)***1922-04-16***1923-02-21
Gettle, Samuel Charles (husb.of Catherine)***1900-01-01***1984-10-??
Gettle, Samuel Charles, Jr. (son of Sam. & Catherine)***1931***1960
Hess, Adam B. (husb.of Alice M.)***1862***1934
Hess, Alice M. (nee ???)***1863***1927
Kreider, Ammon H. (husb.of Florence B.)***1886***1929
Kreider, Florence B.***1892***1966
Kreider, Henry L.(son of Ammon H. & Mabel Bachman)***1903-07-21***1973-01-29
Kreiser, Jacob (husb.of Rebecca)***1853-02-15***1928-05-04
Kreiser, Paul H. (husb. of Marion L.)***1912-11-02***1999-04-21
Kreiser, Rebecca (nee ???)***1856-11-30***1947-04-21
Mease, Dorothy J. (nee Light) ***1922-06-10***1990-09-12
Mease, Ralph R. (husb. of Dorothy J.)***1920-09-06***1976-03-11
Meyer, Harry M. (husb.of Carrie House & Eleanor Snyder)***1888***1972-08-07
Schell, Jacob (husb.of Sallie R.)***1880***1947
Schell, Sallie R. (nee ???)***1903***1974
Shalley, Anna A. (daughter of John & Margaret)***1908***1995
Shalley, John H. (husb.of Margaret E.)***1886***1970
Shalley, Margaret E. (nee ???)***1891***1971
Sholley, Edwin N.***1884***1934
Walters, Elsie (nee Kreiser)***1905-02-26***1992-09-18
Walters, Henry A. (husb. of Elsie (nee Kreiser)***1906-03-15***1966-01-07
Weaber, Henry G. (husb.of Mary A.)***1883-10-17***1969-09-20
Weaber, Mary A. (nee ???)***1888-03-12***1956-02-13
Weaber, Nelson N. (son of Walter & Gladys)***1937-01-24***1953-04-18
Weaber, Rachel F. (nee Royer)***1919-02-06***1973-03-21
Weaber, Walter H. (husb.of Gladys M.)***1907-06-25***1993-09-04
Weaber, Woodrow Wilson (husb. of Rachel F. (nee Royer)***1913-11-29***1983-02-11

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