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Outwood Lutheran Cemetery,
Schuylkill County, PA

(Located in Schuylkill County)
60 Listings

A note from Charles Kindt, manager of this website:

This is not a complete listing, but only as it pertains to my family programs and is listed therein, and is a total of 60 listings. The 60 new listings are from digital pics of stones taken by my wife and myself.

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Start of 60 New Listings of 13 Nov. 2008

Behney (nee ??)***1854-08-14***1878-01-03
Behney, Aaron (son of Adam & Eliza)***1876-05-19***1879-09-08
Behney, Beulah V.***1909-09-26***1984-01-30
Behney, Caroline I. (nee Unger)***1895***1982
Behney, Cassie (nee Bohr)***1857-12-10***1939-07-23
Behney, Catherine***1836-02-18***1921-08-23
Behney, Celia M.***1895***1959
Behney, Effie Mae***1889-07-17***1918-10-21
Behney, Elizabeth***1877***1915
Behney, Emanuel***1834-10-11***1910-10-14
Behney, Emanuel R.***1861-02-12***1930-12-18
Behney, George A.***1876***1934
Behney, Hannah***1867-01-27***1874-09-27
Behney, John D. (husb. of Caroline I.)***1892-04-19***1977-02-??
Behney, John Jr.***1921***1922
Behney, Katie***1915-10-06***1916-03-06
Behney, Laura C.***1895-05-28***1983-07-??
Behney, Leo F. (son of John & Caroline nee Unger)***1917-04-10***2000-05-04
Behney, Leonard E.***1919-12-11***1945-04-01
Behney, Mary Elizabeth***1877-06-22***1915-12-06
Behney, Mildred L.***1914-08-31***1915-01-03
Behney, Orton***1887-09-07***1952-12-25
Behney, Raymond***1887***1930
Bohr, Amanda***1864-08-05***1886-03-29
Bohr, Andrew***1871***1957
Bohr, Bertha M.***1906-09-19***1978-03-??
Bohr, Carrie M. (nee Shuey & wife of John D. Bohr)***1891***1969-11-12
Bohr, Clara***1876***1951
Bohr, Ellen Nena (nee Mease)***1903-01-27***1951
Bohr, Elvena***1909***1951
Bohr, John D., Sr. (husb. of Carrie M. (nee Shuey)***1890-09-29***1967-03-??
Bohr, John Henry (husb. of Sarah B.)***1849-05-09***1878-01-10
Bohr, Margaret M. (nee Mease & wife of Simon)***1864***1941
Bohr, Maria Elizabeth***1803-04-22***1886-03-17
Bohr, Mary Barbara (nee Boeshore)***1881-09-18***1912-12-19
Bohr, Peter***1887***1948
Bohr, Reba May (daughter of Simon M. & Ellen Nena)***1926-10-30***1950-03-12
Bohr, Rufus***1861-10-15***1930-08-22
Bohr, Simon (husb. of Margaret M. (nee Mease)***1863***1939
Bohr, Simon M., Jr. (husb. of Ellen Nena (nee Mease)***1896***1932-11-22
Boltz, Catherine (nee Mease & wife of George M.)***1879-05-11***1966-11-07
Boltz, Charles W., Sr.***1933***1984
Boltz, Darwin B. (killed in action - South pacific)***1925-01-20***1944-05-28
Boltz, David E. (husb. of Suvilla (nee Mease)***1892-01-21***1961-12-20
Boltz, Elsie M.***1904***1987
Boltz, George Morris (husb. of Catherine (nee Mease)***1880-04-05***1943-01-03
Boltz, Harry S.***1901-03-17***1980-07-28
Boltz, Mildred E.***1927-05-23***1980-07-28
Boltz, Suvilla M. (nee Mease)***1893-09-14***1966-03-19
Boyer, Ada irene (nee Bohr)***1910-12-30***2002-01-19
Boyer, Harry (husb. of Ada irene (nee Bohr)***ca1910***1975-11-05
Foltz, Ruth E. (nee Boughter)***1908-07-23***1990-09-17
Reinbold, John P. (husb. of Virgie M.)***1871-02-14***1952-01-21
Reinbold, Virgie M. (nee ??)***1875-10-15***1931-10-11
Schaeffer, Henry W.***1914-01-13***1985-07-09
Walters, Charles Z. (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Walters)***1877-02-23***1960-09-18
Walters, Elizabeth (nee Walters)***1874-04-30***1941-03-31
Walters, Gladys (nee Bolton)***1915***1997
Walters, Jonathon (Vet. -Spanish-American & WW 1)***1849-07-04***1923-01-28
Walters, Lydia Christina (nee Felty)***1874-08-24***1958-01-21
Walters, Lyman E.***1894***1969
Walters, Minnie M.***1897***1990
Walters, Paul E. (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Bentivoglio)***1916-01-31***2001-09-11
Walters, Richard A. (husb. of Lydia Christina (nee Felty)***1880-02-02***1957-11-??
Yerger, Arlene F. (nee Felty & wife of James W. Yerger)***1917-02-24***2001-09-23
Yerger, James (husb. of Arlene F. (nee Felty)***ca1915***1999-02-03

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